The archaeological zone Yaxunah was an important ancient Mayan city just 25 kilometers from Chichén Itzá. The neglect and abandonment of the area makes you think that it was a place of little importance, something far from reality.

Within the territory of Mexico there are Mayan areas of payment and others of non-payment. The Yaxunah archaeological zone is freely accessible by the INAH: a dirt road leads you to this beautiful area that lives under the carelessness and voracious appetite of nature that almost everything is eaten.

You will find in the entrance of the archaeological zone Yaxunah ejidatarios of the town of Yaxunah who are responsible for cleaning the place. They ask you for a ticket for the services they do in the area.


Yaxunah archaeological area

The importance of this ancient Mayan city in the global panorama of the Mayan civilization is not questioned. The Yaxunah archaeological zone is located just 25 kilometers from the majestic Chichén Itzá and it is connected by a white road (sacbé) that runs the 103 kilometers away with Cobá.

The Mayan cities connected to each other by cobbled roads that ran the main commercial routes between the city-states. Yaxunah's religious and commercial connection with these two great cities places it on the map as one of the relevant ancient Mayan cities.

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The archaeological zone Yaxunah has gone through several emergency interventions by the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) to try to recover it, where part of the city has been rebuilt, pieces rescued and significant discoveries noted.

Despite these actions by the INAH and the collaboration of citizens of the town of Yaxunah, just 400 meters away, the area remains forgotten. The jobs done are covered again by the indomitable vegetation that seizes everything.


In December of the 2015 the vestiges were barely visible, something that on the one hand gives the place charm because you can imagine how they were found ancient Mayan cities After uninhabited years.

Clearly Yaxunah It has had better times where the place has been better appreciated. Its Acropolis of almost 30 meters, today goes unnoticed devoured by the jungle.

The Acropolis devoured by vegetation

Yaxunah, whose meaning is first house, is surrounded by fields. This situation seems to have already occurred in ancient Mayan times, where it could have been an important center for the cultivation of corn, the sacred food of the Mayans.

The archaeological zone Yaxunah was occupied from the classical period to the Postclassic period and it is estimated that its boom period was from 600 to 900 AD The aforementioned Acropolis of 30 meters, a ball game and its details of freckles similar to those of the Puuc zone With cities like Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, they make Yaxunah very interesting archaeological ruins.


Village of Yaxunah

Once you have visited the Mayan area you can visit the Mayan town of Yaxunah. Here you find the community museum where they keep Mayan pieces found in the area.

Here you will see the most spectacular discovery of Yaxuna, a funeral of eleven men, women and boys, probably from the royal family. It is dated between 400 and 500 AD. Surely this mass burial ended the ruling family of Yaxunah, changing the established powers with other cities.

Adjacent to the interesting museum of Yaxunah There is the beautiful Cenote Lol Ha. Nothing better than a refreshing bath with permission from the aluxes.

Cenote Lol-Há, Yaxunah, Yucatán

You find cabins where to stay in the town, a lina opportunity to live the Mayan world up close. We can pass you the direct contact of the community so that they give you their options of activities, something that we always encourage to do.

The trip is coexistence with the people of the earth, from whom you learn. It is very interesting and you will eat a good piglet of good scandal in this town. Write us in comment and we will contact you.

Yaxunah archaeological zone, the forgotten Mayan vestiges 1

Yaxunah, archaeological site

LOCATION: Yaxunah It is 20 km from Piste, a town close to Chichén Itzá. Leaving from Piste towards Mérida, you will see the deviation to your left.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: You can go in sunny hours, there are no services
PRICE ENTRY: it has no cost
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Collective transport arrives in Yaxunah from Piste. The bus leaves you on the road and you have to walk to the archaeological zone a scarce kilometer.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, closed shoes better to protect yourself from insects and other critters. Always carry some water.

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