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So you don't miss out on the best archeological sites in Chiapas, we propose you our list with 5. We hope it helps you to know this beautiful state of Chiapas.

In Chiapas, forests and the jungle are a beauty, scenarios of vice for archaeological sites. Palenque is the best known of the archeological zones of Chiapas, but I assure you that Chiapas will not stop surprising you.

Chiapas archeological zones


The incredible nature that accompanies many of these areas as a stage is a plus. For me, visits to archaeological sites are part of nature tourism, for the opportunity to walk around diverse natural environments.

In several of these places you can see animals, or listen to them. They are places that also give us the opportunity to connect with nature, and that hand in hand with culture is an excellent cocktail.

There are 10 archeological zones of Chiapas conditioned by the INAH: Tenam Puente, Chiapas de Corzo, Yaxchilán, Bonampak, Palenque, Toniná, Lagartero, Chinkultic, Izapa and Iglesia Vieja. These last two on the Pacific coast both free entry.


Palenque is wonderful, has an undeniable beauty. It is so beautiful that many travelers make the jump to Chiapas just to visit Palenque, and they are worth the kilometers. Printing buildings, dream crests, details, glyphs, a unique and colophonic environment one of the most complete museums on site.

  • THE BEST: I give you an advice and is that you go through it whole, do not leave the area that takes you to the exit of the museum
  • WORST: pity that you can not go down to see the tomb of Pakal, inside the Temple of the Inscriptions.

How to get to Palenque

Palenque archaeological site, Chiapas


If any archeological zone in Chiapas surpasses Palenque, it is Yaxchilán. For me, and see that it is difficult to pass the level, Yaxchilán is tattooed in your memory. I confess I am addicted to this archeological zone, I stayed camping here for a while. The environment of the jungle, the arrival by river, the entrance to the main square, the original pieces that it retains, the steles, the whole place makes it an 10.

  • THE BEST: Going and visiting it is the best.
  • WORST: if you go for free you will have to wait to fill the boat to share expenses with other travelers, it is not so expensive to go alone.

How to go to Yaxchilán

Chiapas archeological zones


Tonina follows the highest level of Chiapas zones, a city piece that rises to more than 70 meters in the Ocosingo valley. The tetris framework of the main building, is the chulada of the chuladas, to enjoy as children. A very interesting site museum also accompanies the 10 site.

  • THE BEST: Go up to the top of the building and tell yourself how beautiful it is.
  • WORST: I keep thinking and I tell you something.

How to go to Toniná

Archaeological zones of Chiapas


This small archeological zone near Lagunas de Montebello I find a jewel because of its location and views. When you view archeological zones of Chiapas they are an excellent opportunity for nature tourism too.

  • THE BEST: Go up to the Acropolis and enjoy the walk and the views of the place.
  • WORST: It is not very well connected, although you can walk from the main road where the buses from Comitán pass to Lagunas Montebello.

How to get to Chinkultic

Discover 5 archeological zones of Chiapas that you should not miss 1


El source it can not be, Izapa is a simple archaeological zone full of Mayan history. I debated a lot between Bonampak and its impressive frescoes and Izapa, but so we left the Lacandon jungle and we went to the Pacific coast.

  • THE BEST: the colossal field of stelae and information that Izapa has given us, it is wonderful to visit this archaeological site.
  • WORST: You must be aware, it does not open every day, I leave the information.

How to go to Izapa

archeological zones of Chiapas

Tips for visiting the archeological sites of Chiapas:

SCHEDULES AND SERVICES OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREAS: They open from 8 to 5 in the afternoon. Many close the lockers at 4 in the afternoon. All have bath services, in the largest you find where to buy water and crafts at the entrance.

PRICES TICKETS ARCHAEOLOGICAL ZONES YUCATÁN: Tickets range from 55 pesos to 80 pesos. On Sundays the entrance of the INAH is free for Mexicans and permanent residents with accreditation. The access to the archaeological zones is free every day to Mexicans • Older than 60 years (with official identification) • Retired and pensioners (with official institution credential) • Teachers and students (with official credential of the Mexican Educational System) • Children up to 12 years • Researchers and interns (with INAH permission)

WHAT TO BRING TO THE VISITS TO THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL ZONES OF CHIAPAS? Chiapas has a hot and jungle climate, but in the high points there is a good chilly part of the year, as in San Cristóbal de las Casas. We recommend the following: light and light clothing, a hat that covers your head and neck well, closed and comfortable shoes to climb structures and protect you from insect bites. Carry a raincoat in your backpack and some shelter for times from November to March. Carrying water always goes well, they do not sell water inside the enclosures. Visits can last perfectly more than an hour and a half, hydrate continuously. Mosquito repellent and sunscreen if you are not well covered with clothing.

We hope this list will help you to plan your trip through these lands and choose better what to visit in archaeological zones of Chiapas. It is a fantastic destination to explore.

Good way,

Discover 5 archeological zones of Chiapas that you should not miss 2
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