What catches you most about the cenotes is that each one is a different space, they always surprise you. This is how it happened when we visited the Sac aua cenote, an immense open cenote where you will be amazed once again.

In the parking lot of the archaeological zone of Ek Balam, sometimes there are kids (children) who offer to explain a story or show you some place in the surroundings, as well as offering to take care of the car. They know the Sac aua cenote, one of the beautiful cenotes in this area. This is how we arrived years ago, hardly anyone knew the place.

Now there are more indications and it is easy to go on your own to the Sac aua.

The secondary road that takes you through the towns in the area is entertaining. Leaving the usual routes always refreshes the traveler. So now you know, if you travel through this area, don't forget this detour on your way to the town of Dzalbay. You will never make one cenote too many, they all deserve a visit.

15 cenotes near Valladolid worth visiting

cenote sac aua ek balam
Sac Aua cenote island


From Valladolid you can go towards Temozón-Ek Balam, or along the highway towards Yalcobá. If you go through Ek Balam, about 8 kilometers from the crossroads towards the town of Ek Balam or the Ek Balam archaeological zone, you will find the town of Dzalbay. In this town is the cenote Sac aua.

  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE SAC AUA BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: from the center of Valaldolid (near the central park) what we know as a collective taxi leave. These taxis are for 4 passengers, they leave when they are full. You can go to the town of Yalcobá or Ek Balam (better to Ek Balam). From both towns you can go by motorcycle taxi to the cenote. Or agree on a price with the taxi driver to take you to the cenote. Traveling is solving situations?
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE SAC AUA BY TAXI: You can still go by private taxi from Valladolid. I leave you the contact of a totally trustworthy taxi driver/guide in case you are interested, he knows the area very well and does tours: Manuel +52 1 985 112 2143
  • HOW TO GO TO THE CENOTE SAC AUA BY CAR: we leave you the Google map so you can see clearly how to go. If I were you I wouldn't miss the road that runs from Yalcobá to the Ek Balam junction, you'll see that there are different cenotes and it's very nice to populate around here.
Discover cenote Sac aua, the only cenote with an interior island 1
How to go cenote Sac aua


Characteristics cenote sac Aua

The diameter of the cenote Sac aua it is considerable, impression. The distinctive feature of this place is the sand island that forms in the middle of the cenote, with the water bordering the walls. The island is so big that when they described it to me they told me "you can even play soccer." And so it is, the space gives to play a schoolyard game inside the cenote.

Services cenote Sac Aua

There are bathroom services, showers, changing rooms and a restaurant.

The facilities of the Sac aua cenote are very good, with showers and bathrooms, as well as a well-traced path of about 400 meters, as if it were an old sacbé (ancient Mayan road). On this path you can observe local flora and birds. If you enter accompanied by one of the guides who work in Sac aua, he will surely be proud to tell you about his plants (many use them for cures).

Price Cenote Sac Aua

  • Cenote 150
  • Cenote + cavern 230
  • Cenote, Cavern and Food for 345.00 pesos

Cenote Sac Aua Hours

From 9 to 5 in the afternoon

Contact cenote Sac Aua

The Facebook page of Cenote Sac Aua and the contact telephone number: +52 998 231 2794

Discover cenote Sac aua, the only cenote with an interior island 2
services cenote sac aua
The beautiful showers of the Sac aua
cenote sac aua ek balam

Discover cenote Sac aua, the only cenote with an interior island 3
Of the places that I love the most?
cenote sac aua
cenote sac aua
The sac aua tree descends to the cenote
cenote sac aua yucatan

Aktun Maya: Sacred Cenote Grotto Sac aua

Besides being able to visit the cenote, they have opened another cenote and a Mayan cave. The cenote is a cavern, I have not visited it. The cave collects all the evidences of being a sacred cave in ancient Mayan times: painted animal bones, ceramics, petro-engravings and a body of water. A sacred place where you must enter with the respect of being invited for the first time to a private house.

aktun maya grotto sac aua
mayan pottery
aktun maya grotto sac aua


There are very beautiful cenotes in this area, we love it. You can open the map of cenotes and choose the ones you like best for your trip. Enjoy the cenote experience?

cenote valladolid map
Open the cenote map Valladolid

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