Fausto de Dalmases Sandra Salvadó

We are Faust of Dalmases and Sandra Salvadó, some hobbits that we went out in the 2003 of our Region with the curiosity of showing ourselves to new experiences and cultures.

We have been sharing more than half of our lives, we met at school when we were 15 years old and we have always been great friends. Our first great trip together was by train through Scotland and England, stopping in Amsterdam and Paris; I remember turning 21 that summer because of a photo where I go out showing my age with my fingers. It was the year 1993 and we returned unbearable from the good time we had.

Over the years we realized that more than friends we wanted to be life partners, so we tried to be a couple and until today we continue to test 😉 There are things that have not changed since then, and I do not mean the clear physique.

Jodhpur, India 2004

Over time we did not lose the passion and curiosity about the trip, We have always agreed on this aspect. 10 years after the interrail that marked us so much, and from other trips together and separately, we left our beautiful Barcelona at the end of the 2003. We went to travel through the great playground for a year and three months: A one-way ticket to Nepal led us to tour part of Asia with the camera and backpacks, which came back loaded with experiences that extended us.

We continue to accumulate experiences for the backpack of living and carrying the camera on the shoulder, such are the passions.

We arrived in Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula in the 2007

Fausto's joke incognito with the locals. Vang Vieng, Laos 2004
I can barely remember without a camera. Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2004
At Lake Titicaca with a Catholic coral with whom we share a boat and songs, Peru 2008
Photographing what you love is priceless. Calakmul, Mexico 2012
Adding experiences and sharing. Lepán, Mexico 2019
The pictures that Fausto gives me knowing how much I like it. Lijiang, China 2004

What brings us to Mexico and what do we do here?

It was during the trip through Asia that we decided to continue walking around the world, so we look for possibilities to work in a foreign country, which took us in 2005 to the Dominican Republic, and in 2007 to Mexico. This meant starting to work in the tourism sector from the 2005, where we do not find a true passion for travel in the sector, but we do have the necessary experience to create our own travel company.

We are dedicated to organizing tailor-made trips in Southeast Mexico, Mayan Mexico

Since the year 2017 we made it more difficult and decided to take a leap and start on our own, so here we are involved in this wonderful adventure of working on our illusions. We usually say that this work is the reflection of our traveling soul united to the knowledge and love for this land and its people.

Meet our Trips to Mexico

Caribbean Hobbits trapped by blues

Elcaminomascorto.es's blog

The Shortest Way to the Mayan World is a blog made from passion for travel and the unwritten law of "helping each other with information to travel the road. Hopefully our experience in these lands will help you better enjoy this wonderful corner of the world.

The blog collects information from the Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas and Belize, getting closer to the best corners, knowing the customs of the places, their stories, delving into the Mayan culture, walking among its landscapes and its people.

The shortest way to the Mayan World offers you a local experience with a traveling look

Mexico travel

Living as a foreigner in another culture is a much deeper and intrinsic type of journey. In the Yucatan Peninsula we have found our home, we feel this land as our home. Living in another culture is still a great motivation and university for us, the trip always continues.

We are tourist guides accredited by the Government of Mexico, travel safely with us

guides of mexico

The fact of continuing to learn, lived experiences and loved ones are the great treasures that always go in our backpack. With desire to continue sharing the path of living. Better good than bad, right?

We wish you a good way,

"The shortest way to know yourself is to go around the world" Manuel Leguineche, from his book The Shortest Path (1978).

Our little herd. El Cuyo, Mexico 2019


  1. Silvia

    A great blog! It has been very helpful for us to organize our getaway through Yucatan! Moltisimes gracies!

    • sandra

      Gràcies a vosaltres! I am very happy that you served, if you want any information happy to help you. Bon camí!

      • luis guillermo Paredes Villavicencio

        Hello Sandra, thanks for your advice on traveling to Belize, I think they are very successful, I want to ask you something about the car that is not in my name but I have the permission of the owner, does this permit have to be written in English?

        • Sandra Salvadó

          Hello Luis, the first time we crossed into Belize we went with the permission of the owner of the car, in our case it was in Spanish and we had no problem. Notice that I had not even thought of that detail. On the border, the majority speak Spanish and English.
          Greetings travelers,

      • Tania

        Hello Sandra! I love your articles about Yucatán. A question about Akumal. Do they have lockers, or safe places to leave belongings while swimming with the turtles?

