Easter is one of the most special times to live in the Yucatan Peninsula, the religious atmosphere of processions is very entertaining these dates. A very special days for the locals.

In Mexico there are three major vacation peaks: Christmas, Easter and the children's summer holidays. The first two is when families meet and travel to meet each other. In Holy Week it is a time where families go out to vacation, as we know Christmas is spent more at home, at least the 24 and 25 days of December. These two dates personalize Mexico, where the religious calendar marks the festivities.

Easter in a special way is a beautiful time to walk around the Yucatan Peninsula

Cathedral of San Gervasio, Valladolid, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Religion in Mexico

Mexico is a country with a very high religiosity, with a Catholic majority as they say 2017 statistics: Catholicism (80.8%), Protestantism (9.2%), none (4.7%), unspecified (2.7%), others (1.3%) and Jehovah's Witnesses (1.2%).

Without statistics in hand, but with the experience from the 2007 in the Peninsula, we have seen many Christian sects proliferate. In the villages, however small they may be, you always see several temples, from evangelists, Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, even Orthodox. All derived from Catholicism, which form a curious map of sects that win the favor of parishioners. In the southern part of the country, the evangelists take the lead, as has happened in several Central American countries.

Catholicism is introduced by colonizers in Mexico. Until that moment the animist beliefs were those that prevailed among the original ethnic groups. The religious syncretism that occurs in the population from the colonization is very curious.

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Holy Week in the Yucatan Peninsula

In Easter, a special atmosphere is lived in the Yucatan Peninsula, the deeply religious character of the locals make the tradition live these days. There are many processions that occur in the territory, you can see several trials and comitivas wherever you are. For the visitor there is a very attractive atmosphere, which invites to participate and live the street as in no other time of the year.

During Holy Week it is very nice to go out to townAt least that's what I like the most. Several times I have participated in towns decorating the streets or helping in the church to place chairs or whatever it was needed. The inhabitants of these lands are usually welcoming and affable, and if you have the minimum education and love in your trip, you will see how easy it is to participate as one more.

You will see that Holy Week in the Yucatan Peninsula is not the most spectacular or colorful, but they are days where a large part of the population participates in pilgrimages and religious events, and the atmosphere is nice to walk on the street. I can not tell you a specific place where the representations are more striking, because it is extendable throughout the territory. In larger cities, there is more environment, as it happens in Izamal y ValladolidI imagine that in Mérida Also, although I was never there at that time.


Recommendations for Holy Week in the Yucatan Peninsula

Wherever you are from the Peninsula, go to the village church. In the door of the temple they usually have a program of activities of Holy Week, with the comitivas with dates and schedules.

Another important fact is that depending on where you are going to spend those dates, book accommodation in advance. The locals usually go to places of coast, from Celestún, Sisal, the Emerald coast, going through all the towns of the Reserve of Ría Lagartos, the Caribbean coast from Cancun to Chetumal are filled with vacationers. In these days, above all, rest is sought, so those who can go above all to the coast.

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Remember you can book your accommodation through our website. We wish you much enjoy these beautiful and meaningful days.


When it's holy week?

The days of Holy Week change every year because they depend on the lunar cycles. It is very easy to know when it falls with the years work calendar. For the curious, I leave you information about the reason for the dates in Holy Week.

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