One of the most interesting excursions you can do from Riviera Maya is to visit Coba, one of the most important Mayan cities of your civilization. If you like nature, you can combine it with a cenote and Punta lagoon, the sanctuary of the spider monkey.

Route by car to Cobá, cenotes and Punta Laguna

The excursion proposal is for you to know for free in for free by rental car the archaeological zone of Cobá, and combine the day with more nature knowing one of the cenotes from the area of ​​Cobá, and Punta Laguna, where it is easy to see the spider monkeys. If you are of nature and culture, here is your combo of the day 🙂

Places to visit en route:

COBÁ It is one of the most outstanding archaeological sites in the entire Peninsula. As of the Classic Period (250 BC-900 AD) stelae were found, something of vital importance for the knowledge of the Mayan world. You can climb the 42 meters of the colossal pyramid, the highest in the area: you will have unbeatable views. You can also tour the enclosure by bike or tricitaxi. From the entrance to the pyramid there are 2 kilometers. Read about Coba.

Cobá car tour

CENOTES: Knowing these treasures and refreshing yourself in them to cope with the heats of this land, is a must. There are many cenotes in the area of ​​Cobá. The most attractive to me are those of the population of Saint John of God, and the three closest ones: cenote Multun-Ha, Choo-Há cenote, Tamcach-Há cenote. On the stretch of road between Tulum and Cobá there are other beautiful cenotes like the Great Cenote, Calavera, Car Wash. He Gran Cenote It is the most visited in the area.

Cenotes near Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Cenote Multun Ha

PUNTA LAGUNA: a Mayan community that resides in the beautiful landscape of Punta Laguna, they run this natural space offering activities such as zip-lines, kayaking or hiking to know the spider monkeys. Read about Punta Laguna

Quintana Roo jungle, Mexico.
Punta Laguna

What road to take from Riviera Maya?

  • Section from your hotel to Cobá: la federal highway 307 It is the one that travels the Riviera Maya. The all-inclusive hotels are located on this road. Leaving your hotel by car you must go Address Tulum, and before entering the village take the 109 road to Cobá. It is well indicated. Duration: between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours. 110 km
  • Section from Cobá to the cenotes: leaving the ruins you must take the road to the left and from here border the lagoon and follow the indicated road Address San Juan de Dios o Cenote Multumhá, which is closer. Duration: 15 minutes 6 km
  • Section of the cenotes to Punta lagoon: de return to Cobá You must go out again to the big roundabout and take the detour to the north, the 109 road towards Nuevo Durango. Duration: 1 hour. 25 km
  • Section from Punta laguna to your hotel: come back to the roundabout of Cobá and there address to Tulum on the 109 road. From here the federal 307 but also your hotel. Duration: between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours. 140 km

Hours and cost of places to visit:

  • Cobá open daily 8 to 17 hours, daily. The best time to visit because of the heat and the least number of tourists is to enter the 8. So you know, getting up early is the best idea for me. Cobá has a cost of 59 mxn. On Sundays it is free for the national and residents with official identification. Rent bike-taxi inside the enclosure are 150 mxn and a 50 bike mxn per person. The tour for groups of 10 about 500 mxn
  • Cenote cost Multum Há 55 mxn. Schedules: the cenotes open daily from 8 to 17 hours.
  • Punta Laguna: leave Punta lagoon for the afternoon, as the best time to see the spider monkeys is over the 3 pm. Cost: 350 mxn person the package of all activities. Activity observe monkeys: 70 mxn per person and 300 mxn to the guide.

Where lunch?

You can have lunch in Cobá after visiting the archaeological zone and the cenote. There are several cheap restaurants in the town used to receive tourists. Cost lunch 150 mxn per person.

Guacamole and michelada beer

Estimated time of the visits:

  • Cobá can you take some two hours, visiting the first group of buildings to the right of the entrance and arriving at the main pyramid. On the way from 2 kilometer to the pyramid there are other groups of Mayan buildings.
  • Cenotes: calculate about one hour
  • Punta Laguna: the routes are usually all the ENT hours.

As you do not know the road is better than Arrive with daylight at your hotel. In addition, the roads are poorly lit and driving is complicated.

When is the sun in the Riviera Maya?

  • In winter time (November to May). During these months the sun sets between 6 and 7 in the afternoon.
  • In summer time (April to October). During these months the sun sets between 7 and 9 at night.

I hope you enjoy and organize your excursion with this information. This is one of the many excursions by car what can you do from Riviera Maya. Drive in a prudent manner and respect the signs.

Proposals for routes by car from Mayan Riviera

Rent a car in Riviera Maya:

Yes, rent a car you will need to have more than 18 years (some companies over 21 years, and others from 25), a driver's license and credit card.

Complete information for renting a car

There are many national and international car rental companies, you can find them at airports, in major cities or on the internet. Rental companies facilitate delivery to hotels. Oh, you do not need to rent an 4 × 4 to move around the Peninsula. MY option is book the car via internet because it is usually cheaper. If you come at Christmas or Easter, I recommend you do it in advance.

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