A great surprise was knowing the number of turtles in Cancun that come to lay their beaches. Nature continues to peek through the concrete to give us unique moments.

It seems incredible that see turtles in Cancun it's relatively easy. On the coast of Cancun, where the town is located Zona Hotelera, is still one of the places where more turtles arrive to spawn in Riviera Maya.

Hundreds of turtles arrive at the beaches of Cancun every year to spawn, a natural spectacle in one of the most constructed coastlines of the Mexican Caribbean.

What awaits you in the zona hotelera from Cancun

cancun turtles
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See turtles in Cancun It is one of the most incredible activities that you can enjoy in these beautiful beaches. Sea turtles live in their natural habitat, but during the mating season they approach the beaches to spawn. Three months later the turtles are born to return to the sea, one of its most vulnerable moments.

On the coast of Cancun you can see the spawning, watching them hatch and releasing turtles into the sea. Don't miss it, it is a unique experience.

turtles in Cancun


On the stretch of coast from Punta Cancun to Punta Nizuc you may be surprised by a large turtle looking for its place to lay its eggs, usually at night. The beaches of Cancun where a registry of sea turtles is kept and you can participate in the activities are:

  • Dolphins Beach
  • Marlin Beach
  • Chac Mool Beach

Meet the Cancun beaches

Turtles in Cancun


In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. named beaches the activities work in a very similar way. In the three beaches there are corrals for turtle eggs, this is where the people in charge of the sea turtle conservation project are usually.

  • See turtles in Cancun during the day: from 9 in the morning those responsible arrive. Their task begins by checking for new turtle eggs on the beach, and if there are, they are transferred to the corral. Here they are marked with the date of spawning. When turtles are born Your task is to deposit them in a bucket until they are released that night. It is the way to avoid some of its predators such as birds. Take part: If you walk by one morning and see them doing their homework, it's easy to join them and participate as they tell you move nests or help birth to the turtles. Hallucinatory!
  • See turtles in cancun at night: If you walk at night the beaches of Cancun you can see how the turtles to spawn. It's a question of patience and luck, but the experience of seeing 100 and 120 spawn eggs to this colossal animal is captivating. During births, groups of volunteers are formed at night to release turtles. Take part: any night in time of birth of turtles, show up at the suggested beaches 10 minutes before 20 hours to form a group and participate in the liberation. October is a good month to do it.

It is not a daily activity, the times are set by nature itself. The only way to participate is to try your luck by going to the beaches, in the morning or at night, depending on the activity you want to do. Participate in the Turtle activities in Cancun It has no cost, you just have to follow the rules of those responsible.

turtles in Cancun
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turtles in cancun


  • Sea turtle spawning season: from May to September they come to the beach to lay their eggs. The peak months July and August.
  • Sea turtle release season: July to November is the period of births. Mid-September and October are good months for release.

As data even years more activity is recorded. In the years of 1998, 2000 and 2002, 580, 1.402 and 1.721 nests were recorded. The rise is not known to what is due, but hopefully it will remain many years. Only 2% of the turtles born they reach adulthood. If we know how to protect our environment, we are already capable of taking better care of ourselves.

turtles in cancun


In season turtle nesting There are a number of directions that you must follow. The artificial lights mislead the turtles that go out to lay their eggs, for this reason many become disoriented in urbanized areas.

Remember that no matter how many BBC or NatGeo documentaries you have watched, this does not make us experts, so follow the rules to protect what matters.

  • ?Turn off the lights in your house facing the beach, that is what disorients them the most.
  • ?Remove obstacles that may get in the way, such as lounge chairs or garden chairs.
  • ?If you see them, DO NOT LIGHT THEM, DO NOT HELP THEM, they know what to do. DO NOT bother them.
  • ?DO NOT USE MOTOR VEHICLES on the beaches, it is permanently prohibited.
  • ⚠ Sea turtles are protected species in danger of extinction, the manipulation, or possession of specimens or eggs is considered a crime.
Turtles in Cancun: when to see spawn and release turtles on the beaches of Cancun 1

Enjoy this natural show of the turtles very much. We can strike a balance between humans and nature, we can enjoy it without appropriating other living beings.

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