        • Sandra Salvadó

          Hello Tania, there are lockers at the entrance to the beach, in one of the dive centers, it looks good.
          Enjoy Akumal a lot, hard not to do it! 🙂

    • M

      Hi, I would love it To know them in person and be able to invite them to. My home in Valladolid Yucatan, I'm Hugo Alvarez and I have the restaurant Conato in Valladolid, I've seen a very nice review on your page and me. I would love to meet you if possible, my mobile 9851096509 greetings and I hope soon. Thank you personally. regards

      • Sandra Salvadó

        Thank you very much Hugo, what an illusion your words, grateful with your kindness. We are located in Tizimín, if you like here you have your house. When we go to Valladolid we let you know and we go to say hello. We really like your restaurant, a reference in Valladolid and sure you have nice stories to explain 🙂 I'll send you a whatsapp to be in touch, I already wrote down your cell phone.
        Warm greetings,

  2. Diari de la Bona Vida

    A great blog that shows us a lot of beautiful countries, and especially a place, Mexico, that we do not know but that sooner or later we would like to visit. And some beautiful photos.
    Gràcies per compartir-lo amb tothom.
    Salut i bons viatges!

    Manel i Cristina

    • sandra

      Moltes gràcies nois per per perré walk, i gràcies per la floreta venint de vosaltres 🙂 Ja sabeu, the day that treiue cap per terres mexicanes here ens veiem viatgers! Salut i bon camí!

      • marian

        hello can you tell us what it takes to work in playa del carmen if you go as a tourist, papers, if you are spanish what papers are missing and processing if you enter as a tourist in riviera maya

        • Sandra Salvadó

          Hi Marian, sorry for the delay I'm traveling.
          Spaniards without a work permit can be 6 months of tourism in the area. In those months is to look for life, but it is difficult to hire foreigners without residence permits. And the residence without work is not achieved, the fish that bites its tail. Years ago it was easier, right now it is not easy. The jobs tend to be precarious as well. Without wanting to discourage, I pose the current reality. I leave the link to a website where you surely find more information than I can give you. https://www.elcaminomascorto.es/vivir-en-mexico-extranjero/
          I wish you the best of luck,

  3. Luis

    Excellent blog, I really like your photos, the information of the sites is a great help for travelers. Congratulations and enjoy all that this land offers. A big hug from Merida the Yucatan

    • Sandra Salvadó

      My dear Luis, what a pleasant surprise. I thank you so much for your motivating words friend of ways. A hug, until next time, I hope it's soon!

  4. Francisco

    Hello Sandra and bona tarda.
    I am trying to organize a trip to Yucatan with my wife. We have already traveled a good part of Mexico and now we want to know La Península exclusively. We are thinking about dedicating 12 / 13 days including 3 in a resort, visiting the main locations and places. Even though we already have some information, we will complement it with the one I am seeing in your blog and I think it will be very useful for me.
    Certainly the country is very attractive for any traveler somewhat restless but at the same time want to find some calm and appreciate the Slow tourism.
    I'm glad you found paradise and enjoy your passions.
    Greetings from Barcelona.

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hello Paco, I'm glad that you can be useful blog, that's my idea: help other travelers. Thanks for commenting, thank you. Sure you ride a great trip here, you can cover many cool things of the Peninsula. If you need help in something concrete do not hesitate to write, I will try to help you. Haunted by fer-ho! 🙂

  5. juan andres

    Hello, I'm Andres and with Maria, my wife, we'll go to the peninsula from the 11 / 11 to the 26 / 11 / 15, in a free way, looking for information discovered your blog, it's excellent there are important and necessary details to discover in the best way all the area, since in our trips we look for cultural destinations with natural beaches to discover.
    Thank you very much for all the time you take to inform and help discover how nice life is to travel, learn and enjoy.
    Greetings from Argentina.
    Andres and Maria

    • Sandra Salvadó

      I'm very happy guys, it's nice to know that the blog is useful for travelers like you. I thank you very much for the comment, encourage us to continue making the blog, that's the way it is. You already know that you can write to me to throw you a corporal if you have any doubt, delighted. No doubt you will enjoy this piece of paradise very much. Best regards and very good way!

  6. frankness

    Thank you very much for your blog. It has been a surprise to find him and he is being of great help to us.

    Cheers and thank you again!!

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Thank you very much for your comment Jose Luis, I am happy to help you. Anything you know, have a good trip guys!

