Many travelers from Cancun look for cenotes, one of the most prized entertainment in the Yucatan Peninsula. We will know the best cenotes from Cancun to go out to swim and enjoy.

Cancun is not a typical cenote area by the gradient that forms the Peninsula, in fact it is an area of ​​lagoons, such as the beautiful Nichupté lagoon or the lagoons of Isla Blanca. The cenotes near Cancun can be found further south or inland, the west.

Cenotes in Playa del Carmen, do not miss the best cenotes of Riviera Maya


It must be clear that the area of ​​Cancun and Riviera Maya receives the greatest tourist influx and this causes that Many cenotes in this area have become fun parks to spend the day, more than a quiet place of nature. Most cenotes offer activity packages such as zip lines, horseback riding, bicycles or quads for your fun.

The best cenotes from Cancun in La Ruta de los Cenotes

The area to the south closest to Cancun where to find cenotes is known as the Cenotes Route. Only half an hour by road south of Cancun. This route is full of cenotes turned into an entertainment park where to spend the day. We recommend the best of the Cenotes Route.

Complete guide of the Route of the Cenotes


This park offers up to 12 cenotes to visit, the Kin Há is one of the most beautiful closed of this area, where agencies usually come from Riviera Maya LOCATION: It is located at kilometer 20 on the Puerto Morelos-Leona Vicario highway. ACCESS: public transport does not arrive because it is far from the main road PRICE AND TIMES: 250 mxn per person. Open from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. THE BEST AND WHAT WORST:being a cenote so close to Tulum is quite quiet place.

Cenotes from Cancun


An open cenote of the pretty ones for its vegetation, the zip line and the platforms for jumps. Do not forget the mask LOCATION: It is located in the 18 kilometer of the Puerto Morelos-Leona Vicario highway ACCESS: public transport arrives on the highway, but then you have to walk about 2 kilometers PRICE AND TIMES: 150 mxn per person. Open from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. THE BEST AND WHAT WORST:This area of ​​cenotes are for activities packaged with zip lines, quads, horseback riding. This cenote does not have so many activities 



If you want a cenote with history and fun I recommend Cenote Zapote, where a new species of sloth was discovered. Impeccable facilities and services in its three cenotes LOCATION: It is located in the 20 kilometer of the Puerto Morelos-Leona Vicario highway ACCESS: you must go by private transport, it is far from the road PRICE AND TIMES: 200 mxn per person two cenotes, then they have packages with all the activities. Open from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: It is a mythical place thanks to its discovery of the lazy species, it is well managed 

Cenotes from Cancun

The best cenotes from Cancun to the interior

If you go inland you will find a different environment, here most cenotes do not have this spirit of fun parks, but they run them as more natural places of nature.


It is one of the most beautiful cenotes you find in these lands, a beauty of nature LOCATION: It is located 7 kilometers past the village of X-can, direction Valladolid. You must take the free road from Cancún to Valladolid, not the fee. They are 1 hour and 40 minutes ACCESS: public transport arrives but it is somewhat cumbersome to arrive from Cancun in public. You must take a bus to Leona Vicario and from there go to X-Can. PRICE AND TIMES: 100 mxn per person, 200 pesos if you rappel and visit another nearby cave. Open from 9 to 17 hours THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: This cenote is going to make you fall in love, it's wonderful.It has rustic services 

Cenotes from Cancun


A very nice closed cenote is surely you will be alone and you can enjoy nature at your ease. A little more lejitos, but since it's close to Choj-há I like to recommend both. LOCATION: is located between X-Can and Chemax, you see the detour on a sign on the road ACCESS: public transport arrives but it is somewhat cumbersome to arrive from Cancun in public. You must take a bus to Leona Vicario and from there go to X-Can and then to Chemax (it's somewhat complicated by times) PRICE AND TIMES: 50 mxn per person, open from 8 to 17 hours THE BEST AND WHAT WORST: good services and a beautiful cenote without many visits

Cenotes from Cancun

How to go to the cenotes from Cancun?

Riviera Maya is the seat of the great tourist bulk of the Yucatan Peninsula, this means that the cenotes of this area are quite visited. Some you can access on your own in public transport, others are not possible because they are far from the road. There are 4 basic ways to get to them:

  • Some you can access on your own by public transport, we will tell you what these cenotes are.
  • Others away is better than going by taxi (If you want any recommendation for a responsible and trustworthy taxi driver to move around the Riviera Maya, write to me at and I'll share it with you.).
  • By private car or rental car you can organize to make the visits you want free.
  • Most excursions and tours that are made to Chichén Itzá, Tulum or Cobá take you to visit a cenote.

You can buy excursions to the cenotes of the Cancun area in Civitatis. It is a safe option and has good prices, services and opinions of the clients. The tours are in Spanish. You can book through the blog safely.

I hope you enjoy these treasures, which we consider the best cenotes from Cancun for swimming. Remember that the section of the blog of CENOTES you find many more to enjoy. Ah, follow the rules to preserve them, if we all add much better.

WHAT TO BRING TO CENOTES? Swimsuit and towel or pareo to dry after bath. A change of clothes to change, hat, insect repellent (use it after bathing if you stay in the area and there are insects). Do not forget the mask or visor (in many cenotes they rent, but that way you save it). You can access most of the tourist cenotes with flip flops, the closed shoe always gives you greater protection, it is my choice almost always. Booties or water shoes are not necessary to access the cenotes. Bring water, the heat squeezes a lot and you need constant hydration.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTER: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Go through the shower before entering the cenote. Do not hang on the roots of the trees, or touch the stalactites, or do any other idiocy that damages the place. If we learn to appreciate the natural environment we will better treat it.

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