All the information you need to rent a car in Riviera Maya. Renting a car is a good option to know the attractions of Riviera Maya and travel through the Yucatan Peninsula

Riviera Maya Mexico It is a very appetizing destination for its beaches and its tourist attractions in the area. In addition to being able to rest and enjoy your hotel, outside there are corners that await you to surprise you. The most usual thing for tourists is to do excursions with an agency: these are some of the top excursions in the Riviera Maya. 

How to visit the Riviera Maya freely?

For For those who are not very fond of tourist excursions, there are other options to get to know the Riviera Maya and its surroundings. Most of the tourist places can be reached by public transport. There are also services taxi what do you do guides, you can share with other tourists to save. And of course you can rent a car or do private tours. You arrived on vacation to a natural paradise, enjoy it to the fullest.

Complete information on how to get around for free in Riviera Maya

Mexican Caribbean, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo.

Why rent a car in Riviera Maya?

Going out on your own to discover these lands will allow you freedom on your trip and, among things, avoid the masses of tourists who go on organized excursions, something that many of us appreciate. Normally, when you are not taken but you go, more things usually happen on the trip, the experiences are different.

Rent a car in Riviera Maya.

What do you need to rent a car? 

Requirements to rent a car in Riviera Maya, you will need to be more than 18 years old (some companies more than 21 years old, and others from 25), a driver's license and credit card. The credit card serves as a guarantee: they withhold an amount, usually about 300 usd, which they return to you when you return the car. As far as I know, this is common when renting a car, here and in other countries.

There are many national and international car rental companies, you can find them at airports, in the main cities or on the internet. Car rental companies usually facilitate the delivery in hotels, something very comfortable for the tourist. I recommend you book your car online months before, especially if you travel in peak times such as Christmas, Easter or summer. They tend to increase prices as the date approaches, just as it happens with airline tickets. You do not need an 4 × 4 to travel the Peninsula, the roads are good and safe. If you have any questions write us and we try to solve.

Reserve your car at Rentalcars, an agency that includes different car rental companies 

How are the roads in the Yucatan Peninsula?

The roads in the Yucatan Peninsula are safe and well indicated, following the rules you will not have frights. I leave you some tips for driving around the Yucatan Peninsula.

How do I rent a car in Riviera Maya?

There are many car rental agencies, there are offers to choose from. You can rent by Internet (It is cheaper at times). They give you different options to get the car delivered to you: from the airportat your hotel Or from the agencies that you will find in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or wherever you are.

Rent online with time in advance is usually  the best option to get good prices. I imagine that all companies have their pros and cons, in the end in the world of travel what contributes the most is the opinion of another traveler.

What places to visit by car from Riviera Maya?

There are several attractions to visit nearby by car. You can write down points of interest and organize great days in the area. If you are from Playa this entry about best beaches in Riviera Maya can help you choose Normally the best beaches are not where they build the all included, so if you are addicted to the beach, you can move by car in the area. In addition to beach, there are several Mayan archaeological zones like the well-known Chichen Itza, Coba, Tulum or Ek Balam. Cenotes, the colonial city of Valladolid, caves like those of Santa Rita.

For you to have a reference, Chichén Itzá and the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve are the two maximum distances for one-day trips from the Riviera Maya. A Chichén hard about three hours on the road, a little less, the same for Ría Lagartos.

PRopes of day trips from your hotel in Riviera Maya.

Sandra driving in the Caribbean.

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