  7. frankness

    I would love to take your blog on my phone. I would pay for it !!

  8. Maria Jose

    I really like your blog a whole discovery not only for the useful but for the affection with which you speak of all those places, I will travel to Riviera Maya with my husband in May and the truth is that now I imagine even more spectacular trip, Wishing to visit some of those places you talk about.
    Enhora buena por tu blog

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Thank you very much Maria Jose for your comment, what good, really encourage a lot to continue helping all visitors to enjoy this land that I love so much. If you need anything you already know where to find me.
      Thanks again, best regards!

  9. Susana Llorente

    Sandra, my most sincere congratulations. Your tickets are great, accurate and very useful. I am newly arrived from a free 20 days trip through the Yucatan Peninsula and have followed many of your tips. They have given me good ideas and a vision out of clichés that is appreciated. Thanks for the safety and the taste you transmit. PD: I wanted to go back.

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Susana, what an illusion piece your comment! 🙂
      I am very happy that you have been able to enjoy these lands kicking on your own, if you stayed with desire to return and says everything. When you come back to see if we drink chaya water or a beer anywhere. Thank you very much for coming in and telling me that the blog helped you, that's wings for me.
      Greetings traveler!

  10. rene

    hello sandra and been reading your blog and it is impressive all the information you give us I have a question now in August I have a trip to Belize I want to do some shopping and visit some friends I think about being a month in Belize. In that time I can enter Mexico to visit other friends who live near the free zone, what I have to do, what documents I have to present at the embassy of Belize or at the border they give me some document that endorses me and how much in your opinion I have to pay if they accept me I must be in Mexico for 2 days more or less thank you very much and congratulations for such an interesting and useful blog

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hello Rene, if you are in Belize on vacation and want to go to Mexico, if you do not exceed 24 hours, you can go in and out, like a day of free pass, with your passport you have enough, it is usual among the population to cross by a few hours to the other country. If it is for more days, you must make the necessary procedures and payments each time you leave and enter. At the customs they advise you themselves, they were always very kind in my case. I leave the border link to help you: https://www.elcaminomascorto.es/frontera-mexico-belice/
      I hope you solve the doubts. Best regards,

  11. More

    Hello, great blog. We will go in 12 days, excited and more after reading your advice.
    I just read that we have to ask for the FMM online, however you say that they give it on the plane, if this is so much more comfortable.
    Thank you

    • Sandra Salvadó

      A thousand apologies, I'm on vacation and I did not see. They give it to you on the plane, you do not have to do anything online. Best regards, you enjoy the holidays a lot.

  12. Juan

    Hello Sandra:

    We just returned from Yucatan and your blog has been a luxury to organize the trip and everything was luxury.




    PD: If you ever need anything from Los Madriles, well here we are

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Juan, thank you very much for commenting, I am truly happy that it served you for the trip. I love the madriles, a hug and thanks.


    Sandra, what a beautiful blog, I'm impressed by the way you describe your experience in the Yucatan peninsula, my name is Jorge and I'm currently living in Chetumal and I've covered all the places you describe on the peninsula. I plan to go to Guatemala to the areas that you describe and following that route I would like to get to Honduras, because it is part of the Mayan culture, but I can not find a blog that will guide me. Can you recommend me one? thank you keep it going well.

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hello Jorge, it's good to meet another passionate from the Mayan world. I really want to go to Honduras, to really enjoy your trip. I do not know any blog from that area, there are some Mexican guys with an interesting blog that can help you as your route passes through Honduras: http://dfushuaia.com/web/ If I discover something else, I'll link it to you.
      Greetings and good way Jorge,

  14. Gaby J

    Hello Sandra,

    I thank you very much for the information you provide in your very informative blog. You have given me good tips for Tulum since my trip is in 8 days! My question is if the rainy season is very strong at this time and that you advise me to see if the day is very rainy. You also want to know what tour you would recommend me or do you think it would be better to explore the archaeological sites yourself.

