Without a doubt the cenotes are one of the great attractions in the Yucatan Peninsula. Some cenotes offer the opportunity to sleep in their facilities, either in cabins or camping. You will be luxurious with this unique natural pool.

If you are traveling through these lands, a unique opportunity is to sleep on foot from a cenote. Some tourist cenotes enable a camping area, and a few others have built cabins in its facilities. Sleeping in a cenote allows you the exclusivity of enjoying an extraordinary space in a particular way. Since you are on the Peninsula, give yourself that luxury.


Where to sleep in cenotes with cabins?

CENOTE POPOL VUH: this open cenote of the Route of the Cenotes, road in Quintana Roo that connects Puerto Morelos with Leona Vicario, offers rooms in its House Cenote Popol Vuh. The house is something heartless in the middle of the jungle, something that attracts some travelers while others do not like that solitude and jungle noises.

Type of room and prices: double room (two double beds, for 4 people). Private bathroom, flat screen satellite TV, air conditioning. Coffee maker and kettle in the room. Hammocks in the room and terrace. Price on the 1600 pesos.

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CENOTE XCANCHÉ: This open cenote is very visited because it is close to Ek Balam, one of the most important archaeological zones of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its proximity to Riviera Maya places it within the most tourist routes. If you want to enjoy this magnificent cenote where tho birds have their home, it is a nice option to stay in their cabins.

Type of room and prices: double room (two double beds, for 4 people). Private bathroom and fan. Price on the 700 pesos.

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Sleep in cenotes, a secret of luxury 2

CENOTE XLA'KAJ: This open cenote is very visited by the locals, just tourists go. Very close to Valladolid, on the road that joins Chichimilá with Xocén, not very well known, so you will be quiet in your private cenote, especially if it is not Sunday. It has a pool and restaurant area.

Type of room and prices: the rooms are simple, with a double bed, private bathroom and air conditioning. Price per night is 500 pesos. The rent of the cabin for a day you get in 250 or 300 pesos, depending on the season.

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CENOTE SANTA ROSA: this cenote closed is located in the famous Cenotera population of Homún, about 50 kilometers from Merida, where you will find more than a dozen tourist cenotes to visit. At the Santa Rosa cenote, they have built a hostel with a restaurant, craft shops and cabins, a comfortable space with good services.

Type of rooms and prices: They have 10 cabins, some made in the traditional Mayan style, and the new ones made of concrete block (cement). Estimated price of 700 weights for 4-5 persons, has 2 bed and hammocks, fan and private bathroom.

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CENOTE SUYTUN: Closed cenote with a spectacular vault. Only 10 kilometers from Valladolid, the entrance to the cenote is attached to the free highway. Restaurant, crafts, services and the possibility of staying in their cabins, which have a private road to the cenote.

Type of rooms and prices: Double cabins with private bathroom and air conditioning. Clean and comfortable, no frills. There is a restaurant and a pool. Prices from 800 to 950 mxn, entrance included to the cenote.

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CENOTE IK KIL: It is one of the most visited cenotes in the Peninsula because of its beauty, location and good services. To remove the hiccup the cenote, the only bad thing is the amount of tourism it receives. but you have the excellent option of staying to sleep, do not miss these traveler pleasures.

Type of rooms and prices: 4 nice cabins to stay at 1250 mxn the night until 4 people, without breakfast.

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CENOTE X-BATÚN AND DZOMBAKAL: In these beautiful Yucatan cenotes close to each other, you find an option to stay in cabins and camping area. A place where you can rent a bike, visit the haciendas of the surroundings and enjoy the cenotes.

Type of rooms and prices: the cooperative Xuux Eek (Tumben Zazil Kin Zonot), more peronal like the cabins of Doña Isabela, offers 4 cabins of traditional Mayan style and camping area. Clean and comfortable, no frills. Prices from 400 weights the double room for 4 people. Country house for two people 60 pesos, for six 120 pesos.

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Cenote X-Batún, Yucatán

Where to camp in cenotes?

CENOTE YOKDZONOT: One of the girls in my eyes, this cenote is an example of administration by the local cooperative that runs it from the 2005. They have enabled a camping area and at your disposal the services of bathrooms and showers.

Camping prices: rented tents for 4 people by 250 pesos. If you take your booth they charge 150 pesos per booth.

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CENOTE YAXCABALTUN: another possibility in the homúnero town of Homún where to stay in the tent and have the luxury and privacy of enjoying the cenote for you alone. This place is the perfect base for other activities in the area, a good idea is to travel the area by bike until the Yalahau lagoon, where you find other centes and grottos.

Camping prices: the camping is 30 pesos per person.

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CENOTE LA NORIA: one of the most beautiful cenotes of the known as Route of the Cenotes in Quintana Roo. On this route the cenotes offer different activities such as zip lines or ATV rides, a very exquisite area to explore calmly.

Camping prices: You can camp for 250 mxn per person.

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CENOTE DZONOTOCH: a local cenote in alternative route, near Sucilá. Surely you will be only during the week in this quiet place, with the cenote for you, of luxury. They have a grocery store and palapas where to eat.

Camping prices: you can camp for 50 mxn per person

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Give yourself the luxury of sleeping on foot from a traveler cenote, the memory of living will thank you forever. If I forgot your cenote or you know other possibilities, please share to extend the information to the travelers.

Happy cenote dreams,

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