There are many visitors to the Riviera Maya who choose to go to the Xel-Ha water park. A park designed for the fun and entertainment of tourists and families.

The Xel-ha Natural Park (water entrance in Yucatec Maya) was built in one of the most impressive coves in the entire Riviera Maya, this place was already inhabited by the ancient Maya.

In this place of the coast, the underground rivers that cross the Yucatan Peninsula, surface to the sea. The natural surroundings of Xel-Há, as well as that of the Xcaret Park, are beautiful.

What I visit Xel-Há or Xcaret?

Xel-ha, Riivera Maya, Mexico

Meet the Xel-Há park

Xel-ha park is focused on water activities, taking advantage of the exquisite natural environment. It is run very professionally, it is a good place to spend a relaxed day. Many families, of all nationalities, usually go on their vacations in Riviera Maya. For the tourist in the area, Xel-Ha is one of the great attractions they offer.

Who does not like organized excursions, or canned tourist environments, forget about Xel-Ha. It is not your thing.

Xel-Ha Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
How to go xel-ha park. Xel-Ha Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Xel-Ha Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

What to expect from the Xel-Há water park?

East magnificent natural environment They have accommodated it for the tourist: restaurants, rest areas, lockers for belongings, bathrooms, enclosures where you can bathe with dolphins, see manatees, rays, turtles.

They have recreated the park with different points for activities such as going down the river with a float, cycling through the jungle, throwing yourself into the water from a platform, making the «Tarzan». A fun hunt is waiting for you.

Here the map of Xel-Ha so that you go situating yourself.

Xelha Park Map

In properly natural spaces, you will see others animals like coatis, some wild boar, a great variety of birds and, of course, the queens of this coast: the iguanas.

Enjoy the park's paths, they will take you to surprise yourself with the fauna, get to know the limestone rock environment and the formations, walk through the jungle, swim among fish, cross the long bridge, get closer to the beach. At the end of the day you are in a fantastic natural environment surrounded by all facilities.

Tubing Xel-Ha Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Coati Xel-Ha Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Xel-Ha Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Xel-Ha Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

One of the activities that are made to be combined is the short bike ride through the jungle that takes you to the beginning of the river, and from here you drop it on a wheel float, an enjoyment.

You should not worry about the logistics to take care of your things, they have already done it for you, they will help you with the dynamics of the Park, it is easy: everything at your service and comfort, so you can enjoy the park without thinking.

Buy directly from the link to the Xel-há website

There are other activities that are optional such as swimming with dolphins, spa or bathing with a manatee, which you will have to pay separately.

The attentive park staff will help you in whatever you require. If you are one of those who are attracted to such places, you will have a great time here.

Where do I buy the entrance to Xel-Ha?

If you already decided to go make your RESERVATION in the direct link that I leave with the company that manages the park. The ticket may include transportation to Xel-Ha, you should not take care of anything. PROMOTIONS AND OFFERS: If you buy the advance ticket you have discounts, the direct link to your website is very easy and safe.

I recommend you buy directly on the official website of Xel-Há to get the best prices, I leave your link.


On the web you will see that you have the option of buy the ticket with transportation (they go to look for you for your hotel or your zone and they leave you in the afternoon in your hotel). Those who go in private car there is parking to leave the cars. At the exit of XelHá there are always taxis waiting for customers. It is possible to arrive by public transport to the park, the only thing that leaves you on the road and you must walk a couple of kilometers to the entrance. You have options, the question is to choose the one that suits you best.

For convenience I would choose the option to buy the ticket to Xel-Há with transportation

  • More than 20 aquatic activities
  • 9 buffet breakfast: 30 to 11: 30
  • Buffet of snacks and snacks from the 11: 30
  • Traditional Mexican and international buffet style food
  • Unlimited drinks and free bar of national alcoholic beverages
  • Ticket office, towel, snorkel equipment and gift tube
  • Use of bicycles, hammocks, floats and life jackets

Xel Ha will occupy you all day, enjoy 🙂

Xel-Ha, the water park of the Riviera Maya 1

Xel-Ha Park

LOCATION: Xel-há is located at 122 km of Cancún, to 13 from Overall and 54 of Playa del Carmen. On the federal highway 307.
SCHEDULE: open every day of the year from 8:30 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.
PRICE ENTRY: 1,193 mxn adults and children (from 5 to 11 years) 596 mxn in package all inclusive. Discounts for residents of Quintana Roo, almost half the price. Official website of Xel-há.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Buses leave from Tulum that leave you at the entrance of Xel-ha. From Cancun (the collective They leave near the ADO terminal) you must get off at the last stop in Playa del Carmen and from here take another bus to Xel-ha (from calle 2 between avenida 15 y 20).
XELHÁ ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA: the entrance to archaeological zone of Xel-há It is independent to the Park. It is located in the 113 km south of Cancun, bound for Tulum. (307 road)

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