The Kinich restaurant is a gastronomic reference for Yucatecan food not only in Izamal but throughout the Peninsula. You can not talk about Izamal without recommending the Kinich restaurant, pure tradition.

The Kinich restaurant (solar face) was born in 1992 from the hand of Miriam Azcorra Rejón de Romero with the desire to spread the traditional Yucatecan food, something that she has undoubtedly achieved over the years. El Kinich is a gastronomic reference not only in Izamal, but in the Peninsula.

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Kinich Restaurant, Izamal

Kinich restaurant groups both local and foreign and national tourists. The enclosure is built in a colonial-style house with a large covered patio that accommodates 150 guests. There is an area inside the restaurant where you can see the cooks making the traditional tortillas by hand, delicious by the way.

This detail makes it a very attractive place for visitors, because without being a show restaurant, you have the opportunity to get closer to the traditional mode of Yucatecan Mayan cuisine. Next to that wood fire, the ladies dressed in the traditional hipil pass fierce heat, especially in times of heat.


Yucatecan dishes in Kinich

Both the atmosphere and the food distil tradition, and we like those who go to the Kinich. It is an excellent opportunity to taste Yucatecan dishes as lime soup (Chicken consommé, seasoned with lime juice, fried tortilla chips, cilantro and chicken), papadzules (egg cooked in pieces wrapped in handmade tortillas dipped in ground pumpkin seed sauce, seasoned with tomato sauce), panuchos (fried tortillas made by hand, stuffed with beans, with roast chicken, onion, tomato, lettuce and avocado), poc chuc (pork leg fillet marinated and roasted with charcoal), black stuffing (chicken cooked in its consommé with a message made with roasted dry chili pepper, tomato, onion and the ingredient of the house), oriental pickle (chicken cooked in its consommé with messages from the region and onions marinated in sour orange, roasted xcatic chili), stuffed cheese (ball cheese stuffed with baked hash on a mixture of flour and consommé called "kol" bathed with a sauce of almond of tomato and species of the region), longaniza from Valladolid (Delicious strips of sausage made in Valladolid based on sausages of ground pork, charcoal roasted).

As you can see, almost all the dishes are chicken or pork, there is even venison, the Dzic (deer leg baked under ground, crumbled and seasoned with salpicón). The snacks and desserts are also delicious. Did your mouth water?

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Chaya empanadas with cheese
Black stuffing
Kinich restaurant, Izamal

Izamal has been growing in services in recent years, the Kinich restaurant is and will be one of the reference restaurants of this wonderful Magical Town. Next to the restaurant The Mestizos (located in one of the back corners of the market) is the best place to taste the flavors of traditional Yucatecan Mayan cuisine.

Izamal is pure Yucatecan tradition, and Kinich is the reference of its traditional flavors.

LOCATION: Kinich restaurant is located in Izamal. On 27 street number 299, between 28 and 30 streets. It is well indicated, it is centrally located, it is on the same street as the entrance to the Kinich Kak Moo archaeological site.
SCHEDULE: open every day from 8 am - 10 pm. Telephone 988 954 0489
SPECIALTY: Yucatecan food
HALF PRICE: 200 mxn per person. official Facebook of the restaurant

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