Tulum Playa is one of the natural paradises of this magnificent Mexican Caribbean coast. The place falls in love with endless reasons that you perceive just stepping on it. Tulum beach is not only white sand and palm trees, it has a soul.

The beaches of Tulum form the most respectable tourist strip of the populated Riviera Maya with the natural environment. On the beach we see bungalows, cabins, hotels and restaurants, most of these do not break the charm of the place in an aggressive way, as has happened in other parts of the shore. This makes Tulum a unique place.

There are seasons that it is difficult to find accommodation, that's how popular Tulum is. In this southern section of the Riviera Maya, life is more exquisite. Tulum is the epicenter of some of the most desirable tourist attractions in the Caribbean.


Things to do near Tulum

Tulum is in the middle of a paradise that humans are destroying over the years. It is very close to several natural wonders. On the road to Boca Paila, to the south, there is the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, a wild paradise to explore.

Towards the north are the ruins of Tulum, one of the most visited qreuological areas. Close to Tulum are also Cobá and Muyil. Near Tulum you find incredible cenotes such as Car Wash, Cristalino, Dos Ojos, Gran Cenote or Cristal. Some more optimal for swimming and others for diving. Also the lesser known cenotes of Cobá.

tulum beaches
Tulum archaeological site
Tulum beach, the excellence of the Riviera Maya 1
Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum

Tulum town / Tulum beach

Tulum is divided into two different areas: Tulum pueblo and Tulum playa. The town is at least 4 km from the beach. They have enabled a path for bikes and riders.

Sleeping on the same beach is being able to be closer to paradise, although here everything costs more. It is one of the best beaches in the Riviera Maya, and they know it. Several hotels have high prices For what they offer, their luck is to be at Tulum Beach.

Explore the best beaches of the Mayan Riviera

Sandra Salvadó


The coastal strip of Tulum beach has about 9 kilometers with several beaches, some longer than others. As the hotels in front of the Caribbean Sea grew, public access to Tulum beach closed. Remember that the beaches in Mexico are public and should have access to them.

With this I tell you that the accesses are closing and now there are accesses to beach clubs such as Las Palmas beach Club, Zebra club, Papagayo beach and many others. Once you get to the applause if you want to move freely, as I say it is a public space, even if it does not seem so.

Somehow Tulum forces you a little to spend the day at a beach club, although there are shortcuts. The beaches of Tulum They are dreamy, to lose yourself in the blues of the sea and the sky.

Tulum, Mayan Riviera, Yucatan, Mexico.

Mayan Beach

This is the beach that is inside the archaeological zone of Tulum. It is a beautiful cove where you can enjoy the Caribbean looking at the ruins of Tulum, of vice.

tulum beach

Playa Paraíso

Very close to the archaeological zone of Tulum, it has a clear public access. It is one of the most beautiful and popular among bathers who approach Tulum. There are services here and they offer excursions to see turtles.

Tulum Beach Paradise
Playa Paraíso

Pescadores Beach

Next to Playa Paraíso, it is another good place near the archaeological zone where you can rest peacefully. There is also a public access and you can find the services you need. You can camp on this stretch of beach and if I'm not mistaken you can take your pets here, following the rules.


Boca Paila Beaches

Just before the Boca Paila bridge, in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, you find a couple of accommodations with access to the beach. A place paradise, quiet and dreamlike colors. Accommodation services are open to the public.

Boca Paila Beach

Atmosphere on the beaches of Tulum

Tulum playa is the peddler of coconuts and mangoes with chili, the yogis, some boyfriends who get married, those who go for a run, those who practice kitesurfing, those who go for a walk, the one who offers handicrafts, the nudists (yes, nudism in Tulum ). Tulum is having a very cold or a margarita listening to the sea, eating on the beach, it is tranquility, it is calm, it is peace ... and above all, Overall It's dawn another day here.

Life is apparently quiet in Tulum Beach, not counting a good party that is mounted in some of the beach premises. The town also has plenty of nightlife, bars and restaurants you will not miss in Tulum.

Tulum is Eden beach where one would want to enjoy eternally that good life that many dream. Tulum has a soul, because people want the place, impossible not to.

Sandra Salvadó

Turtle season in Tulum

In times of turtle nesting it is one of the beaches where you can easily see them. The turtle spawning season is from mid-May to September.

All you have to do to see them is to walk along the beach, many arrive at night. It has red light, white light does not do well for turtles. He thinks that we are invading his space, so he leaves a more than prudent space between the turtle and you, DO NOT TOUCH THEM and respect the silence and the moment.

I assure you that seeing a turtle spawn is a spectacular moment, one of those that you keep well inside.

Turtle nesting in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo

We hope you enjoy this beach place that over time we have seen how it became one of the mecca of beach tourism. Many parties and good times are what we have spent here.

Tulum beach, the excellence of the Riviera Maya 2

Tulum, beaches

LOCATION: Tulum is divided into two, one side the beach side, the other the town, located on the federal highway 307, which runs through the Riviera Maya. There are 4 km to the beaches.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Playa del Carmen and Cancun there are ADO direct The collective From Cancun they leave near the ADO terminal, you must get off at the last stop in Playa del Carmen and from here take another bus to Tulum (from calle 2 between avenida 15 y 20). Buses pass from Tulum town on the main street towards the beach. ADO also arrives from Chetumal and Palenque.
ACCOMMODATION: on the beach there is a variety for all tastes, prices are usually from 1500 pesos onwards. You find cheaper accommodation in the town of Tulum. The high season in Tulum is from December to February.
SERVICES AT TULUM BEACH:  renting a bike in Tulum is a great area to explore, very quiet and with many stops to make. In Tulum town you find a supermarket, ATMs, souvenir shops ... in the beach area there are more and more facilities.
SEASON DESOVE TURTLES: from mid-May to mid-September, they are usually seen more at night (it has red light, never white).

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