    Thank you,
    Gaby J

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hello Gaby J, I'm sure you enjoy the area a lot, thanks for the comment. In this rainy season the rains are usually late night, so I do not think you should change the plans. It is likely that dawn covered and after a while the sun rises, so do not despair if it goes cloudy, it changes constantly. If it rains, you can visit closed cenotes, more or less close, like the Multum Ha or Cho'oj Ja '. At least to an archaeological zone I find it interesting to go with a guide, which you can hire at the entrance. Offer of tours you will find insurance that adapts to your needs, there is variety.
      Greetings and good trip,

  15. Karina Gonzalez

    Congratulations Sandra your blog is fabulous
    We are eager to travel in February 2017, looking for information I come across your blog, you can see your vocation for service and the desire you put on it
    We always travel on our own with my husband and the two girls (who do not have any 12 and 13 girls anymore) we are Argentineans and we have traveled all over our country, in February of this year we were in Peru Macho Pichi we went in the truck from Patagonia more than 10000 km an unpayable trip we went up Chile and we went down Bolivia
    Now we are planning Chichen itza and surroundings we were a little scared but thanks to you we already cleared several doubts.
    If it does not bother you I would like to ask you some more specific questions
    Thank you

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hello Karina and traveling family, I'm glad that you serve the blog, how good!
      Write me without problems with the doubts that you have, in what I can support you, of course, that is the spirit 🙂 You have my mail, so we write for that channel and lists.
      See you soon,

  16. Ruben Pons

    Hello Sandra:

    We have loved your blog We form a "non-professional" association of events related to Bioculture, Holistic Medicine, Vegan Food, etc. We are going to hang a page on Facebook.

    As our next trip has to do with the Yucatan. We want to ask you permission to publish some of your photos that we have found fantastic on our Facebook page.

    We will cite you with our thanks and we will put a link with your Blog.

    We wait for your reply. Thank you so much. Otherwise, we congratulate you for your work anyway. Keep going so well.

    Ruben Pons
    [email protected]
    655 415 026

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hi Ruben,
      Thanks for communicating. I have no problem in sharing material as long as you say, respecting the authorship and without taking economic benefit from the work of others. A pleasure to share, of course yes 🙂 If I need some information from the area I will gladly help you.
      I wish you good luck in your project, I will give you an eye as a good clown 😉
      Best regards,

  17. Lena

    We wanted to thank you for creating this blog that seems fantastic and also allowed us to venture to explore many of the roads, cenotes and ruins that you describe of the Yucatan Peninsula. We left Madrid and we went through Cancun and with a rental car, we covered everything we could on the 15 days we spent there. Thanks for the detailed descriptions and the beautiful photos that you present in your blog, it is really, the most valuable information we could have !!!

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Thank you very much Lena, and company, for the comment. It is a great illusion that travelers like you can enjoy this little piece of land in the best way possible with the experience I can provide. I appreciate the detail, it gives me batteries 🙂
      A hug and a very good way!

  18. Martin

    I'm here in Kiichpam K'aax and I found your blog by chance. From this moment we do not stop talking about you with Damian and the others. Thanks for your good photos and your interesting explanations!
    Martin, intercultural traveler

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Good thing Martin, what an illusion he has made me. What lovely people Damián and his family, give them a sincere greeting. I want to go there again.
      Do you enjoy your intercultural traveler way?
      Thanks for the gesture!

  19. Felisa Nava Cruz

    Very good Sandra, excellent your blog, it illustrates very well those who do not know what and how to do in that paradise

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hello Felisa, I appreciate you taking the time to comment, it is always a good support.
      To enjoy this beautiful paradise to the fullest, a hug!

  20. Alvaro

    Sandra good day. Excellent your blog, I would like you to advise that it is more economical. I travel in June with a group of 7 people and a child from 5 years to Cancun. What is cheaper to rent a car or travel by bus to the piaramides? Thanks for your valuable collaboration.

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hello Alvaro, the truth is that you should check all the prices to give you a correct answer. With ADO it is possible to go to Chichén Itzá, and buying in advance there are very good offers. I leave your website for you to watch it with your dates: https://www.ado.com.mx/ado2/#/ In a rental car you can look in this comparison to see what precos they have: http://www.rentalcars.com/es
      With patience and safe time you find your best option.
      Best regards,

  21. Isabella Giussani

    Hello Sandra,
    I am writing on behalf of the Brief Curaduría Cultural magazine (briefcc.mx). We love your blog and your photographs. We would like to contact you directly by email.

    Isabella Giussani
    [email protected]

  22. Hector Lopez

    Sandra, I love your blog Congratulations! I would like to talk with you about a project that we bring in which I would love to be able to use some of your content, obviously first with your authorization and participation.

  23. Antonio Bernal

    Congratulations for your blog. We have 17 day touring the Yucatan Peninsula and thanks to you we have been able to enjoy fantastic places, most of them away from mass tourism.

