Puerto Juarez is the fishermen's neighborhood of Cancun, the authentic strip of the sea of ​​the town. Here one of the fish and seafood restaurants that the people of Cancun like most has been installed. You will repeat

Area Puerto Juarez, where the Mar Bella restaurant, is mostly known for ferries to Isla Mujeres. Puerto Juarez lives facing the sea, it is the fishing district of the city of Cancun.

Here you will find many local seafood restaurants, which on weekends are usually filled with residents. The bad news is that most restaurants in Puerto Juarez offer the same menu, the same flavors ... and are somewhat cumbersome for some tastes.

Except for another exception, the Green Kiosk restaurant, the others are far away from the restaurant Mar Bella.

Puerto Juarez
Puerto Juarez

The proposal of the Mar Bella

The proposal of Mar Bella restaurant It was born from two Mexican partners who run one of the cooperatives in this fishermen's neighborhood. Adrián explained to me, one of the partners, who sold fish and other products on the beach, always with that desire to offer the best to friends. When you listen to his story you know that his restaurant is synonymous with success.

So nobody better than Adrián and Jorge to know the products offered by this wonderful sea and to get the best of it and other seas to your table. So the idea was born, living facing the sea, and offering the most outstanding of it.

puerto juarez
Photo courtesy of Adrián
Beautiful sea restaurant
Mar Bella Restaurant
Your trick is fresh produce at the table, and love in cooking

Mar Bella Restaurant

And this is how the Mar Bella restaurant, a place of initiative and superior flavors, of more quality cuisine, of mime at work, something that was needed for lovers of good food. This breath of fresh air is located on one of the fishmonger cooperatives in Puerto Juarez. On the second floor of the building, entering through the Mar Bella grocery store, you reach a pleasant terrace without great pretensions, where the taste of the dish is what matters, always in front of a great view of the sea.

Mar-Bella Restaurant, Cancun
Mar-Bella Restaurant, Cancun

Fresh sea products

The philosophy of the place is to serve fresh sea product, of the Caribbean and other areas such as the Pacific, which buy fishermen according to the season. Product and price written on the blackboard and different proposals to taste them, varied and tasty. What you are going to consume you see it as if you were buying in the fish market, you choose it yourself if you want it. Ceviches and other raw foods are prepared in plain sight, as if it were Japanese cuisine.

Mar-Bella Restaurant, Cancun
Mar-Bella Restaurant, Cancun
Mar-Bella Restaurant, Cancun

No doubt the Mar Bella restaurant has positioned itself as a benchmark in Cancun of seafood and fish, and in addition it does it to borders of the district of fishermen, pure delicatessen.

Mar-Bella restaurant, with hardly any indications
Mar Bella Restaurant, with hardly any indications

El Mar Bella restaurant In spite of being hidden and having access through a peculiar entrance through a grocery store, they fill up daily. The boca oreja is the best advertising for a business, unstoppable, made from the heart, passion and good work. In a casual environment, people of good food have a good stop of flavors in Puerto Juarez. No reservations are made, sometimes you should wait a while, it's worth it.

Enjoy your meal,

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LOCATION: Puerto Juárez, Cancun, on the Punta Sam road, past the ferry from the Maritime Terminal of Puerto Juarez.
SCHEDULES AND SERVICES: Open from 12 to 19 hours every day. They have valet parking,
SPECIALTY: fish and seafood.
HALF PRICE: 300-400 mxn per person.
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