The Xpu Ha beach is one of the best Caribbean corners on the Riviera Maya coast. Residents look for beaches where tourism is not installed. Xpu-HA is an ideal getaway to enjoy the beach and the sea.

Beach. Xpu-há It is one of the postcards of this Mexican Caribbean: crystal clear waters, white sand, palm trees, nature to enjoy. If you also put a good restaurant, with tables on the beach, good live music band and good atmosphere, you have a place you want to go.

Xpu ha is one of the beaches where residents of the Riviera Maya usually go.

What Riviera Maya beaches shouldn't you get lost?

Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya

Services in Xpu ha

Just in front of the Xpuha parking lot there are several restaurants and sun loungers areas for the visitor. Live music, fried fish, ceviches and beers. Total beach atmosphere in Xpuhá.

INPUT PRICE: Entering Xpu Ha is with a recovery fee. This means that you pay 120 pesos per person that they return leaving before 6 in the afternoon if you did a minimum service in the restaurant. At the entrance they explain it to you in case you have doubts.

The good thing about this beach is that it is long that if you prefer to enjoy the beach in a quiet plan, you can walk north or south, and then you will be alone. There are some hotels, but they hardly disturb the place. All hotels offer beach club service to their customers, so Xpu Há beach is full of beachside services.

Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya
Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya
Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya

In fact if you have the opportunity regálate sleep in Xpu Ha, a place that will make you feel how special it is to wake up in the Caribbean. There are options for all tastes.



CATALONIA ROYAL TULUM BEACH & SPA RESORT ADULTS ONLY: the luxury hotel of the Catalonia chain in the Mexican Caribbean, only for adults. Of the best valued in the Riviera Maya. The location on the beach, the professional and attentive staff, and the food and variety of the restaurants makes it a perfect place for relaxation. HIGH BUDGET

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HOTEL ESENCIA: another of the very good hotels in Riviera Maya, a place of luxury where you can unwind and relax with all the attention in comfortable villas facing the beach. Here you totally forget that you are in a mass tourism zone, it's like being on a private beach. HIGH BUDGET

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SERENITY ECO LUXURY TENTED CAMP: the last hotel to open in Xpu-Há, a place with a different proposal where to stay in luxury tents. We were there for a weekend and we liked it a lot. It is not on the mere beach, there is a path of 400 meters that takes you to the beach club of the hotel. They usually have offers. MEDIUM-HIGH BUDGET

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THE SECRET XPUHA: a simpler accommodation with an enviable location. Quality-price surely is not ideal for the fact of being in front of the sea, sleeping on the beach is paid extra, things are like that. It is a good refuge away from crowded places, to enjoy the beach and relax. MEDIUM BUDGET

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GAMPLING XPU HA: the most economical option in Xpuhá beach is this hotel where the luxury lies in its location facing the sea. Like tedigo, in Riviera Maya sleeping on the coast is paid, but I think it is worth pampering sometimes and living experiences by the sea. MEDIUM BUDGET

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Water sports in Playa Xpu ha

Just as there is a restaurant service, they also rent kayaks, there are kitesurf school or paddle boards. From the hotels they also offer these water sports services. Xpu ha It is to enjoy the Caribbean rhythm of the sea, sun and water sports. If you are of the moviditos, here you have a beach to enjoy.

The coral reef is further away than on beaches like Paamul, Soliman or Akumal, but you can see marine life on occasion. Some blanket to those who seem not to disturb the proximity with the human, approaches the shore. Xpuha is not the best place for snorkeling, but it is fun to wear your mask just in case.

To the fishermen who arrive at the end of their day you can buy them directly at the beach, many locals take this opportunity on the beaches of Riviera Maya.

Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya

How to go to Xpu Ha beach

The good thing is that it is close to the main road, which means you can arrive by public transport. It is not so difficult to move around the Riviera Maya for free, there are many wonderful places closer than you imagine. You can take a bus in Playa del Carmen or Tulum to get here, at the end of the article we tell you how to get there.

If you go by car you will see that it is perfectly indicated, I leave you the photo of the poster so you have the reference.

Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya
Entrance poster from the road

A good ceviche and a michelada in the restaurant, and like new. Sometimes you are lying in the sand, you get up in the water and your smile comes out, pure happiness causes the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.


En Xpu-Ha beach You will enjoy a great natural environment with the necessary comforts for those who like it. To those who enjoy the beaches in a solitary and wildest way you also find your corner. Xpu Ha beach brings us all together 🙂

Xpu Ha beach, Mexican Caribbean Sundays 1

Xpu-há, beaches

LOCATION: Xpu-HA is located 96 km from Cancun, 25 from Playa del Carmen and 35 km from Tulum on the federal highway 307, which runs along the coast.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: en Xpuhá you must pay a recovery fee 120 pesos per person, which you get back if you consume in the restaurant. Open from 8 a.m. to 18 p.m. daily.
Xpu-Ha Beach, Riviera Maya
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Playa del Carmen (2 street between 15 and 20 avenues) and Overall (main street) buses leave, they leave you 1 kilometer from the Xpu-há beach.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat or something to cover the sun. If you have a mask and fins, you are in the ideal place to remove them.

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