    I wish there was a blog like this of all the places I want to know.

    Concha and Antonio.

    • Sandra Salvadó

      What an illusion, I'm happy with all my heart! Thanks for taking the time to comment, it helps to make you want more 🙂
      A hug travelers,


    any phone where you can be located?

  25. Guiomar

    Hello Sandra. I love your blog.
    We are thinking about going to the 4 (the children would have 10 and 15 years) at Christmas to Cancun or Riviera Maya for a week and then approaching the DF a few days.
    We would like to rent a car (in Yucatan) and walk on our own.
    Any advice, better Cancun or Riviera?
    a greeting

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Very good,
      I do not know how you propose the holidays, but maybe I would do 4 or 5 days of circuit by car by Peninsula Yucatan, and 2 or 3 somewhere on the coast: if you want to go out, you can rest on the beach. Personally I think it's a more interesting trip, but I do not know if you take the all-inclusive option. In this case better a hotel in the area of ​​Playa del Carmen, because it is more intermediate. I leave this entry that maybe helps you choose the place of coast: https://www.elcaminomascorto.es/que-poblacion-costera-elegir-en-el-caribe-mexicano/
      I hope you solve a little.
      Best regards,

  26. Alexandra

    Just say that I have fallen in love with your blog.
    I am a traveler and I love the archaeological ruins and especially the cenotes, especially those that still retain their natural, unspoilt charm.
    As you say, enjoying them alone is a gift from the gods.
    I always travel by public transport and I almost cry when I see you have included how to get to the places without your own car.
    I know about some 80 cenotes and I always suffer to investigate how to get there, so I appreciate the detail.
    There are some that you mention and I do not know so my next trip to Mérida already has a date, to go to my favorites and to know three that I have seen in your blog.
    I also appreciate the way you talk about my country. There is nothing lower than complaining about the country or place in the now reside. On vacation, temporarily or permanently, that place is giving you opportunities and experiences and considered rude to speak ill of the place, especially because there is no perfect place.
    I have also lived in Spain and Ireland and I never complain or mention unpleasant things because I know that good things are more and better.
    Poverty, lack of signaling, ignorance of people from their own environment, garbage, etc. Thank you very much for being aware of it and pointing it out objectively and directly, without criticizing or devaluing.
    Also thanks for the blog. I have known many countries and places thanks to people like you who take the time and dedication to explain what to see and how to get especially for the independent traveler who does not travel on tours.
    In short, a greeting from Mexico City.

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Alexandra, you made my day, it's really satisfying to help travelers like you, thanks for taking the time to comment. With more desire the road is made, so thank you. I laughed when I read you because I've also been always moving around in local transport, except now that I got used to the car, but it was clear that I would worry about including the independent traveler information. From December to February I will visit Yucatan to finish discovering cenotes, I hope to surprise you with some new ones for the next one, or you to me.
      Enjoy a lot, I'm sure it will be.
      A hug, it's been a great little time 🙂

  27. Ana Romine

    I discovered a gold mine, thanks to Lourdes who told me about your blog! You are very modest because it is something magnificent! Of course I will learn a lot and enjoy your experiences and recommendations.
    It has been a real pleasure to meet you and Edgar and, of course, dear Oxxo!
    Aunt Ana

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Dear Aunt Ana, what an illusion you are saying. You know that you are one of my best in this life, a pleasure to meet.
      Thanks and a hug, see you on our roads 🙂
      Kisses and licks from the family 🙂

  28. Jordi

    Hello Sandra:
    Acabem d'arribar of the Mayan Riviera i et vull congratulate pel teu blog, els teos comentaris ens servit de molt!
    A part of the day in the hotel, varem llogar a taxi driver who ensportés als llocs that voliem anar. He was the second person to go and visit Coba and EkBalam with ciutats maies, recomano les dues; Akumal per les Tortugues i the Reserve of the Mono Aranya of Punta Laguna, molt be les dues excursions; cenotes Multan Ha, natural molt, Hubiku, be, però res d'special, Popcorn, with stalactites impressionants, and the cenote Sanctuary of the Warriors, poc conegut, i molt recomanable, face that car; is fan two subterreis subterreis spectaculars. (aquest not l'he trobat explicat in the teu blog, ens the recomanar the taxi driver).
    Res month. Congratulate-you an altre cop pel blog.

