Cancun has been one of the most requested sun and beach tourism destinations for decades. The destination is divided into two main centers: we explain how the city is to travel to Cancun in an easy way.

Cancun is the gateway to the most tourist area of ​​the Yucatan Peninsula, the Riviera Maya. The Cancun area has Isla Mujeres and the zona hotelera of Cancun as destinations most sought after by tourists to stay. Most tourists look to be in front of the beach.

At the Cancun city also hosts many travelers. It is an option with cheaper offer, you live more in the local area and the beach you have to 30 minutes by bus, so it is a great option.

Cancun city lives in the shadow of its coast. A city that lives from and for its Zona Hotelera, a sector that created one of the largest cities in Mexico.

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The city of Cancún and its Zona Hotelera They are two different parts of Cancun. Cancun city as well as the Zona Hotelera of Costa Cancún they are two worlds that nourish but live apart. They are separated by the Nichupté lagoon, natural border between the two: an area for tourists and another for residents.

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Laguna Nichupte, Cancun, Quintan Roo, Mexico.

Cancun city

Cancun city itself has no coast, the only neighborhood in Cancun with sea is Puerto Juarez. The city has good connections, hotels and entertainment venues. From downtown Cancun to the zona hotelera by taxi you are in 15 minutes and by bus in 30.

In this article we will see where to sleep in the city of Cancun, what to do in the city and the connections with a zona hotelera and tourism in the area.

Zona hotelera from Cancun

La Zona Hotelera Cancun began to develop in the early 70s, and to this day it has become the main destination in the entire Caribbean. Cancun City lives by and for its Zona Hotelera.

La Zona Hotelera Cancun is undoubtedly the prettiest of the place. It was built for tourists. A paradise of beaches and parties that many come looking for, rocked by the delicious color of the Caribbean Sea and the good annual climate.

Do not miss all the complete information of the Zona Hotelera from Cancun


Cancun is a city without a historic center, with little history and an anarchic growth that spreads to form a space that welcomes the 760 inhabitants of Cancun.

It is not a comfortable city for walking and it does not have remarkable architecture either. Cancun is dotted with large shopping centers and supermarkets, a city made for cars, American style. Cancún does not invite to be seen, but if you are in the center of the city you will see that there are many internal parks that are very nice. There is a large urban park in Cancun where there are animals in their natural habitat, and where the Cancun is going to play sports: Kabah Park

The city of Cancun at a utilitarian level meets the needs of the visitor, with good hospital services and a variety of appetizing restaurants, leisure, sports facilities, artistic events, beaches and unparalleled nature. For the Cancunenses there are attractive spaces to enjoy the city, but nothing memorable to come specifically to visit.

Cancun are its beaches and wonderful natural surroundings, and all the entertainment that it generates around it. It is such a young city that almost no one is from Cancun, we are all somewhat foreigners here. A business city where people come and go, a place to look for your opportunity.

Cancun from skyscrapers of the city. Travel to Cancun
skyline zona hotelera Cancun, Mexico.
What to do in Cancun


Cancun is a very large city with long avenues to get in and out of the city. But nevertheless the downtown area is where the largest number of hotels is concentrated and it is not very large. It is simple and easy to manage the city of Cancun for tourists, does not have a very large center.

There are buses that connect with the zona hotelera in 20 minutes from downtown. In the 24 kilometers that extends the zona hotelera There is a track for walking or cycling.

  • IN TAXI: Taxis charge the race from 35 pesos in Cancun, depending on the areas you go. Cancun taxi drivers must carry the fare you can ask for. The rates for zona hotelera It costs between 90 and 350 pesos, depending on the kilometer you go.
  • BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: There are several buses and buses that run through the city of Cancun, a somewhat chaotic network, but you end up learning fast. The buses and buses carry on their front the destinations they carry. The buses that go to zona hotelera they are the R-1, R-2 and R-27 (This passes through the Las Américas shopping center, it is not very continuous). The cost per person costs about 12 pesos.
  • WALKING: you can drive around the center of Cancun quietly, from Plaza de las Palapas to Tulum and Nader Avenue, where there are different restaurants and trendy bars, you can stroll
  • FROM THE AIRPORT: we explain the different transport possibilities from the Cancun International Airport.
transportation in cancun


Cancún City is very comfortable and practical for the traveler: the international Airport It has a good connection by plane to other destinations. Just in Cancun it is easy to take a bus to other cities, there are several car rental companies and very attractive points nearby. It is the gateway to other destinations.

Many travelers arrive in the city of Cancun as an entrance to Mexico: from here they leave for other states like Chiapas, or towards Guatemala and Belize. Others choose destinations with more intimate beach appeal, such as Tulum and Holbox, and others go inland to explore the Yucatan Peninsula.

The vast majority come to stay in the all-inclusive hotels of this mega tourism industry.


