In the Yucatan Peninsula we can enjoy a beautiful nature and fauna, and some unique natural phenomena. In Calakmul there is one of them: you can see millions of bats come out of a cave, an amazing experience.

As we already know, the karstic terrain of the Peninsula allows the formation of cavities of all kinds in the area. One of the inhabitants of these caverns are bats. In the cave of the bats of Calakmul they coexist 9 species, 8 insectivores and 1 nectarivorous, feeds on nectar. You will have many opportunities to see bats in the Peninsula, but certainly not as amazing as here. To know them a little, just say that the bats they are an important part of the natural chain by reducing pests by eating insects and dispersing seeds through the habitat.

Bat volcano of Calakmul 1

What time to visit the Bat Volcano?

It is easy to go on time to the appointment with the bats of Calakmul: every day they go out in search of food, the 2,3 millions of bats that are estimated to be in this cave, an amazing spectacle. Through the mouth of the cave that you have to 50 meters under your feet, you can see for more than three hours bats forming a whirlwind and unstoppable buzzing spiraling up the walls of the cave, and then become a large black cloud in the sky. On the way out, they are also waiting for predators like raptors. I'm telling you, a show.

Visit the cave at sundown, always at sunset


A guide that I knew there explained to me that inside the cavern the bats they are grouped into communes according to their species. When the sunset comes, they begin their activity hunting. The first bats to leave are the soldiers, each species has its own. The soldiers are the lowest ranked in the chain, those who play it out without the protection of those of the great thickness. The first few minutes may seem a bit insipid whirlwind, but little by little you will be surrounded by thousands of bats passing so close to you that one can run into you.

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Video of the great Daniel, thank you, herma 🙂

Like so many wonders of this Peninsula, it is not a crowded place, so you can attend the event almost in privacy. The rules of the place change according to who administers it. In February the 2015 access was free. Of my Essentials of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Bat volcano of Calakmul 2

Calakmul, cave of the bats

LOCATION: the entrance to the known as Volcán de los Murciélagos It is located at 8 km from the town of Conhuás. In the 106 km of the 186 Escárcega-Chetumal federal highway,
WHEN TO GO TO SEE THE VOLCANO OF THE BATS? At dusk, depending on whether you are in summer or winter time, change from 5 in the afternoon to 8. But always at sunset, about 30 minutes before.
PRICE AND ACCESS TO THE CAVE: It has no cost. The rules have changed, they can change. The cave is marked on the road with a bat signal. There is a small entrance where you park 8 maximum cars. Sometimes they park on the road. The cave is about 200 meters following a path. This easy traveler.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? To Conhuás (to 8 km), the nearest town to the cave of the bats, arrives collective from Escárcega and Xpuhil. TO Xpuhil, the nearest large town nearby is public transport from Escárcega (2 hours), Chetumal (1'40 "h) and Campeche (4'30" h). From Xpuhil and Conhuás there is private taxi service to the cave.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, insect repellent and closed and comfortable shoes: you are in the jungle and there are many bugs, protect yourself from bites. If you have binoculars, it's a good time to get them out.

Good way,

Bat volcano of Calakmul 3
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