Within the crowded and beautiful coast of the Riviera Maya we find some corner where you can enjoy quieter beaches. Paamul is one of those secret beaches for the local.

Along the Riviera Maya, the coastal strip from Cancun to Tulum, is where most of the hotels are concentrated. The range of possibilities is immense: tourism model hotels all inclusive, small boutique hotels, hostels, cabins, gampling or luxury.

Tourists want beach, we want to live for a few days in paradise two steps from the beach. How good it sounds to say We were in a hotel on the beach.


Paamul Beach

En Paamul beach you can enjoy the Caribbean nature in a local setting and reasonably priced accommodations. Something good, beautiful and cheap in front of the sea in Riviera Maya is something that is increasingly difficult to find. Paamul is a different place in a Riviera Maya of large investments, it is one of my favorite beach getaways.

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The beach is whitewashed on a crescent protected by the coral reef. This makes it a place with a lot of animal life and it is easy with the mask to dive the area and surprise yourself with the vivacity that you will find in these crystalline waters. Paamul is one of the best beaches for snorkeling independently.

On the sand of the beach there is a restaurant with swimming pool (pool), a piece of cement without grace, is what there is. The unpayable views the same.


Camping and motorhomes in Paamul

En Paamul There is one of the many curiosities of the area: the land of the place is run as camping where residents rent the plots, with the only obligation to have a trailer parked on the plot. Taking advantage of the caravan as a base, very cool houses are made. Many live all year, others by season.

The majority of residents are from the United States and Canada, and live as a community with their doctor, their priest. It is a camping community of retirees from the north looking for the heats and economy of neighboring Mexico. Good place to retire, no doubt.

Hotel Paamul in Paamul Beach, Mayan Riviera, Quintana Roo

How to go to Paamul?

  • If you go by car You will see the sign indicating the detour about 17 kilometers from Playa del Carmen. A hard sand road takes you to the barrier of access to the beach.
  • If you go by public transport the bus leaves you at 1 kilometer from the entrance. From Playa del Carmen you must take the bus at 2 street between 15 and 20. Tell the driver where you want to get off. From Tulum also collect buses from the town to Playa del Carmen.

Hotel Paamul facing the Caribbean Sea

Paamul It is a quiet beach where there is only one accommodation: Hotel Paamul. Its rooms face the sea, have different types of rates. You can also camp on the beach and use the restrooms and showers restaurant services. you will have to speak with them upon arrival and report.

Do not forget to peek at Paamul, it is from the good corners of the Riviera Maya.

Paamul is one of the unmissable beaches in the Mexican Caribbean 1

Paamul, beaches

LOCATION: Paamul is located at 17 km from Playa del Carmen, at 85 km. from Cancun and 55 from Tulum on the federal highway 307, which runs along the coast.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: en Paamul you must pay a recovery fee, that you recover if you consume in the restaurant. Open from 8 to 18 daily hours. There is a pool in the restaurant.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?  From Playa del Carmen (2 street between 15 and 20 avenues) and Overall (main street) depart buses that leave you at 1 kilometer from Paamul beach.
ACCOMMODATION: the Hotel Paamul is the only one on this beach. its websites.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent and sunscreen. If you have a mask and fins, you are in the ideal place to remove them. There's a diving center in Paamul.

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