The pure essence of this blog is to help you with your trip through these lands, which is a good guide for you. The blog is designed to serve as a tool to independently prepare the trip to Mayan lands.

Thecaminomascorto It is the reflection of our traveling soul united to the love and knowledge of this land and its people.

We live in the Yucatán Peninsula from the 2007

Our handmade routes have a soul and are different for the knowledge of this land, something basic to not make a simple route. We are looking for a trip that allows you to enjoy this land to the fullest and to get to know the place closely through its people, culture, history and its natural landscapes.

About Us

Why travel with us?

We are convinced of our quality to improve your trip through these lands, we try to transmit our idea and values.

We adapt to the traveler

To design the trips we are guided by the personal tastes of each one,
It is fundamental in our work. We are aware that it is not the same to prepare a trip for a couple with children or friends of seventy years. We have accompanied and prepared trips for different types of travelers, we know how to adapt to your style.

Travel to Riviera Maya with children
Each client seeks different experiences

You will feel privileged

You will live places and privileged moments to surprise yourself in front of a Mayan city lost in the jungle or visiting Chichén Itzá with hardly any tourists. The experience has confirmed that it is a luxury for travelers these sensations in which you feel privileged. We hope that this way you feel with our routes.

Routes through Mayan lands 1
Unique places

You will live the local in a close way

We can enjoy eating in authentic places along the way. Of those that maybe because of ignorance you will not stop, but if someone encourages you, you love to try. These are experiences that we are sure add up to. From going to buy fruit at the market, buy a juice from a street vendor or eat at typical local places. The trip is time to live the different and authentic of the earth.

Routes through Mayan lands 2
We buy local artisans

We are experts in the area

Our knowledge of archaeological sites, cenotes, Mayan communities, nature sites, times in each place, nearby restaurants and local details that allow you to move safely, give us the plus to make itineraries to your liking. It allows us to personalize trips and select the recommended places with accuracy.

Routes through Mayan lands 3
Paradisiacal beaches without agglomerations

We think of the individual details

In the routes we look for the best hotel offer according to your criteria, we look for the difference that may interest you and add, we design varied routes, we adapt because we know the range of possibilities. We like to pamper travelers to enjoy their experience.

Routes through Mayan lands 4
We are up to date on accommodation offers

Coexistence in Mayan communities

He lives with locals in Mayan communities and learns the Mayan traditions making tortillas by hand, cooking a delicious cochinita pibil, learning about medicinal plants and visiting workshops of local artisans who proudly show their craft. A sincere learning from the hand of the ancestral culture of this land, the Maya. I have learned a lot from the Mayan culture, it has expanded me, so I am very grateful.

Routes through Mayan lands 5
Coexistence and learning in communities

You will travel through the different stages of history

We make the most important route in the route to know the history from the different scenarios past and present: ancient Mayan cities, colonial cities, Mayan communities and haciendas. Each of these scenarios tells us about a time in the Peninsula, an always interesting route of History.

Routes through Mayan lands 6
Visits without time constraints and people

We are up to date with local events

For personal and professional interest we are up to date with the new attractions in the area and local events that you can enjoy during the trip. We take alternate paths whenever it tends to go further in our experiences.

Routes through Mayan lands 7
We enjoy local events

Designs of Mayan routes

We do all the work with love, thinking that you enjoy your trip to the fullest. From this passion and the acquired knowledge, together with the experience in the tourism sector for more than 15 years, our blog work emerges.

We are specialists in the Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas and Belize. We can support you on your trip in other areas of Mexico and Guatemala.

  • Route with driver and guide, we accompany you personally in a route designed for you. We quote in 72 hours once we know your interests.
  • Custom routes where we unite and shape the places you want to visit and your style of travel.
  • We help you to solve the doubts of your trip with our consulting service.

Are you interested in our services? Learn more

Happy that you can rely on our experience to organize your trip. Whether through the blog independently or hiring our services we are happy to accompany you.

Ben walked through Mayan lands,

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If you prefer, you tell us your idea of ​​the trip and together we organize it.

Sandra Salvadó Training photographer, traveler by vocation and certified tourism guide by the Government of Mexico. We promote natural wonders and contemporary Mayan culture. Great fan of pre-Hispanic history. Author of the blog and co-founder of The Shortest Path Travel, agency that guides you through alternative paths in Mayan lands. Social and sustainable tourism in the Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas.
I am at your disposal for whatever you need. Let's talk.

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