The area between the station ADO buses and Park of the Palapas, it's a zone of hotels, hostels and hostels for the backpacking traveler. A hostel that I like in the area is the Mayan Monkey, very well located near the ADO bus and downtown, and good services and facilities. Backpacker hostel par excellence.

  • El Park of the Palapas It is a public square where you can eat, walk and entertain yourself with the shows that they usually do or simply watching life go by.
  • La Yaxchilán street , something in decline, is close to the Palapas: it is a tourist street with mariachis, Mexican restaurants and tacos in the street.
  • La street Tulum, where is the Municipal Palace, it is also a tourist center. This area is comfortable and you find Travel agencies, restaurants, street food stalls, space to walk .. It's a good downtown to be comfortable.
  • And the resurged and carefree area of ​​Avenida Nader, increasingly popular with locals and visitors, with restaurants, clubs and hostels very appetizing. The area of ​​the Palapas and the Nader you can walk, is to cross Tulum Avenue and you arrive in 10 minutes.

At the Zona Hotelera you also find hostels at very interesting prices, some as delicious as the Lord Frogs Hostel, another level 🙂 From 200 pesos there are offers in the hostel, a relaxed traveler atmosphere. From the hostels they go out at night in groups and other activities, they unite the travelers.

map to sleep in Cancun


Cancún It has a very wide hotel offer, you will surely find your perfect option. You will find luxury and all-inclusive hotels in zona hotelera, boutique and charming hotels, cheap hostels, easy downtown hotels to move around the city, hotels near the airport or at the entrance to the city, apartments, couchsurfing. Cancun collects the full range of tourist offer.

  • ZONA HOTELERA FROM CANCUN: the area that occupies the beautiful coastline of Cancun, a strip of turquoise sea and white sand that invites you to surrender at the foot of Cancun, even if you are reluctant to this city. The sea here falls in love with everyone. This area has all the services for tourists, from restaurants to night clubs, zona hotelera open 24 hours.
  • CANCUN CENTER: in this area you find cheaper options. Many hotels have a pool in Cancun, the price offer is interesting. here lives in a local environment, some do not like the places as mass tourists as zona hotelera. All central and easy.
  • WOMEN ISLAND: This island in front of Cancun is one of the most sought after destinations. The island has one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, Playa Norte.

 Where to sleep in downtown Cancun

We leave you the Booking offers with whom we are affiliates, something that helps us if you book your hotel here. From cheap hotels to luxury hotels, you find the best of each range.
Cancun sea.


Since you came here, enjoy the city walking this area:

  1. Visit the beautiful Cancun beaches in the zona hotelera
  2. Maya Museum of Cancun.
  3. Cross to Isla Mujeres or surprise yourself in Isla Blanca.
  4. Visit some archeological zone like El Rey or El Meco. 
  5. Buy souvenirs in the Mercado 28 or do you Shopping in shopping centers, such as Las Américas. 
  6. Curiously, Cancun is one of the destinations to see more easily turtles in the Riviera Maya. All destinations treasure surprises for the traveler.
Turtles Cancun, Mexico turtles
Turtle birth in Cancun
El Rey Cancun archaeological site
El Rey archaeological site
Guide to travel to Cancun 1
Parque de las Palapas, in downtown Cancun


From Cancun, thousands of travelers leave on a daily excursion, the main destination being the archeological zone of Chichen Itza next to activities that have to do with the sea. This turquoise blue is the maximum protagonist of Cancun. Surely you will also be surprised and help to know the city of Cancun visiting the local market with a chef and learn Mexican cuisine

I leave you the guide with the most contracted excursions at the GET YOUR GUIDE agency from Cancun. You'll see the myriad of things you can do from Cancun, sure find what you were looking for. The excursions you can cancel for free until 24 hours before leaving. I hope you enjoy your vacation a lot.


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Cancun, towns

LOCATION: Cancun It is located northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula. At 37 kilometers is Puerto Morelos, 67 Playa del Carmen and 131 kilometers Tulum, linked by the federal highway 307.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Cancun is well connected, public transport arrives from Playa del Carmen (1h 20 ″), Puerto Morelos (30 ″), the airport (30h). The bus terminal ADO It is located in the center, on the Tulum, near the Plaza de las Palapas.
HOW DO YOU MOVE IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? By the federal 307 that runs the entire coastal strip, an easy way to move is in collective (vans that make the journeys with constant stops). In Cancún They leave near the ADO station and crossing the Tulum, there are two companies. Look at this entry to know move freely for Riviera Maya.
HOW DO YOU MOVE IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO THE CITY? Between the city of Cancún and Zona Hotelera There are constant buses: the 1 route and the 2 route go through the Ceviche square. The 27 route through the Plaza de las Américas, usually takes a long time to pass. The taxi is not expensive in Cancun.

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