In Tizimín you will find one of the restaurants with Yucatecan tradition where you can learn about the Mexican tradition at the table: the Tres Reyes de Tizimín restaurant.

Tizimín It is a large population with the soul of a people, where they like to grow up attached to their traditions and customs, without many changes that may disrupt them. In Tizimín you will find deeply rooted festivities and folklore, such as the Reyes Cattle Fair Expo, one of the events that brings together more visitors starting the year.

In this ball of traditions, the Tres Reyes restaurant it is part of the character of Tizimín. For travelers who like to browse gastronomically, the restaurant is a success.

3 Reyes restaurant, Tizimín, Yucatán, Mexico,

Tres Reyes Restaurant, Tizimín

The marriage formed by Willy Canto Medina and Nidia Rejón Narváez founded the Tres Reyes restaurant on September 7 of 1970. It is usual to see the marriage in their business, a legendary restaurant style restaurant, where snacks, waters of horchata, jamaica or chaya with pineapple accompany traditional homemade food dishes such as poc chuc, stuffed cheese, baked leg or mole negro, with desserts like the delicious papaya candy.

Among the various snacks they offer and the menu you have a wide range to taste local flavors.

Chicken mole, Yucatecan style. Tres Reyes restaurant, Tizimín, Yucatán, Mexico.

Surely the Tres Reyes restaurant It does not have a service and a meal of 10, but it is a 10 in authenticity for those who seek to go a little further in their travels, and a common stop for the locals who pass through Tizimín. Here you will appreciate what a true Mexican table looks like, with considerable portions where the saying "full belly, happy heart" becomes a reality.

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Tres Reyes Restaurant, Tizimín, Yucatan, Mexico.
Traditional Yucatecan dishes.

The place is something decadent and neglected, something that dresses it with authenticity and gives it a particular touch that some people like and others think is shabby (the restaurant has been refurbished in the 2018). The large fans that decorate the room during the hottest months are part of this special touch that makes the Three Kings A curious and tasty stop on your way.

For foreign travelers a very authentic place and for locals a classic, I would not miss it.

I leave you a toast of Mr. Willy Canto, owner of the restaurant.

Health and good luck,

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LOCATION: Tres Reyes restaurant is located in the main park of Tizimín (a 45 minutes drive north of Valladolidroad road Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve). In the main park, street 52 num 395 by 53.It is well indicated.
HOURS: open every day from 8 am to 11 pm. 986 8632106 phone
Specialty: Yucatecan food
HALF PRICE: 200 mxn per person.
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