San Felipe is one of the towns that are within the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, one of the most beautiful natural sites of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Within the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve We found several towns from where to know this fantastic natural place. The main ones are San Felipe, River Lagartos, The Coloradas and further east, El Cuyo, all coastal towns and fishermen. The first three towns are close to each other: there is a detour along the 295 road before reaching Lagartos River, it takes you to San Felipe to the left, and Las Coloradas to the right. The most tourist of these populations is River Lagartos, where you find more services. In none of these towns there are ATMs, the banks are in Tizimin.

San Felipe, Yucatan

San Felipe, Yucatán
San Felipe:

San Felipe lives facing the sea, its source of life and food. The majority of its almost two thousand inhabitants are fishing families, so the boats, nets and fishing rods are part of the town's landscape, in addition to the rich aroma of salt. In the town you find lodging economic and restaurants where to eat rich fish, prawns (prawns), octopus and other delights of this Gulf of Mexico.
San Felipe, Yucatan

Excursions through the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve:

Several fishing cooperatives of San Felipe ofrecen excursions on the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, a unique place to observe birds and other types of fauna. Most tourists choose Río Lagartos to go on an excursion, due to its proximity to the famous mud baths, but San Felipe may surprise you. One of the excursions takes you by boat through the exquisite mangrove area, until you reach a walking tour that takes you to a waterhole (where fresh water comes to the surface) where you can enjoy these exquisite landscapes. Isla Cerritos It is another of the landscapes offered in the tours by boat, here nest several seabirds. Price and duration: from 600 mxn by boat offer excursions of 2 hours of travel.

San Felipe, Yucatan

Biosphere Reserve Ria lagartos


What else to do in San Felipe?

The beach: It is very popular in San Felipe spend a day in the beach from the place, where you must arrive by boat. In this popular beach there are shades where to put your hammock, a cool thing to spend the day in these places for me. You take a bath, you have your fried fish, your ice cold beer ... life, pura vida! At Easter and vacation time, residents of MéridaValladolid to visit San Felipe, looking for the good life of the Gulf coast.

San Felipe, Yucatan

Nearby towns: there are two other interesting towns nearby. One is River Lagartos from where they make the most popular tours through the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, and the other The Coloradas, famous for its red salt flats and the pink flamingo that inhabits them.

San Felipe, on the banks of the Ría Lagartos 1 Biosphere Reserve

Flamingos in Las Coloradas

Undoubtedly, to reach these populations is to live Yucatan as one more inhabitant. In San Felipe you will enjoy sunsets and dream dawns, do you need an excuse to go and get to know the place?

Good way,

San Felipe, Yucatan

LOCATION: San Felipe It is located in the state of Yucatán, in the Gulf of Mexico. 59 km from Tizimín (40 minutes), 110 from Valladolid (1 hour and a half), to 224 from Mérida (two hours, 45 minutes), 257 km of Cancún (3 hours).

HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Public transport arrives in San Felipe from Tizimín.

Bus timetable Tizimin

EXCURSIONS: the ticket round (round trip) by boat to the beach costs 30 mxn adults, 15 mxn children from 4 to 8 years.

WHAT TO BRING? Comfortable and light clothing, and hat to cover your head. From May to October the heat is hard. So protect yourself from the sun and do not forget your swimsuit to enjoy the cenotes.

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