Puerto Juarez is the fishing district of the city of Cancún. Here is the only coastal strip to enjoy outside the Zona Hotelera from Cancun. Puerto Juarez is a neighborhood with a pure taste of sea salt.

Like most fishing neighborhoods that I know, Puerto Juarez is a peculiar place. My grandparents lived in the fishing district of Barcelona, ​​the Barceloneta (the previous one created by urban speculation). Many times it seems to me to be there, seeing one of those characters that are part of my childhood human landscapes, memories of the soul.

Now I live in my little one Barceloneta de Cancún, an authentic fan of this neighborhood.

Urban mural. Graffiti Puerto Juarez, Cancun, Mexico.

Puerto Juarez is known to the residents of Cancun for their Cooperatives de fish and seafood Where to buy is cheaper, and for restaurants that dot its coast.

It is known to tourists because from here it crosses in ferry to Isla Mujeres.

Zona Hotelera of cancún seen from Puerto Juárez
Zona Hotelera of Cancun seen from Puerto Juarez
Cuisine of the Mar Bella Restaurant, Puerto Juarez, Cancun, Mexico.

Playa Niños is the only public beach, usually filled on weekends and holiday periods of local families. The rest of the coastal strip of Puerto Juárez is occupied by fishermen, residential, some hotel, marinas, private land and restaurants on the beach.

Beach in Puerto Juarez, Cancun, Mexico ,.

On weekends it is usual to come to the coast of Puerto Juarez to eat fish and seafood to one of the many restaurants. There are different types, we are going to dissect the area a bit. Here you find the chiringuitos most authentic, popular and shabby, where the service is low and the prices cheap.

Almost all of this type offer the same menu and flavors, many on the beach, where the loggerhead (litronas), tequila and music between glasses, chairs and plastic tables.

Puerto Juarez

There are other restaurants such as Mandinga where the menus are repeated but the service is better conditioned, with beer in a jar, the same amount of tequila and punctual musicians entertaining the meals.

Beach restaurant, Cancun.
Where to eat in Puerto Juarez?

En Puerto Juarez or two restaurants that for me they offer the most exquisite menus, with pardon that I did not try: the Mar Bella and Green Kiosk, very recommendable. Flavors of the sea at a higher level. Another restaurant with good service is the Flamingos, another classic in the area.

Green Kiosk, Puerto Juarez, Cancun, Mexico,

On the 4 kilometer of the Punta Sam coast road, there is the archaeological zone of El Meco, another great excuse to visit on a Sunday and have lunch in front of the sea. If you want to come in bike It is great because there is a bike path (bicibici) that runs along part of the coastal road.

El Meco Archaeological Zone, Puerto Juarez, Cancun, Mexico.
Dog and man walk through Puerto Juarez, Cancun, Mexico.

Nearby is Isla Blanca, the paradisiacal white tongue of sand between the Caribbean and the lagoon. Here you will enjoy again the blue of the Caribbean, spectacular place.

Natural beach, Quintan Roo, Mexico.

The sea that bathes Puerto Juarez does not have the beautiful turquoise blue of the Zona Hotelera nor its glamor, but it keeps many stories and good corners to get lost.

Puerto Juarez, the salt-flavored neighborhood in Cancun 1

Puerto Juarez, Cancun

LOCATION: Puerto Juárez is located north of Cancún, following the coast road of Punta Sam. HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? The collective that are directed to Puerto Juarez They leave from Cruise, in Cancun (8 mxn each way) You can take a private taxi (about 50 mxn from Cancun). There are three piers from where the ferry leaves for Isla Mujeres: Ultramar, Terminal Marítima de Puerto Juárez and Punta Sam (they carry cars and heavy goods). Lee How to go by ferry to Isla Mujeres?

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