Punta Allen is a fishing village that is located in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, one of the wildest and most natural areas near the Riviera Maya. Only the most adventurous arrive here.

Few travelers stay in Punta Allen, most arrive on a day trip from the Riviera Maya. When tourists leave, Punta Allen returns to his usual weird calm. This luxury can only be enjoyed by those who decide to sleep in Punta Allen.

How to explore for free the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

Allen Allen Sian Kaan

How to go to Punta Allen?

Punta Allen is the fishing village that is at the end of the road that crosses the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. The entrance is located in Boca Paila, Tulum. After traveling a dirt road of more than 50 kilometers you arrive at the fishing village of Punta Allen.

Technical sheet of the CONANP of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.

The walk to Punta Allen seems simple but road conditions make that sometimes it takes about 4 hours to get here. If the road is good, an hour and a half will suffice.

BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT de Tulum to Punta Allen There are combi from Tuesday to Saturday that leave at 4 in the afternoon of the Tulum shark trade union. From Punta Allen they leave towards Tulum at 7 in the morning. The price of the ticket is 200 pesos per person and route. Another way to go is with the van de easy tour that leaves in front of the super Aki of Tulum at 1: 45 in the afternoon. It takes you to the visitor center of the Sian Ka'an Reserve, and from there by boat to Punta Allen.

The bad thing about these options is that you miss stopping along the way. Anyway stay in Punta Allen is worth it for lovers of authentic and peaceful places of nature.

What is special about the Sian Ka'an and Punta Allen Biosphere Reserve?

Punta Allen is a small and strange paradise where to discover and appreciate what the Riviera Maya coast was years ago, before tourism will mark its current development and dynamics. This quiet fishing village is the most authentic thing you'll find on the coast near tourism.

The lower tourist impact has allowed them to conserve a much more alive reef than the battered coast of the Riviera Maya, which still has a liveliness that surprises us many, but nothing comparable to what the foreigners tell you about 30 years ago or more. 

In Punta Allen it is easy to see turtles, dolphins, stingrays and even manatees in their natural habitat, a luxury of space that I hope to continue preserving, at least its magnificent reef.

During your trip through the Biosphere Reserve you will see that the beaches are very dirty with plastic, it is the footprint that we are all leaving on the planet. I wish there was a global awareness to be able to improve together by changing the use of plastics for natural and biodegradable products.

Enbarcadero in Punta Allen, Sian Kaan Reserve, Quintan Roo, Mexico.

Sleep in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

In Punta Allen there are no big hotels, but you do find several lodgings to choose from. If you go with a tent you can also find where to install it. Do not worry about the theme of meals, there are places to have lunch, breakfast and dinner.

It is not easy to pay by card, the signal just reaches Punta Allen, and obviously do not expect a cashier to get money. So Bring cash to ensure you can pay.

Sleeping Punta Allen, Siann Ka'an, Mexico.

I recommend you look at Booking options for sleeping in Punta Allen, just as they have more Airbnb.com offer. In peak seasons like Christmas, Easter and summer holiday periods, book in advance.


What to do in Punta Allen?

There are several excursions offered by fishermen's cooperatives that have faced their businesses for tourism. The cooperatives, some 7 currently, are found in the town. It will not cost you much to find them and ask for information, it is a town of about 500 inhabitants.

The great thing is that you can dodge the schedules of the tours that arrive daily from the Riviera Maya, you will have the luxury opportunity to get to know this paradise calmly.

CONTACT OF THE ORCHID COOPERATIVE, PUNTA ALLEN: It is a cooperative formed by women. Certified cooperatives of an environmentally responsible nature work in this cooperative. Surely you like their offer of kayak, bike and boat tours to enjoy nature and learn.Whatsapp contact, the best way to contact them: + 52 1 984 249 2839 (Ysabel). You give my regards to Ysabel and Mar 🙂

Salen boat rides daily through the Black lagoon, the Island of the Birds, the reef and the well-known natural pools of Blanquizal. The most striking thing is to go to see dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat. There are also boat rides through the interior of the lagoon, its Mayan vestiges and the mangrove channels. They also do kayak trips through the mangrove and open sea, and by bicycle.

EXCURSIONS PRICE: The payment of the excursions is by boat of 6 people, so you can share with other travelers to save. The price for an excursion from 2 to 3 hours by boat from 6 people is about the 3000 pesos.

Punta Allen tours
Photo courtesy of Las Orquídeas cooperative
Punta Allen dolphins tour, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Certified Orchid Nature Guide
Natural pools of Blanquizal Punta Allen
Natural pools of Blanquizal, photo courtesy of Orchids
Sea turtle in the Mexican Caribbean. Sian Kaan, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
kayaking in Punta Allen
Photo courtesy of Las Orquídeas cooperative

Another thing you can do is enjoy fabulous sunsets and sunrises and breathe calm, at no extra cost, that easy.

And if you have not tried a hammock on your trip through the Caribbean, you are already taking time: put yourself in a hammock and let time pass. Enjoy the Caribbean spirit, have many good things 🙂

Sian Kaan tours

I hope you enjoy this corner of nature. Leave your minimum human mark, respecting nature as much as possible. Follow the code of ethics not touching neither the flora nor the fauna, take your trash and respect the marked roads.

I think that taking care of the little big things starts in each one of us and belongs to everyone. Awareness of care is paramount in our way of understanding life and traveling. Trying to improve our own behaviors is basic. Together we can be a more responsible society with the environment.

Punta Allen, the most lively coast of Riviera Maya is in Sian Ka'an 1

Punta Allen, Sian Kaan

LOCATION: Punta Allen It is located at 50 km from the entrance of Boca Paila to la Reserve of Sian Ka'an, near Tulum. It is a dirt road.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Tulum to Punta Allen there is public transport, it leaves Van in (truck or van) daily to the 14 from the Tulum taxi station. From Punta Allen he returns to the 5 in the morning.
ACCOMMODATION: en Punta Allen there are cheap lodgings and place to camp. On the way to Punta Allen you find lodgings.
PRECAUTIONS ON THE ROAD: with the road in good condition takes between an hour and a half and two hours from Tulum to Punta Allen. In bad condition, put 5 and a little more. There is no gas station in Punta Allen.

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