In the hotel strip of Cancun there are several public accesses to the beach, Playa Marlín is one of them. Here you have a beautiful beach with all the services to enjoy your beach day.

Costa Cancún It covers almost 30 kilometers of coastline, where the Zona Hotelera from Cancun. This is one of the most requested tourist destinations, a paradise of white sands and turquoise colors that are trapped in your pupils.

When I came to live in Cancun, I fell in love with the blues again, and I'm still in full love.


Moderate to strong swell in Cancun

Playa Marlin is located on one of the sea fronts of the coast where the sea is more choppy, which goes from Punta Cancun to Punta Nizuc. It is a good area to carry your board and take advantage of the sea, the waves and its winds.

Keep in mind that sometimes there is a hangover (superficial water flow that goes offshore) as in the neighboring Playa Delfines or Playa Chac Mool. Remember that you should not swim against the tide, but at 45 degrees through it. There are guards on the beach, you don't have to have problems, enjoy the sea.

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marlin beach
marlin cancun beach

Marlin public beach services

In this wide strip of white sand you find the necessary services to enjoy a beach day. The public beaches of Cancun must provide three minimums: parking, bathrooms and showers.

Among local visitors it is usual to take the cooler (fridge), umbrella, chairs, the complete beach kit to spend the day. You also find bunks (sun beds) to rent under the shade of an umbrella.

At the beach access there is a public space that serves as a free dining room for those who choose to take their food. Let us take care of the public as if it were ours, which is the case. And do not leave your trash, there are boats where you can deposit it tightly closed in bags. Together we can create healthier spaces 🙂

playa publica cancun
marlin beach
Access to Marlin Beach with dining rooms
Cancun beach

Turtle nesting in Playa Marlín

One of the most interesting activities you can do in Playa Marlin is during the turtle spawning season., where many turtles arrive each year despite the much cement that is in what was their natural space.

From May to September sea turtles spawn in Cancun, and from August to November you can participate in the activity of releasing them on the beach. It is done at night to avoid the predators of these animals. You must be 10 minutes before 20:XNUMX p.m. on the beach to join the Ecology team if they do the liberation: it is not something safe, depending on whether they are born or not, the rules are set by nature.

marlin beach turtles
Turtle egg pens in front of the hotels

Parking Playa Marlín

Playa Marlin is one of the busiest in Cancun. Its location near the Kukulcán shopping center makes many lend themselves to moving from one place to another.

Parking at Playa Marlin is free and fills up quickly because it is a small space. This public parking lot has been agency some gentlemen who run it to their liking, in exchange for the will of the user. This, to my knowledge, does not happen in the other public beaches, where parking is free. They will have their reasons, which I cannot explain to defend the system they have set up.

marlin beach
Marlin Beach Cancun

As a curiosity, in front of Marlin Beach is the house of former Mexican player Hugo Sánchez, you can distinguish it by the great soccer statue that has on its terrace. Find it 😉

Marlin Beach, white sand and turquoise blue 1

Marlin beach, beaches

LOCATION: Kilometer 12 of Boulevard Kukulcán, in the Zona Hotelera from Cancun.
SERVICES: parking free, at least it should be. Palapas, lounge chairs, bathrooms, showers. No pets. The parking lot fills up right away.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? The bus of the 27 Route, 1 Route and 2 Route, circulates through Zona Hotelera, stop at this beach.

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