Xcaret Park, located in an enviable enclave on the beach, is a great setting for a varied tourist snack of traditions and nature.

Xcaret It is the great theme park of the Riviera Mayaa combination of nature and traditions from different regions of Mexico, delving into the Mayan world. Xcaret offers very attractive canned tourist products for tourists.

Grupo Xcaret is a Riviera Maya brand, it offers entertainment products in great demand by a large part of tourism. It belongs to a Mexican company that runs several of the best known attractions such as Xel Há, Xplor, Xenses, Xenotes. The owners of the Group have businesses in the Yucatan Peninsula, immediately their brand is recognized wherever it goes. What does the Xcaret park offer?

Mayan stage in Xcaret
Mayan scenery in one of the park's stages


What activities does Xcaret offer?

The park is located in a privileged place on the beach, nestled in a beautiful cove where the sweet underground waters are born to the surface reaching the sea. The place is fancy.

MARINE FAUNA AND ACTIVITIES: You can enjoy the place swimming by the underground rivers, visiting the aquarium, the dolphinariums, you can swim with rays. Some activities in the park have extra cost, such as swimming with dolphins.

Xcaret Riviera Maya Park
how to visit xcaret
Xcaret Riviera Maya Park
Xcaret Riviera Maya

LAND FAUNA: In addition to the entire aquatic part, they also dedicate part of the park to the terrestrial fauna of the area like the coveted jaguar, pumas, tapir or monkeys. All in an environment away from the classic zoos, so you think about how well the animals are there, almost as well as you. 

From one of the restaurants on the premises you can see the jaguars, who does not earn like this? Xcaret is well done, thinking of the tourist's enjoyment, that he leaves satisfied and speaks well.

Jaguar Xcaret
The jaguars from one of the restaurants
Xcaret Eco Theme Park
Macaw at Xcaret
tapir Xcaret

MORE ATTRACTIONS AND RESTAURANTS: a butterfly garden, trails through the natural enclave or the beach are other of the many attractions offered by the park. The restaurants they are located in different points of the enclosure.

At the entrance and inside the place they give information with maps and directions, and the staff is always willing to help you. The park area is very large, in fact sell passes for more than a day.

Xcaret map to organize the visit

The enclosure is huge, it is a park that you can easily spend two days and see and do different things, in addition to repeating what you liked the first day. Several tourists buy tickets for two days.

Upon entering the park you are given a map of the site, in addition to the park there are boards with maps that place you in the place. There are activities with schedules, such as shows and performances. All this detailed information is provided at the entrance to the park.

Map Xcaret complete so that you plan your visit well

How to visit Xcaret, the great theme park of Riviera Maya 1

What shows does Xcaret offer?

In the park there are different distributed sets and scenarios such as La Hacienda henequera, the Pueblo Maya or the Mexican Cemetery. Here they represent the part Traditional and cultural of Mexico.

At different points in the park they offer shows throughout the day, so plan your day according to your tastes. There are dances, you can enjoy the Voladores de Papantla, the equestrian show. At night they do the night show, we will talk about it later. 

TIPS FOR THE SHOWS: There are schedules for the shows, write down the ones you want, all are open to the public. Visit Xcaret a bit depending on these shows, everything is difficult to see in one day, choose what is essential for you. Keep in mind that in the show of the night there is a potpourri of everything.

Xcaret Eco Theme Park
Stage of the equestrian show
Maya xcaret staging
Mayan stage
Day of the Dead Xcaret
Day of the Dead

Where to buy your ticket to Xcaret?

The Xcaret Group is one of the largest companies in the Mexican Caribbean, they have a very complete web that allows you to buy directly with them. They do promotions, especially for Mexicans. I leave the direct link for you to take advantage of their offers.

It is very easy to buy on their website, click on the advertising and it takes you to their page. Remember to use the PROMOMEX code to get your 25% discount when you buy your ticket.


On the web you will see that you have the option of buy the ticket with transportation (They go looking for you in your hotel or your area and leave you at night in your hotel). Those who go by private car there is parking to leave the cars. On departure there are taxis waiting for customers, after the evening show.

It is possible to arrive by collective transport to the park, the only thing that leaves you on the road and you must walk a couple of kilometers if it reaches the entrance. You have options, the question is to choose the one that suits you best.

Night show in Xcaret

Many of the artistic demonstrations that they recreate during the day in the park combine them in the "Xcaret México Espectacular", his big show of the night.

A very good show where you can dive into the great cultural diversity of Mexico, one of the things that attracts me the most about this country: its cultural diversity. It is included in the entry, stay to see it.

The company that runs the park is one of the great tourist monsters in the Yucatan peninsula. By some it is seen as one of the most harmful companies in the area, the kind that call themselves nature keepers with misleading names like Xcaret eco archaeological park.

The reality is that they are companies that modify the natural landscape, including the cultural one. One of the biggest criticisms is that they encourage highly questioned activities such as swimming with dolphins, part of the park is a zoo.

Whatever my vision of this type of tourist attractions, I admit that I have always enjoyed the park very much. Living in the area is certainly a place to experience.

Store in Xcaret
Store, with many products with your brand

What to visit Xel Há or Xcaret?

The other park run by the same company is XelHá. Both have similarities that make the visitor doubt which one to go to. So we made a comparison between the two to make it easier for you to choose what Visit Xcaret or XelHá,

Xcaret they are masters of marketing and fun: you leave with a great taste of Xcaret. The campus staff is extremely friendly and collaborative. Xcaret makes a brand based on good treatment and good product.

The Xcaret eco-archaeological park is and will be one of the great attractions of the Riviera Maya, two brands that go hand in hand. It does not disappoint lovers of canned goods.

Good way,

How to visit Xcaret, the great theme park of Riviera Maya 2

Xcaret Park, Riviera Maya / strong>

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LOCATION: the park of Xcaret it is located 73 km from Cancun, 57 from Tulum and 6 from Playa del Carmen. On federal highway 307, at kilometer 282.
SCHEDULE: open every day of the year from 8: 30 am to 21: 30 pm Take advantage of the site all day, plan what you surely want to see, Xcaret Park is very large. The visit will occupy you all day.
XCARET PRICES: about 2,064 mxn (120 usd) adults with food and transportation from your hotel. Children under 4 years old are free. Children from 5 to 11 years old pay half of the adult ticket (it is essential to present identification at the Park ticket office). Discounts for Quintana Roo residents. Everywhere in Riviera Maya it will be easy for you to buy tickets to Xcaret, also online on their website, they have promotions.
TIPS AND KNOW ABOUT XCARET: The show Xcaret Mexico Spectacular It starts at 19:05 p.m. (hours subject to operation or season). Xplor It is another of the attractions that are run in the place. Xcaret has a Marine Turtle Conservation Program in the Riviera Maya that you can participate in. to celebrate Day of the Dead they make the known Festival of Life and Death Traditions, very popular with residents.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Overall There are buses that leave you at the entrance of Xcaret (about 30 mxn). Since Cancún (the collective you leave near the ADO terminal) you must get off at the last stop Playa del Carmen, from Calle 2 between avenida 15 y 20, and from here take another bus to Xcaret. (about 50 pesos from Cancun). Taxi from Playa del Carmen it costs about 15 usd. Tickets to Xcaret have good prices offering transportation from your hotel.
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