Valladolid is the most beautiful colonial city in the east of Yucatan, an ideal place to spend a few days and get to know its varied and surprising neighborhoods. What are the best visits around Valladolid?

Valladolid is a very comfortable destination for travelers because it is well connected, has the necessary tourist services, is quiet and also has a wide range of different and amazing places to visit around Valladolid. These places are easy to go by free or with tourist agency, you will see that you have no problem to get there.

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The proposed places are less than 120 kilometers around Valladolid, maximum 2 hours by car. They are departures that you can organize from Valladolid and return the same day.

Any questions that arise are here to support you in your journey through these beautiful lands.

What you should not miss for make in Valladolid


A few 50 kilometers from Valladolid is this Wonder of the Modern World, Chichen Itza. From Valladolid you can easily go by combi, on your own or by taxi. It is the Mayan archeological zone that nobody wants to miss, its Kukulcan temple is simply extraordinary.

You can combine the visit with a cenote near Valladolid like the famous Ik kil, those of Dzitnup, Oxman or Saamal, all of them direction Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza Price and where sleep near Chichen Itza

Tourist places from valladolid. Pyramid of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza. Yucatan Mexico


For me the area of The Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, with its 4 coastal towns, is a wonder: flamingos, mangrove landscapes, beautiful beaches, salt and wildlife. There are good tourist services, different landscapes, endless beaches: a place for travelers who like nature, tranquility and authentic places. A coast of fishermen, landscape and wildlife.

On the way to the Reserve you go through several interesting detours, one of them is Tahcabo. The famous Las Coloradas are within the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve.

How to go to the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve

visits around Valladolid. The pink lagoons in Las Coloradas, Yucatan, Mexico.
Las Coloradas, the pink lagoon


Ek Balam is one of the most impressive archaeological sites you can visit in the Yucatan Peninsula, just half an hour from Valladolid. As if that were not enough, less than 2 kilometers from the place you can cool off in a beautiful cenote where they offer several activities.

In the nearby town of Ek Balam they sell handmade hammocks, I like this place for rural tourism.

How to go, prices and schedules of Ek Balam

ZA Ek Balam, between Valladolid and Tizimín. Yucatan, Mexico


One of the most beautiful churches of the Yucatan Peninsula is very close to Valladolid, in the population of Uayma. It is a delicious outlet to visit the church and the town of Uayma, and if you can go in the afternoon better because the sun will be carving the beautiful facade.

If you like populations and churches you could combine the output with Spigot, a beautiful Yucatecan little tourist and authentic villa, with cenote to see. We recommend you stop at eat the smoked carnitas of Temozón.

How to go to Uayma

Uayma church, Yucatan, Mexico.


The surroundings of Valladolid are amazing at cenotes level, so it is very difficult to recommend only one. No doubt the Cenote Choj-Há It is one of the most amazing cenotes in the area. It is located a little more than 60 kilometers from Valladolid, by the free direction Cancun.

You can easily combine it with our following recommendation of the Grottos of Santa Rita. They are in the same direction and it is a day of pure adventurous nature.

How to go to Chooj Ja 'cenote

Cenotes Choj_ha, _ X-Can, Yucatan, Mexico.


The caves of Santa Rita I could recommend them next to the Chooj Ja 'cenote because they are on the same path, very close to both places. but these caves are a pimp, and that's why I want to highlight them in this article. You don't get much tourism, so I recommend you contact them first.

We have visited 3 times the place, and always screaming I have found someone from the community guides, who are usually near the cave. For me it is one of my safety pins on the Peninsula.

How to get to the grottos of Santa Rita

Caves of Santa Rita, Yucatan, Mexico.


Another of the largest archaeological sites is Cobá, just 60 kilometers away, and Valladolid is framed between fantastic places. Many travelers visit the ruins of Tulum and Cobá if they move between the Riviera Maya coast and the interior of the Peninsula, where I always say that the true journey begins to know these lands with authenticity.

This area is surrounded by cenotes and a place to stand out: Punta laguna, a nature park run by locals.

How to go, timetable and price of Cobá

Highest Mayan Pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula. Coba, Mexico


Si Te gusta the history and live the customs with the locals, you should go to Tihosuco and Xocén. Both populations are of great cultural and historical relevance in the Mayan world. Tihosuco there are several interesting places to visit such as its Caste War Museum or its half-ruined, beautiful church. In Xocén there is one of the temples that best reflects the religious syncretism in these Mayan lands. Two places without a doubt, I leave you the contact of locals who are dedicated to tourism showing their customs to those who visit them.

  • In Tihosuco: U Belilek Kaxtik Kuxtal Carlos Chan Espinosa + 521 (983) 103 03 67 
  • In Xocén contact the local friends of the community who do tours in the area. They are nature guides and you can get to know Mayan traditions with them and their families.

Both towns are located towards Felipe Carrillo Puerto, you can take the combi or the collective taxi. Very simple, ask in Valladolid where is the stop where the combis leave.

Ms. Maya toasting. Making tortillas in Mayan house. Xocén, Yucatan, Mexico.
Xocén, Yucatán


If you visit the Valladolid area in Yucatán the first three weeks of JanuaryI think you shouldn't miss the great Fair of Kings of Tizimín. Just an hour's drive from Valladolid is this quiet Yucatan ranchera city that lives for its Fair.

A Fair where it entertains the locals and foreigners, with daily shows to attend. Welcome to the cowboy zone of Yucatán.

Meet the Livestock Fair of the Three Kings of Tizimín

Reyes de Tizimín Fair Yucatan, Mexico

I hope you enjoy the area very much. For us it is one of the most beautiful areas of Yucatan. Being a couple of days or more in the quiet and beautiful city of Valladolid is a great option on your trip.

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