San Cristóbal de las Casas is the nerve center of tourism in Chiapas. From this beautiful colonial town they offer an interesting range of tours. What are the best excursions from San Cristobal de las Casas?

Many travelers take it as a base San Cristóbal de las Casas to spend a few days of your trip, some end up staying for a long time, and that is that this town and its surroundings have a lot of magic.

What to do from San Cristóbal de las Casas?

San Cristóbal de las Casas It has a very interesting range of nearby destinations where you can go day trips, that allow you to be back in the afternoon or at night in your hotel. There are many agencies in San Cristóbal that offer you very similar tours.

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

Tourism agencies in San Cristóbal de las Casas:

This area of ​​Chiapas is very visited and the tourism industry has developed affordable tours available to travelers.

Type of transport: most tours depart in 14 passenger vans, comfortable and clean. Variety varies according to the agency, of course.

Agencies in San Cristóbal: you will not have any problem finding Travel agencies that they offer you the day trips from Sancris. Many of the agencies are on pedestrian streets (the walkers) of the center of San Cristóbal, many concentrated in the tourist walker Real de Guadalupe. The hotels sell you excursions. The agencies have similar prices and services.

Prices of the excursions from San Cristóbal de las Casas:

I link you the most popular excursions and the prices so that you can build your plan before arriving in San Cristóbal. This gives you the option to plan your trip better. We will also leave you the link of the Civitatis agency with which we are affiliated and sells tours through the internet. If you want to book with them you can do it with the direct link from the blog, it is safe and simple. The good thing you can Cancel free until 24 hours before, and they pick you up at your hotel in San Cristóbal and they'll leave you at the same time.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES: this is how this excursion is traditionally known. They take you to see two of the most charismatic villages around Sancris: San Juan Chamula y Zinacantán. Both Tzotzil and Tzettzales, Mayan ethnic groups. Chamula famous for its temple of San Juan Bautista and its rituals, and Zinacantán for its fabrics.

Civitatis offers you This excursion to Chamula and Zinacantán. 

This Horseback excursion to Chamula and Zinacantán it's something different you can do on your trip

  • Price and schedules: exit to 9.30 am and return to 14: 30 to Sancris. 300 pesos.
  • Personal opinion: You can go perfectly on your own to these towns, the good thing about the excursions is that you go with a guide and you can take photos in events that they do for the tourist, especially in Zinacantán, in the house of the weavers where they take you to buy.
San Juan Bautista Temple, San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mexico.
Temple of San Juan Bautista in San Juan Chamula
Maya Tzotzil Zinacantán, Chiapas, Mexico.
Weavers in Zinacantán

SUMDERO CANYON: one of the most popular places near San Cristóbal, where you will take your boat tour through the canyon. You also have time to know Chiapa de Corzo, Magic Town of Mexico.

Civitatis offers this tour by the cannon of the Sumidero by boat for two hours and the visit to Chiapa de Corzo

  • Price and schedules: exit to the 9 am and return to the 15 to Sancris. 400 pesos.
  • Personal opinion: the boat trip that is made by the Sumidero Canyon, even going through spectacular landscapes, I do not like it because of the amount of people there. One of those trips where everyone goes and the river is dirty many times. But nobody wants to lose it.
Sumidero Canyon, Chiapas, Mexico.
Sumidero Canyon

LAGOS MONTEBELLO and CASCADAS CHIFLÓN:  Montebello and Chiflón they are two beautiful natural places, if the waters are turquoise they are still more spectacular. A different area to know near Sancris.

Tour of Civitatis to Montebello and Chiflon lagoons

  • Price and schedules: exit to the 8 am and return to the 20 to Sancris. 400 pesos.
  • Personal opinion: For me this area is ideal to do it for free, and stay somewhere in Montebello lagoons to be able to travel the area at your own pace.
Lagoons of Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico.
Lagunas de Montebello
Chiflon Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.
Chiflon Waterfall

PALENQUE, CASCADAS AGUA AZUL, MISOL-HÁ: If you have not stopped in Palenque before, you can go on a tour from Sancris. On the way you stop in two of the most popular natural spots in Chiapas: Blue water y Misol-Ha.

The Civitatis proposal is to see Agua Azul, Misol-Há and Palenque and return to SanCris

  • Price and schedules: exit to the 5 am and return to the 21 to Sancris. 500 pesos. If you want to stay in Palenque, you can, you do not have to go back to San Cristóbal.
  • Personal opinion: It is easier to go on a tour of this road than to do it for free visiting these places. It is a trip tired by distance, but very complete. For me Palenque deserves much more than the hour and a half that you are on the tour, but you have to stick to the schedules.
Palenque archeological zone, Chiapas, Mexico.
Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico.
Blue water
Misol Ha waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.
Cascada Misol Ha

ARCHAEOLOGICAL ZONES YAXCHILÁN AND BONAMPAK:  the logical thing is to do this tour from Palenque, by proximity, but if you are going to be only in the area of ​​San Cristóbal, you have the opportunity to see these two must-see Mayan beauties.

From Palenque offer this tour of two days in the area very interesting

  • Price and schedules: exit to the 6 am and return to the 20 to Sancris. 900 pesos.
  • Personal opinion: Yaxchilan y Bonampak They are two spectacular Mayan zones. You have the option to take the 2 days tour and one night in the Lacandon jungle. I know this area for having gone several times on my own, something I recommend doing, more than the tour.
Bonampak archeological zone, Chiapas, Mexico.
Yaxchilán archeological zone, Chiapas, Mexico.

TONINÁ ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA: for me, Tonina is one of the must-sees, an impressive archaeological zone. Less known and popular this tour, but if you like history, do not even think about it. The views of the Ocosingo valley from Tonina are a chulada.

Civitatis offers this interesting excursion to Tonina

Toniná archeological zone, Chiapas, Mexico.

CROSS BORDER TO GUATEMALA: One of the most frequent demands of travelers from Sancris, is to cross to Guatemala. There is a tourist group that leaves daily to Guatemala, takes you to Panajachel, Lake Atitlán, Antigua or other stops along the way as Huehuetenango.

There are other offers of tours such as cycling through San Juan Chamula, seeing the grottos of Rancho Viejo, others taking you to the lagoons of Colón, some to Comitán and Las Nubes. Sure you find the one that suits you, the reality is that there is a good offer with very interesting destinations and good prices. What more could you want?

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