I wanted to visit Siijil Noh Há ecotourism center for years, a place recommended by several friends. Siijil Noh Há is one of the destinations that nature lovers will enjoy a lot.

A few days ago, when I learned that a person wanted to travel to Carrillo Puerto from El Cuyo, where we live, I didn't even think about it. I proposed to share expenses and accompany her there, and everything settled happily. The trip that took me to Síijil Noh Há was full of good moments shared with women and lonely people.

I traveled from El Cuyo to Felipe Carrillo Puerto with Shekufeh, a path where I really enjoyed meeting her, in that intimate and sincere way as we only know how to do with women. We said goodbye after eating at Carrillo Puerto, each one continued their journey.

Before arriving at Síijil Noh Há another friend was waiting for me in Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Zendy, fellow guide and friend, who works as an accredited guide in the Mayan area of ​​Quintana Roo. She is a person with a lot of love, pride and respect for her Mayan culture and identity, as a guide she is a very great professional and a committed environmentalist. Very honored to share with her and her family, a pleasure to learn with her.

My stay at Siijil Noh Há was just one beautiful night, where as a child I enjoyed the privilege of being the only guest there. Really excited and grateful, it was worth every minute of the 4 hours driving from El Cuyo.

Síijil Noh Há Ecotourism Center


Siijil No Há is located 13,6 kilometers south of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, 15 minutes by car. From Tulum it is 1 hour 20 minutes, about 113 kilometers. From Cancun to 3 hours and a little more travel, it is 244 kilometers.

From the moment you leave Tulum you enter what we know as the Mayan Zone of Quintana Roo. Here in the Mayan Zone, another type of trip awaits you, for us without a doubt more interesting.


From Felipe Carrillo Puerto, continue south towards Laguna Bacalar and Chetumal. Just 11 kilometers out of Carrillo Puerto you will see a sign on the road that indicates the detour to Laguna Ocom. Take this path that takes you by dirt road to Síijil Noh Há.

The entrance to the Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center is indicated by a tarp on the road advertising the place. Be careful, the road is slow, you don't have to lose.

Síijil Noh Há lagoon


If you want an authentic trip where you can get closer to the history of the Mayan people and quieter places of nature than what is found in Riviera Maya, I definitely recommend this area in Quintana Roo.

We usually say that Riviera Maya, the only thing that is Mayan is its own name, in addition to the large number of Mayan workers, many from Mayan-speaking towns near Riviera Maya.

From Tulum to the south you enter another reality, without the impact on the environment that mass tourism creates. Another trip awaits you in the Mayan Zone of Quintana Roo, very different from the Riviera Maya.

Do not miss Tihosuco, town with great history to learn about the Caste War

Síijil Noh Há lagoon


The Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center became a reality in 2009. The ejidatarios, who are the owners of the land, agreed to create the ecotourism center for visitors wanting adventure and nature. The Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center is powered by various eco-technologies, such as solar panels, which give light to the center. The place is an example of an ejidal conservation area, a pride and an example for other initiatives.

They call the ejidal reserve Much Kanan Ka'ax, which means together we take care of the jungle. They conserve an area of ​​1,230 hectares, and their nucleus is the Siijil Noh Há ecotourism center. Creating and managing the Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center has led them to success as a nature and adventure destination. A perfect getaway to nature, a place to connect and enjoy.

A set of 7 lagoons, a water reserve in the area, are the perfect excuse to enjoy nature from the comfort of the services that the community puts at our disposal in the center of Síijil Noh Há.

Discover the Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center, pure nature in Quintana Roo 1
View from the viewpoint of the Síijil Noh Há Ecotourism Center
siijil noh ha
Síijil Noh Há Ecotourism Center
Discover the Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center, pure nature in Quintana Roo 2


Síijil Noh Há means in Mayan where the great water is born. The truth is that the landscape of these 7 lagoons is something spectacular.

