The thick Petén jungle in Belize has preserved the colossal archaeological zone of Caracol. You will live an adventure touring different landscapes in an extraordinary way.

If you like adventure, nature and history, I really believe that you should not miss Caracol, it is one of those places that one enjoys a lot. Jungle inside awaits you one of the most impressive Mayan archaeological sites: Caracol.

For us it is within the most incredible archeological zones of the Mayan civilization.

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Belize snail

Archaeological Zone Caracol

snail It was one of the great cities of Classic Maya period, from 250 BC to 950 DC, those were the years of maximum Mayan splendor, where great lineages battled, time of writing, of science, of the most impressive and learning cities, the most enlightening years of the Maya.

snail battled with neighboring state cities like Tikal, the Naranjo or the Mirador. Located in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, its huge complex occupies around 170 km²: five seats, two ball games, an astronomical observatory, hundreds of structures.

Caracol is an archaeological zone devoured by the jungle that has a unique and special charm, with a taste of adventure that accompanies you making you feel a discoverer touring the enclosure. Simply spectacular Snail.

archaeological zone Caracol Belize
Belize snail
Caracol archeological zone
snail ruins

In Caracol is the highest building found in Belize, Caana (place of heaven in Castilian), a colossal structure 46 meters high with views of the impressive plaza and the jungle surroundings.

Going up here is a must to savor the views enjoyed by the Mayan rulers of Caracol.

Caana Caracol Belize
views from Caana of Belize and neighboring Guatemala
archaeological zone Caracol Belize
snail ruins
Caana measures 46 meters

snailThanks to its location far from human settlements and the thick jungle that protects it, it has been less exposed to the constant looting suffered by the ancient Mayan cities. It has been one of the places that most stelae and altars they have been recovered, these findings being basic for the reconstruction of this fascinating puzzle Mayan civilization.

Steles and altars in Caracol
Mayan snail wake
Archaeological site Caracol. Belize
Caracol archeological zone
It was a dream come true to know Caracol

snail It is one of the ancient colossal cities, of those that you retain forever, a unique and special place that combines what excites the adventure traveler. For those who like wildlife, here you will surely be accompanied by a howler monkey, toucans and more surprises on your way.

Discover the hidden archaeological zone Caracol, Belize 1

Belize envies Belize compared to Mexico by the fact of being able to enjoy in each one of the archaeological zones of a museum of site with information of the place, model of the ancient city and archaeological pieces found. Much remains to be improved in Mexico on this aspect by the INAH.

Belize snail museum
Caracol site museum

How to go to Caracol

snail Not only is the site, arriving from San Ignacio are two hours to the entrance of the vestige. A road which is worth exploring, leads you through spectacular landscapes. Public transport does not arrive so you can only go in:

  • PARTICULAR VEHICLE: If you go by car, check the condition of the road well because the rains make it difficult to reach many sections of the road, or it may be closed. The rainy season is from May to November.
  • ON TOUR: Excursions leave from San Ignacio, the price is about 100 USD per person.

Until recently, the army accompanied you from the check point located at its base to the vestige, having to arrive at an exact time to this place to access. As of today, you only register at the army booth, which you will see perfectly marked on the way, and you can continue your way by car.

how to get there Caracol Belize
Entrance to the archaeological zone of Caracol

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

The road to Caracol travels the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, and you have different juicy stops where you can enjoy nature: the Seven Sister Falls and in Rio Frio Cave, two magnificent natural places where you can recreate yourself on the way.

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
Seven Sister Falls

Sometimes, the arduous road with some paved sections and other dirt roads becomes impossible mud for cars. 

Our first attempt to go to snail He was frustrated because the road was cut by a hurricane threat. The second attempt, in theoretical dry season, there were hardly any services that dared to send guidance due to the muddy conditions of the road. To show a button, hold on tight 🙂

No doubt Caracol is a great adventure for the traveler. Of those archeological sites that remain forever engraved.

Discover the hidden archaeological zone Caracol, Belize 2

Caracol, archaeological site

LOCATION: Caracol is located about 60 km towards the interior jungle from the Belmopan - San Ignacio highway. Take the detour of the Western Highway, there are more than three hours of driving to the entrance to the archaeological site. You must leave early, the 6.30 is a good hour, from San Ignacio or wherever you are staying. You must register at the army checkpoint. You will see it on the road.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES:Open from 8 to 16 daily hours. There are services at the entrance and a site museum. inside they do not sell food.
PRICE: 20 Belizean dollars
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?there is no public transport. You must arrive on an excursion with an agency or private vehicle.
WHAT TO BRING?Light and light clothes, hat well held by the air in the boat, insect repellent, sunscreen, closed shoes better to climb the pyramid and some water always goes well.

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