It is part of the local tradition to go through Temozón and stop to eat or buy their famous smoked meats. One of those gastronomic stops that is worth making on your way, pure traditional flavor.

To Temozón his fame precedes him among the locals, in a conversation a couple of weeks ago with Manuel, a taxi driver from the neighborhood, I told him "I went through Temozón and I made a technical stop", "ah, good, we always stopped to buy when we passed by there. " We know what we are talking about, Temozón is famous.

Of the good things of travel for free the Yucatan Peninsula are gastronomic stops on Route. If you are one of those who like to try local food, keep reading that we are going to Temozón, famous for its smoked meats.

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Sausages and black pudding from Temozón Yucatan, Mexico

Temozón road Rio lizards

More and more tourists are stopping in Temozón I walk to other places to visit, such as the popular Cenote Hubiku, at the north exit of the town.

Temozón It is about fifteen minutes by car from Valladolid, road to the archaeological site of Ek Balam and the fantastic Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, one of the most visited places in Yucatán.

yucatan tamales
Preparing tamales
Temozón Yucatan, Mexico

Smoked meats in Temozón

Temozón It is famous for its smoked meats and its handcrafted cedar furniture. It is a town that you pass by if you do not know it, although the furniture stores and the posters of a dozen businesses located on the road that crosses the town announcing smoked meats They call curiosity.

The cars parked in front of the locals is another indicator, as is well known on the road, where you see a lot of parked cars, stop to eat.

Carnitas in Temozón Yucatan, Mexico
Several premises are announced at the roadside

For a few years they have proliferated premises that offer to buy the special flavors of Temozón. The most characteristic products They are their smoked meats (invented in 1969 by butcher Gilberto Díaz Aguilar. Source of the data) and the enchiladas, legs, ribs, smoked sausage and sausage, Spanish type sausage, black stuffed sausage.

All products very tasty, with a strong and characteristic touch, not spicy. I admit that I am not very fan of this type of flavors, and still I can not avoid following the tradition and arrive with the purchase made at home.

Sale of the best smoked meats Temozón Yucatán, Mexico
Best smoked meats Temozón Yucatán, Mexico

There are restaurants of different styles where they serve the typical dishes of the area along with another variety of Yucatecan food such as lomitos, tamales, poc chuc. In most restaurants you can buy to take away, no one misses the opportunity to sell, and there are not a few where they also offer furniture. Not without reason its gastronomic products and furniture are exported to Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Mérida.

So you already know traveler, choose a local and taste the stop in Temozón.

Temozón, smoked meat flavor 1

Temozón populations

LOCATION: There are several restaurants on the 3 kilometers of road that cross Temozón (15 minutes by car north of Valladolidroad road Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve).
HOURS: They open every day from early.
SPECIALTY: Yucatecan food
Prices: the package of kilo and a half of longaniza and the normal smoked meat costs 110 pesos, the enchilada costs 120.

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