In the Síijil Noh Há lagoon there is a cenote, a spring or spring. It is the only one that feeds the lagoons in the area. The water that feeds the lagoon comes from the water table, from the subsoil of the Peninsula, which holds a large reserve of fresh water.

Cenote Síijil Noh Ha
Cenote Síijil Noh Ha


There are several activities and services offered at the Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center.

We always recommend that you book accommodation before going and inform if you are going to want food.

  • CLIMB TO THE VIEWPOINT: one of the indisputable attractions is the 15-meter viewpoint. From the top the views are amazing: between jungle and lagoon your heart gets tangled.
  • DO KAYAK: an incredible opportunity to enjoy the environment is by renting a kayak. 70 pesos kayak rental.
  • SWIMMING IN THE SÍJIL NOH HÁ CENOTE: the depth of the cenote, the spring that feeds the lagoons, is one of the visits in the place.
  • PRACTICE HIKING: there are two trails where you can see the jungle side. One of 600 meters that takes you to the cenote, and another of 1,600 meters. Both trails are interpretive, that means they are indicated and you can walk it on your own.
  • BIRD WATCHING: a beautiful place for bird watching, an activity that I enjoy very much in the hands of good bird watchers. For this activity I recommend that you hire a local expert bird guide. In the ecotourism center they help you with that.
  • STAY IN THE SÍJIL NOH HÁ CABINS: they have 6 rustic cabins with a double bed and a hammock. Mosquito net, electric light and private bathroom with cold water. It was a luxury to be able to stay here, I loved it.
  • RESTAURANT SERVICES: there is a restaurant. If you are going to stay to sleep, tell them to make you dinner and breakfast.

Hopefully you can take a break and visit the Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center.

Síijil Noh Há Ecotourism Center
Síijil Noh Há Trails
Síijil Noh Há huts
Cabañas Ecotourism Center Síijil Noh Há
Síijil Noh Há Ecotourism Center
Interpretive trails


Our advice is that you always book directly with them by the following means.

  • Facebook Ecotourism Center Síijil Noh Há
  • Tel. Cel # 1: 9831066865
  • Tel. Cel # 2: 9831129991
  • Mail # 1: siijilnohhamkt@gmail.com
  • Mail # 2: ejidofcp@gmail.com
  • CONTACT from Zendy Celeste Euan Chan, accredited guide in the area. It gives nature tours and bird watching, it also accompanies you to live experiences in nearby Mayan communities. It also helps you on your cultural visit to Felipe Carrillo Puerto. We highly recommend it.
Discover the Síijil Noh Há ecotourism center, pure nature in Quintana Roo 3

Siijil Noh Ha

LOCATION: it is located 13 kilometers south of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, one hour and 20 minutes from Tulum. A little over 3 hours from Cancun.
TIMETABLE AND SERVICES: open from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. daily. There are restaurant services, bathrooms, changing rooms. There are cabins to stay and a camping area.
ENTRY PRICE: 20 mxn per person.
HOW TO GET THERE BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT? From Felipe Carrillo Puerto you can get there by collective taxi and say that they leave you at the detour to Laguna Ocom and from there walk more than 2 kilometers. You can also go by private taxi and have them approach you to Síijil Noh Nah.
ACCOMMODATION: there are cabins with a double bed, private bathroom with cold water. The cabins have a mosquito net and hammock. They are rustic. PRICE PER NIGHT. 350 pesos the cabin
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use it after bathing), closed and comfortable shoes to walk and protect yourself from insect bites, swimsuit, towel or sarong to dry off after bathing. It is a good option to wear a diving mask to better appreciate the place. Don't forget your binoculars to observe birds and the natural environment.
ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS, EVERYONE'S, PASS THE WORD ?: To avoid contaminating fresh water, do not use body creams, sunscreens, or repellents before going in to bathe. Always use the showers (showers) before entering lagoons and cenotes, with this action you cause less environmental impact, the ecological footprint is smaller.

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