In Mérida I usually go to the Chaya Maya, one of the restaurants where you can taste typical Yucatecan food. The Yucatecan Mayan food is, within the Mayan gastronomy, one of the most elaborate and tasty. Here you can see it.

The restaurant The Chaya Maya It offers typical regional food. Here you can taste many of the specialties of this Mayan region such as panuchos, salbutes, poc-chuc, lime soup or the famous cochinita pibil ... flavors made from corn, pumpkins, beans, purple onion, achiote, chaya, oranges sour, tomato, avocados, chili peppers in meats like chicken, turkey or pork and fish like dogfish or red snapper to make the famous tikin xic. Venison is a meat that was eaten in the area, but now in very few restaurants you find it because the venison is protected; Venison is not served at Chaya.


La Chaya Maya restaurant has two venues, the central and the large house, this is a more attractive space. I've only been to the central, the closest to the Big square. They receive you dressed in the typical regional costume, not only the food is their pride, but the entire Yucatan. Corn tortillas, the basis of Mexican food, are made in front of the customer, sitting on a sidewalk, as you see around the towns.

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I arrived at the restaurant on the recommendation of a foreigner who lives in Mérida. The Chaya Maya It is a mixture of local and foreign customers, since it comes out in many travelers' guides. The local customer, the most demanding, is the one who gives quality to the restaurant.

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LOCATION: La Chaya Maya Restaurant, headquarters. 62 x 57 Street, Downtown Mérida, Yucatán
HOURS AND AVERAGE PRICE: Monday to Sunday: 7am to 11pm, Telephone (999) 928 4780. 200 mxn per person, without alcoholic beverages.
LOCATION: La Chaya Maya Restaurant, headquarters big house. Calle 55 x 60 y 62, Centro Mérida, Yucatán
HOURS AND AVERAGE PRICE: Monday to Sunday: from 1pm to 10pm. 200 mxn per person, without alcoholic beverages.
SPECIALTY: Yucatecan food
CONTACT: Official Web of the restaurant
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