How is life in Riviera Maya, how much is paid for rent, possibilities to work. Many questions are those that have come to me from several people with the idea of ​​coming to live in this part of the world.

Since I started writing the blog and because of my condition foreign resident, many people have written to me with the idea of ​​coming to look for life in Mexico, seeking to resolve doubts ... I think I have responded to everyone, with more or less information about how little one knows, even with some I have been able to meet to meet The best thing about this virtual world is how it enriches the staff. I understand that my experience can be valuable for those who arrive, and on more than one occasion I have considered writing posts with this type of help.

I have been a long time member of a web of expat where all this type of information moves, being a reference as expatriate help tool: formalities before getting visas, looking for work, studying in Mexico, rental prices, medical insurance, taxes and fees, forums with topics of interest ... several active members of this website help with the answers when necessary. Honestly I think it is a good tool for those who seek this type of information.

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At Lóleo Eventos, web of is a blog section where is mine. Some know me by that channel and I have been able to help with information of the place to which they arrive with logical doubts in the head. Starting to live in another country is not easy, I would even say that it is not for everyone. Having support away from the family is something that I have seen as essential with the people who move me and who are in the same situation as live as a foreigner in another country.

These social networks and tools They facilitate the arrival and meeting other people, a basic part of the foreigner. In the Expat website you can propose and organize outings or meetings with other members. You also have the ability to chat in groups and create question threads in the forum. They also touch on the subject of job opportunities, it is a very complete website. Today it is made up of more than 12000 members. It will surely be very useful to many of you.

Another very useful and useful expatriate website, about advice and help, is administered by Fatima, a Sevillian who lives in CDMX. Sure your website helps you with those basic questions that you have when you arrive, it is a very complete web that solves many questions.

I leave the link to, also the link of what I wrote about the world of expatriates, in case it can help you

Integrating into local living is a healthy way to live your experience abroad. I wish you the best of luck on your way.

Expat walkers 🙂

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