Isla Blanca is the northeastern tip of Quintana Roo, one of the few almost virgin paradises that remain in this Mexican Caribbean coast in constant urban development.

Isla Blanca is located on a large stretch of white sand that divides the Caribbean Sea from the spectacular Chacmuchuc lagoon. To the north of Cancun, a few kilometers from the city, there is one of those small paradises We usually enjoy the locals on weekends.

Isla Blanca is a place of nature where you can walk, relax, eat fish, go kitesurfing, watch birds or walk with pets, whenever they are tied.

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White Island

Isla Blanca, a paradise in Cancun

Isla Blanca is on the northeast tip of Quintana Roo, a tongue of white sand flanked on the one hand by the beautiful Caribbean and the other for the Chacmuchuc lagoon.

White Island It is a beautiful place: an impressive sea color, white sand, wide lagoon of fresh and salt water, mangrove vegetation and other typical coastal plants and fauna to enjoy it. It is a good place to come to watch birds, sometimes it is easy to see flamingos in the area.

The mark of the human being is found in the form of plastics and other waste. We need a lot of global education to better want the planet we inhabit.

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Kitesurf in Isla blanca

White Island It has been developing so slowly that it continues to go unnoticed by many. Fans of kitesurf They know perfectly well about this place, there are many who come here to learn: the lagoon offers good protection to the beginners of the strong winds of the north, the winds that these athletes are looking for.


How to get to Isla Blanca

  • BY CAR: Follow the extension of Bonampak Avenue in Cancun, it is indicated. The road that leads you to White Island they use it to shoot groups of cyclists, especially the final section, where there are double lanes and the asphalt is in conditions. When this stretch of road ends, a few kilometers of dirt road await you to reach the beach. 
  • BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: from the Cancun terminal known as Cruise (Av. López Portillo with Tulum) depart collectively to Isla Blanca Only 3 collectives a day to the 7 to the 11 and the 16. They arrive until the end of Isla Blanca and they return, and they are punctual in the exit.
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Services in Isla Blanca

At the entrance to Isla Blanca all services are concentrated. There is parking (they charge about 100 pesos per vehicle to enter), there are palapas and sun loungers to rent and spend a comfortable day at the beach. If you do not consume on the premises the bathrooms have a cost of 10 pesos.

Beyond this concentration of services there is an endless coastline that takes you to travel several kilometers. People usually stay in the area where there are services, beyond you will be practically alone.

Isla Blanca is ideal to go with children and pets. If you want an unforgettable adventure for your children, you can camp here. I remember my first camping as the most wonderful thing in the world, we are experiences that form memories 🙂


On Sundays it is the day that more people approach to the beach of Isla Blanca. You will find restaurants, with plastic tables and chairs, to taste what they usually offer in the coastal strip: ceviches, shrimp, guacamoles and fish. Tikinchik fish is the specialty of the area. Many visitors take their cooler (fridge) and household food. Remember to collect all your waste, respect the environment.

TO CAMP: There is a large camping area that offers bath and shower services. 150 pesos per store.

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White Island it is a paradise in the sense of beauty and little exploited place. It is easy to foresee that the greed and innate predation of the human being will lead him to transform, substantially altering the order of nature, as has happened in practically the entire coast of Quintana Roo.

We link you a video where they tell us in a didactic way the devastation we cause.

Destruction of beaches and cenotes del caribe from upixan on Vimeo.

If you live in the area of Cancún and you did not visit Isla Blanca since you're late. Enjoy this little paradise, where every time you go you will be surprised by the beauty of the place, despite the human.

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Isla Blanca, beaches

LOCATION: Isla Blanca is located north of Cancun. You arrive at the prolongation of the Bonampak, on the way to Punta Sam.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Cruise (Av. López Portillo with Tulum) depart collectively to Isla Blanca Only 3 collectives a day to the 7 to the 11 and the 16. They arrive until the end of Isla Blanca and they return, and they are punctual in the exit.
ACCOMMODATION: You find lodging style cabins and camping in the area. At the kite school you can also stay. In Isla Blanca you can camp freely, if you use the services you have to pay, and the passage through the private land is 100 pesos.
WHAT TO BRING? Comfortable and light clothing, and hat to cover your head. Protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes (mosquitoes), chaquis (gnats) and horseflies, in times of rain, are unbearable.

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