El Atajo restaurant is a surprising corner to stay and make it one of the usual. Homemade food with excellent quality, a menu that does not fail.

To the restaurant The Shortcut You do not get there unless you know it, you just do not pass in front of it. The Shortcut It is located in a quiet area with little traffic of Donceles 28, a workers' neighborhood adjacent to  y Puerto Juarez. Its hidden location indicates the memorable success of mouth-to-mouth El Atajo restaurant, always full of diners faithful to the tasty homemade food that Don Pepe serves for many years.


El Atajo Restaurant, Cancun

An founded flirtatious The lifetime, invites you to look out to taste the menu. The entrance of The Shortcut it is usually full of cars, from breakfasts to lunches, an invitation to enter. They don't serve dinners. Living in the neighborhood, I would cycle past me and my curiosity was immediately piqued, so many cars never fail.

El Atajo restaurant

The menu of the inn El Atajo running food hardly ever varies. The executive menu has 6 permanent dishes plus 3 dishes that vary. Some dishes such as chilorio, roast chicken, hamburger or shortcut tacos, are fixed in a menu of almost 90 weights with many followers. An entry, the main dish and choose between waters like jamaica, tamarind or horchata, and the dessert runs on your own.


You have a extensive menu with other dishes to choose from outside the executive menu. They make chile en nogada in season, and other successful dishes such as chile rellenos or enchiladas de mole. Pure homemade Mexican flavor, food with that grandmother's love.


They open early to Mexican breakfasts: DF style pancita, chilangos sopes, chilaquiles c / cecina, egg or chicken, Pozole, romeritos, cod .. On weekdays it is filled with workers from the area who eat religiously in one of the best inns. Living in the neighborhood The Shortcut It always comes to mind, once you try it, you like it and repeat.


The service is fast and pleasant. Don Pepe likes to greet diners and see that everything works. He has a hand in the business, he knows how to take it. A classic, without hesitation.

El Atajo Restaurant, a corner of homemade food 1

El atajo restaurant, Cancun

LOCATION: The Shortcut is on Independencia Street, Colonia Donceles 28, in front of the Bahía Azul subdivision. Puerto Juarez, Cancun. Directions: turn right at the last Oxxo of Bonampak before the bridge of La Portillo. Continue straight until you are forced to turn. Turning left, to 50 meters is El Atajo. Phone: 843 1656
SCHEDULE: open from 7 to 17 every day hours
SPECIALTY: mexican homemade food
HALF PRICE: executive menu of 89 mxn, with drink

Bon appetit.

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