In the flat Yucatan Peninsula we have several Mayan pyramids that serve as fantastic rooftops. We are many travelers who like to climb to high places that allow us to contemplate landscapes bird's eye view. We left climbing by Mayan pyramids

The ancient Maya built high-rise buildings where they performed ceremonies and rites. Temples were also used to deposit funeral remains of the great rulers. The tombs in these temples are an important part of the cosmogony of the ancient Maya.

Currently these sacred places are incredible rooftops to realize the greatness of the Mayan civilization. In the Yucatan peninsula, you have the opportunity to climb many of these Mayan pyramids.

Explore the most impressive Mayan pyramids of Mexico



I am convinced that some good roof I forgot on the way, so if you remember any you can write us in comments. In this way we learn and improve information for travelers and curious people of the ancient Mayan world.

1-CALAKMUL (Campeche)

The highest of the pyramids that we find in the Yucatan Peninsula is in Calakmul. With a height of the Great Pyramid of 55 meters, and a second pyramid of 42 meters high.

In Calakmul there are spectacular views, for us it is certainly one of the visits essential in your trip through the Peninsula.

Mayan pyramids
calakmul mayas

2- COBA (Quintana Roo)

If we continue in order we have to go to Cobá, Nohoch Mul is its main pyramid. Is about a building of 42 meters high, the highest in Quintana Roo.

It is the most precious penthouse close to the Caribbean coast, A real luxury to visit for those who go to Riviera Maya on vacation.

Mayan pyramids
nohoch mul coba pyramid

3- SCHOLARSHIP (Campeche)

In the forgotten south of the Peninsula we have Becan, whose Structure IX is the tallest building at 42 meters high.

Here you can climb several pyramids at your leisure, there are several good views. Becan pleasantly surprises the traveler. If you come to this southern area do not miss this visit.

Mayan pyramids
Mayan pyramid

4- UXMAL (Yucatan)

In Uxmal we have the Pyramid of the Fortune Teller with a height of 35 meters. It can't be climbed.

However, the archaeological site of Uxmal is on the list because from the Great Pyramid of Uxmal we get some amazing views of this city and the Peninsula.

Mayan pyramid

5- EK BALAM (Yucatan)

En Ek Balam we find the colossal Acropolis of 31 meters high, from where you can see how flat the Peninsula is.

Between the impressive tomb of Governor Ukit Kan Lek Tok 'in the middle of the pyramid and the views, I assure you that you will always remember Ek Balam, it is beautiful. It is half an hour from valladolid.

Mayan pyramids
ek balam

6- DZIBANCHE (Quintana Roo)

Dzibanché is one of the most beautiful Mayan cities in Quintana Roo. Little visited and where it is easy to see monkeys in its surroundings.

I have not been able to know what its highest temple measures, but the views are excellent, in fact neighboring Kinichná is seen.

Mayan pyramids

7- MAYAPAN (Yucatan)

The Pyramid of Kukulcán de Mayapán with its 15 meters It offers us one of the clearest views of the Peninsula.

It is one of the worst pyramids to climb its bad steps, but it is worth it. The view from here is my favorite. A little more than an hour from Merida you find it.

Mayapán archeological zone
mayapan ruins

8- MUYIL (Quintana Roo)

Muyil has the Castle of 17 meters, although you go up to a lower platform of 12 meters from where you will not have great views.

But if you walk the path of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve that leaves from Muyil, you can climb to the watchtower that offers Caribbean turquoise and jungle green. Half an hour from Tulum is located.

very good
mayan views

9- TULUM (Quintana Roo)

The magnificent Castle that turns its back to the sea of ​​Tulum is 12 meters. It cannot be uploaded.

Tulum is on this list I notice for having some of the most magnificent views of the Mexican Caribbean on the premmises. You also feel flying over the Caribbean Sea.

Mayan pyramids
tulum ruins

And for the curious to say that the Kukulcán Pyramid of the magnificent Chichén Itzá reaches 24 meters. It is closed to the public since a fatal accident that occurred in 2006. Many tourists visit this Wonder of the World daily and climbing becomes more dangerous.

Chichen Itza archaeological zone, Yucatan.

Enjoy the panorama that the heights grant in the Yucatan Peninsula, the views from the Mayan pyramids are a spectacle. Visiting archeological areas is nature tourism as well as cultural, for the opportunity they offer us to be in natural environments.

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