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Quina il·lusió Jordi, moltes gràcies pel commentari, it is really comforting to be able to help to coníix the area, a lloc that so esteem. Do not connect to the Cenote Sanctuary of the Warriors, so aviat com pugui aniré. If you do not mind, I wrote to know about the taxi driver, I always recommend people who donate a bon servei.
      If hi has a third time to veure if fem a trobada per aquestes terres.
      Salut i gràcies?

  29. Diego Moreira

    Good Sandra, we are Alicia and Diego de Galicia
    This August we went through Yucatan, looking for places to dive and places to discover.
    The truth is that your blog was very helpful. Thanks to you, our trip to better result.
    One of our best surprises was the cenote of Choj-haa, there they remember you, and they send you a greeting. 😉 By the way, if you have any contact from the people of the cenote, send it to us if you can, we will send you photos and a video, but we can not contact them.
    In the coming weeks we will be publishing videos of some of the activities we do there, in case you are interested in seeing them and sharing them or include them in your page. We will also be publishing some of the coolest photos.
    Once again thank you for the work dedicated to your blog.
    You can see our photos and videos on the following pages, we will publish them a little each week:

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hi guys, what an illusion these comments make, really. I thank you very much.
      It is difficult to contact them, they do not have a telephone. Cenote beautiful and very good people, how good you enjoyed it. They will be happy to receive the videos and photos. After a while I spend Gonzalo's facebook contact, he works there in Chooj Ja '.
      Thank you for the link to your videos, I saw you there on your trip.
      A big hugger for my mother's land, I love Galicia 🙂

  30. Jorge Garcia

    Hello Sandra, very useful and informative your blog. I'd appreciate it if you could get me an electronic contact from some Becal jipijapa hat maker. Thank you in advance and continue with your beautiful work. Jorge

  31. Pepi Segura

    Abans of res moltes gràcies per l'ajut that you give to the teu blog.
    At the end of the month, I went to Puerto Aventuras and tuned my intention with the family to the Shian Ka'an Reserve.
    To be able to arrive a cotxe per anar to the reserve, no et posan pegas? Is pot access-hi sense problems?
    Molt agraïda pel teu temps.
    Reb a fuerte abraçada

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hi Pepi, delighted to be able to help you with the experience.
      No et posa pegas com bé dius, podreu passar. Com ara is a time of pluges és quan the road is pitjor: es de sorra i és is full of sots. Així that a poc a poc i bona lletra, but if you can agree with a normal cotxe, do not call an 4 × 4.
      Des de Muyil also have lanxes to visit the Reserve, et deixo the note per si us interes: https://www.elcaminomascorto.es/como-visitar-reserva-biosfera-sian-kaan/
      Qualsevol thing that calgui m'escrius i amb gust us ajudo.
      What happens when you get ben xules per per 🙂
      Salut i bon camí,

  32. Mery

    Congratulations on the blog, very useful! We would like to see jaguars and toucans but we do not like animals in captivity ... is there an animal recovery center in Rivera Maya where we can get to know the fauna of the area in a respectful way ?.

  33. Gonzalo Merediz Alonso

    Dear Sandra. I found your article about Sian Ka'an very interesting. I just give you a precision. Friends of Sian Ka'an is a non-profit organization. We work for environmental conservation and sustainable development throughout Quintana Roo; not only in Sian Ka'an. We do not offer lodging or tourism services. These are offered by local communities and owners of houses and land. I would appreciate very much correcting that information to avoid confusion among your readers.

    On the other hand, the very low construction density allowed on the coast of Sian Ka'an is legal, in accordance with the international principles of the Biosphere reserves, and protecting the rights of landowners and the health of ecosystems. These densities are allowed on a surface that covers only 2% of the 650,000 hectares of the reserve. I thank you for your attention and I send you greetings.

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Dear Gonzalo, an apology for answering late, I wanted to do it calmly. Thank you very much for your correction, rereading the writing I realized the incorrect information and the poorly expressed, I got the colors. So I ask you for an apology. I correct it today.
      On the construction, knowing that the data that you give me without doubt are good (and evidently it is also corrected), I am aware of the legal traps What is done is the protected areas, in a regrettable way. We are going to be in the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, and we see how the legality in construction issues is ignored. We are greedy and predatory, and those things happen.
      Again I thank you very much for your correction, and my apology. A pleasure to interact with you Gonzalo, thank you for your time. I send you a hug.


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