Many visitors to Riviera Maya doubt between visiting Xcaret or Xel ha park. Let's see their differences and similarities to make it easier for you to choose.

The Xcaret and Xel Ha parks are two of the great tourist attractions of the Riviera Maya, an unquestionable stop for many visitors. Xcaret located 6 km from Playa del Carmen and Xel-há 54 kilometers.

Xel Há or Xcaret, how to choose?

What similarities and differences are there between them? Which one to visit Xel Ha or Xcaret? We hope to help you decide 🙂

Just as Xel Ha is a water park where you can do many activities in water, Xcaret is much broader: collect a cultural and traditional sample of all of Mexico, delving into the Mayan world. Xcaret is more complete for its diversity, Xel-Ha is a large water park

To know with children what park between Xel Ha or Xcaret to choose I asked my friends moms who have visited both. Xel has certainly been his choice: it is smaller and that makes services always closer, restaurants, bathrooms, changing rooms. In Xcaret there are more things but you get tired of walking. The roads are good for strollers (Baby strollers) and there is a very quiet cove where you can bathe.

Know the tips to visit Xcaret y Xel Ha

Similarities between Xcaret and Xel-há:

  1. Both parks are administered by the same company, so the good professional performance and the dynamics that govern the parks are very similar.
  2. Both are located on Locations similar on the coast of Riviera Maya, in what we know as caletas, incredible natural landscapes.
  3. Both are family parks, to spend the whole day. Xcaret has a nightly show, opens up to 21 hours. Xel-há closes with sunlight, over the 18 hours.
  4. They work like all inclusive, with access to several restaurants. Xcaret have more options restaurants.
  5. both Xel Ha or Xcaret they lend you snorkel equipment (mask and tube), and you have ticket office y towel. Very well organized
  6. You can't go in or sunscreen or put on mosquito repellent if they aren't biodegradable. In both places they sell you biodegradable sunscreen at the entrance (without much controversy, but are there really biodegradable ones that do not pollute?)
  7. You will see both parks constantly announced throughout the Riviera Maya, it's hard not to want to eat the candy they offer you.
Xel Ha or Xcaret to visit

Remember that Mexicans there are attractive discounts, buy on their website directly to benefit from their offers and sales when buying in advance.

Differences between Xcaret and Xel ha:

  1. We have seen that both parks have water activities, and this is where their great difference lies. As well as Xel-há is a water park where you can do many activities in water, Xcaret is much broader: collect a cultural and traditional show of all Mexico, delving into the Mayan world.
  2. Fauna You can see in both parks, but in Xcaret the fan is much wider, with mammals like pumas, jaguars, deer. In Xel-Ha, the animals you can see are maritime, and the occasional loose animal, such as coatis.
  3. As we are seeing Xcaret it is much more complete and larger. In the different ticket packages, they offer the option of several days. The price of the entry Xcaret is something more expensive.
  4. In both parks you can swim by natural rivers: the subterranean waters of the Yucatan Peninsula flow to the surface emerging their last meters to the sea. You can travel these freshwater rivers: in Xel-há on a float and in Xcaret swimming with snorkel mask and vest.
  5. Both coves in ancient Mayan times were port cities. You can visit the Mayan settlements de Xcaret y Xelhá, the entrance is separate.
Xel Ha or Xcaret


Where to buy tickets to Xel Há or Xcaret

If there is something that I can clarify that happened to me in the writing, do not hesitate to write to me. I assure you that the two parks offer fun, they are designed to make you happy.

It is best to buy the ticket directly with them, they have OFFERS AND PROMOTIONS interesting throughout the year, especially for Mexicans. If you buy in advance they also make discounts

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