What to bring in your luggage, what weather awaits you, something essential? A series of tips to prepare your trip to the Mayan lands. Mexico, Guatemala and Belize are hot and dry lands in the north, and hot and humid in the south.

Let's know the weather that awaits you in these lands so that it will help you prepare your luggage with the right clothes. Also some things that you must carry in your backpack or your suitcase, essential tools for your trip.


Climate in the Maya area of ​​Mexico, Guatemala and Belize:

  • WEATHER: A very broad division of climate in Mayan lands, it would be in a northern area, belonging to the Yucatan Peninsula, de dry and hot climate (less in the coastal strip that is humid) and a southern area that includes Chiapas, Guatemala y Belize where the high forest gives a climate Hot and humid.
  • RAINS: Regarding the seasons, here the year is divided into dry season (from May to October) and rainy season (from November to April), with copious rains especially in the afternoons. During this season, hurricanes form on the coasts.
Aerial view of Nichupte Lagoon and Hotel Zone, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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What most impacts the traveler is the heat, Is the complain more usual If you want to avoid it to the maximum October to May temperatures drop, being from December to February the coolest months. It is also Dry season. From April onwards the rains begin. For me, these months are cold, even though my friends laugh on the other side of the pond. Temperatures can drop from the 10 degrees in some areas, and in the rainy season months get ready to get to the 40 in some places. Hot and humid heat awaits you, you will sweat. In mountain areas as in San Cristobal de las Casas, which is at 2000 meters, it is cold all year round.

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What to bring in your luggage to Mayan lands?

In Mayan lands you will find different natural scenarios: seas, cenotes, lagoons, rivers, low and high jungles, mountainous places, cities, grottos, caverns ... so be prepared for the terrain you are going to tread.

- FOOTWEAR: a closed shoe will always protect you more, even if it is the bite of an ant, which some already hurt. If it is not completely closed, it does hold your foot well (you can use socks to solve certain situations, sometimes it is very practical). To climb Mayan pyramids, go in flip flops, sandals, huaraches, flip flops, cholas ... they can always be hooked more easily, so better shoe attached to the foot. If you do the route that includes walking through the jungle, I recommend you boots and more during the rainy season where the roads are muddy. In jungle or rural areas always check your shoes before putting it on: it is usually an insect shelter.

-CLOTHING: cool, comfortable, breathable, cotton and some soft colors will be useful in areas of jungle and heat. Something of shelter like a fleece will be good for high and cold places, like Chiapas. From December to February in the Yucatan Peninsula it can be cold too, from 10 degrees to a little less some days. FOR THE RAIN: do not forget a raincoat in case it rains, although it is very rare to see wearing raincoats here, in fact the umbrella is used more for the sun. If it rains you cover yourself for a while and then you follow your path, they do not last long at times. TO BATH: beachwear and pareo, it is very difficult not to find a river, a lagoon, a cenote or the tempting Caribbean to bathe. Bring your Viewfinder and tube for swimming because you will enjoy the cenotes and the sea much more.

-THREE ESSENTIALS, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses: a wide-brimmed hat, better than the typical cap, since this also protects the neck. A fresh handkerchief can also help in that. In some areas here the Panamanian hat is used a lot, perfect for heats. I prefer to cover myself well than to use sunscreen, I do not like to use them, but I do use better biodegradable. Good sunglasses to avoid damaging your pupils.

-MOSQUITO REPELLENT: I think we all hate mosquito bites, so sprinkling well with a good organic repellent will keep them away. It seems that the attraction to humans is due to several parameters: from the smell, the sweat and color of the skin, the carbon dioxide that we give off, our state of health, our age, even the humidity of our body. What I say, be repellent, they have a wide range of mosquitoes.

-LANTERN OR FOCUS OF LIGHT, if it has red light better: It can be useful in many occasions of the trip, to light some corner in archaeological zones, to discover by the beach at night the turtles spawning (with the red light, we do not bother them) or for a nocturnal walk by zones of forest, who knows? Many mobile devices have flashlight applications, some with red light.

FIRST AID KIT: for basic cures. Carrying the essential tools can get you out of trouble. A complete first aid kit would be this: http://www.viajarsano.com/pdf/consejos/botiquin_viaje.pdf

-ah, and do not forget the electricity and you APPLICATOR OF PLUGS: http://www.otae.com/enchufes/

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If I forgot something, write a comment and add it to the list, which we surely add ideas.

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