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Uxmal is worth the visit to Yucatan. This city of ancient Mayans is the greatest architectural example of combination of astronomical knowledge and engineering, an authentic architectural jewel.

La archaeological zone of Uxmal It is one of the most impressive ancient Mayan cities that you can visit today. We are in front of one of the great architectural jewels of ancient Maya.

What others archaeological sites of Yucatán I would not miss


Pux architecture of Uxmal:

Uxmal is an architectural beauty, it is impressive to walk between the walls of this ancient Mayan city. You assume the beauty and spectacularity that this city possessed in its splendor with its sense of geometry, the alignments, the worked decorations, the harmony in the construction and the logical distribution of the buildings.

The entire city is faced according to its cosmogony, with the Sun as the main actor, as is usually seen in the elaborate architecture of all time.


The Puuc Route:

Uxmal is the authentic architectural jewel of the rue puke, one of the several architectural styles that are known of the Mayan civilization. Others Mayan architectural styles They are the Bec River, Southeast, Petén Central, Usumacinta, Chenes or East Coast.

La route puuc is configured by the archaeological zones from Acanceh, Oxtintok, Xlapak, Sayil, Labná, Kabah and Uxmal, the jewel of the puuc.

The area known as puke (in maya means hill, turkey o loma), is a region of the Yucatan Peninsula of hills whose altitude reaches about 300 meters, a record for the practically flat Peninsula.

These geological properties of the region puke they do not form the famous cenotes here, the caves and caverns are above sea level and are dry, like the nearby one Grotto of Loltún.

Hill of the Sierrita de Ticul

The chultunes on the puuc route:

The cenotes, among other things, they were used as wells of fresh water, cities were built near them.

In India there is puuc area Rainwater is collected in other ways: in natural containers or warehouses filled by rainwater filtered between the walls of the caves, or by making underground wells where the water was stored, the so-called chultunes in maya

En Uxmal you have the chance to see a chultún near the entrance of the enclosure.

Discover Uxmal, the archaeological jewel of puuc 1

How to visit Uxmal?

The logical sense of the visit to Uxmal is to start, once the chultún, at Pyramid of the Fortuneteller, the Quadrangle of the Nuns and then face towards Palacio de Gobernación and the Great Pyramid. The views from both places are a must, so make the effort and climb everything you can climb. Next to the Great Pyramid is the beautiful Palomar area.

Once in the Palomar area There are roads that lead you to other groups such as the cemetery and some steles. Around here you will find small treasures in the tour that make you feel half adventurous, at least to some little girls minds. This area is the least visited of the enclosure.

In the enclosure, between the main buildings and squares, there are many nooks and crannies where you can get in, entertain and admire through the natural windows the constant harmony that is breathed in Uxmal, exquisite geometries.

I leave the images and shut up because I think it's fair. I hope you find the time to visit this city.

Pyramid of the Fortuneteller
Pyramid of the Fortuneteller seen from the Quadrangle of the Nuns
View of the Palace and the Great Pyramid from the Quadrangle of the Nuns
Discover Uxmal, the archaeological jewel of puuc 2
View pyramid Adivino from the Palacio de Gobernación
Discover Uxmal, the archaeological jewel of puuc 3
Views of Uxmal from the Great Pyramid
Discover Uxmal, the archaeological jewel of puuc 4
Ball game and in the background the Quadrangle of the nuns
Details of the Temple of the Fortuneteller
Quadrangle of the Nuns
Discover Uxmal, the archaeological jewel of puuc 5
The cemetery
Discover Uxmal, the archaeological jewel of puuc 6
Toh bird, many are usually seen at the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season (April-May-June)

Uxmal price

Discover Uxmal as you like, with a guide or at your leisure, but don't miss it. Photography lovers will enjoy the geometries, these fantastic Mayans offer many looks.

This area really is the best thing of the Peninsula, where you find many treasures and good tourist services, without being overcrowded.

uxmal price

Sleeping in Uxmal, did you know this ?:

As always from this blog we try to recommend what we know and we find it interesting for you. One option is to stay in one of the hotels near Uxmal, and use them as a base point to explore this area of ​​the puuc route and the Convents route.

We stayed to sleep in the Hacienda Uxmal, one of the great options you have. We loved the place and the activities that the accommodation itself offers, you can be a couple of nights perfectly. Another option is the magnificent Uxmal Lodge that we also visited, just a few steps from the archaeological zone, or the most economical House of the Wizard. You really need to stay in this tranquility place a few meters from Uxmal, historical city Unesco heritage, in this peaceful jungle, it is luxurious.

Discover Uxmal, the archaeological jewel of puuc 7

Uxmal, archaeological site

LOCATION: Uxmal is located at 78 kilometers south of Merida (1h15 "). It is inside the Puuc Route
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: Open from 8 to 17 daily hours. Last entry to the 16: 30. They do not sell drinks or food inside. There are services at the entrance. Uxmal offers a light and sound show: at 20 in summer-autumn and at 19 in winter-spring. A guide in Uxmal travel hour and a half costs you 700 pesos, 10 groups. Other languages ​​800 pesos.
PRICE ENTRY: national and resident 176 mxn, foreigner 413 mxn. There are two payments in Uxmal: the Patrur de Cultur 101 mxn for nationals, 338 mxn for foreigners, and the payment of INAH, which is 75 mxn. Sundays nationals and permanent residents with official identification pay 74 mxn de Cultur. On Sundays the entrance of the INAH is free for Mexicans and permanent residents. Access to archaeological sites is free every day for children under 13 years, students, teachers and senior citizens with valid credentials.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? There is a bus that makes the puuc route from Mérida with a stop at Uxmal. Departure to the 8 am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Mondays in holiday season) in the Union bus terminal on 69 street between the 68 and 70, Colonia Centro. Mérida agencies make daily excursions to Uxmal.
ACCOMMODATION: In addition to the hotels named in the article on foot of Uxmal, you will find accommodation in most villages in the area such as the great Santa Elena, Oxkutzcab, Tecoh or Ticul. I recommend a few days in this area, travel calmly, this is how we best observe.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, closed shoes better to climb the pyramid and some water will go well.

Good way,

Discover Uxmal, the archaeological jewel of puuc 8
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