Playa del Carmen has become in a short time one of the most inhabited cities of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its location on the shores of the Caribbean, in the exquisite Riviera Maya, makes it a very popular destination. I tell you what to do in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen It has grown at the frenetic pace of tourism. Its location on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, the facilities it offers to the visitor and its nightlife make it one of the most popular destinations in Riviera Maya Carmen beach It is located in the very center of Riviera Maya, 68 kilometers from Cancún, 32 of Puerto Morelos and 37 of Overall, the most important populations of the Mexican Caribbean coast.

Playa del Carmen Sea, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The heart of Riviera Maya.


laya del Carmen It is ideal for those visitors who want to have all the services and amenities. The offer of accommodation, leisure, excursions and shopping is one of the best in the Maya riviera. The fact of being on the coast and having an extensive strip of white sand makes it ideal. Playa del Carmen it is divided by the federal highway 307 in two halves. If you come as a tourist you will be in the part of the beach, of this zone you will not move surely. Here you have everything, the other part is for the resident.

What to do in Playa del Carmen. 5a Playa del Carmen Avenue, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo

As in many beach places, the main movement is on a single pedestrian street: here is the 5ta Avenida, the tourist heart of Playa. The tourist does not get tired of walking the fifth up and down, between shops of the most prestigious brands alternating with souvenir shops, restaurants and dens (bars) you end up not leaving here.

The concentration of supply in the 5ta Avenida It goes from Benito Juárez street, where the ADO bus terminal is located, to Constituent Avenue. But as it does not stop growing, the offer continues to 34th Street. You have a long walk to distract yourself in Playa del Carmen. Unlike the Zona Hotelera from Cancun, tourism is not enclosed in its hotels and it moves through Playa del Carmen mixing with the resident. Tourism in Playa del Carmen is more European that American, and base of many independent travelers.

Many visitors who come in all inclusive to Riviera Maya They leave one or two days to go to Playa del Carmen, either to hire excursions, buy souvenirs, walk or party around here. Some all-inclusive hotels offer free transportation to Playa del Carmen. Ask at the reception of your hotel if they offer this service.

Souvenirs in Playa dle Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico,
Playa del Carmen church, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Many take advantage of beach clubs where to spend the day. There are several options like Coralina Daylight Club Indigo BeachMamitas, Kool Beach, INTI Beach, Lido Beach Club. These clubs offer drinks and food service on sun loungers on the beach. Many have live music and some continue at night. There is a great offer of restaurants along the beach of Playa del Carmen. The bad life of Caribbean 😉

Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


We have already seen that the beach strip is occupied by local and beach clubs, where at night some continue the happy life. Being able to dance barefoot outdoors on the sand is priceless. In Playa del Carmen several music festivals are organized in the premises on the beach.

Beach. Carmen Festival offers a wide night offer, here if you want you don't sleep. Much of this offer is between 10 and 14 streets, where you find rooms like Coco Bongo club, Mandala or the Vaquita.


You are in the thick of the Riviera Maya, from here you can move to many interesting places, and do many activities, whatever you want. I leave a list of the Top excursions from Playa del Carmen, where you will find travel agencies.

From Playa del Carmen it's easy move independently to many of the nearby places, be it cenotes, theme parks, other nearby beaches or transport you to ADO archeological zones.

El diving It is another of the most required activities in Playa del Carmen. Here there are many diving centers specialized in sea and cenotes. A world that will not leave you indifferent, it is impressive to dive here. Almost the best is under the surface. I recommend diving with friends from Diving Center Beach.

There is a lot of activity to do from Playa del Carmen. Look at the full menu of what you can book with the GYG agency, sell online easily, comfortably and safely and you can cancel all the free bookings up to 24 hours before. So you go delighting yourself with what you will do on vacation.



The variety and offer of accommodation in Playa del Carmen is for all tastes and pockets. To facilitate your search we wrote an entry about where to spend the night in Playa del Carmen, We hope you find it useful. You will find cheap hostels, easy downtown hotels to move around the city and some facing the sea.

I leave a link with the offers you can find to stay at Playa. Many of these hotels have swimming pool and restaurant services so you can enjoy the tranquility and rest inside the hotel.
What to do in Playa del Carmen.

If you let yourself get tangled up Beach. you will surely enjoy your joyful life of 2 × 1.

What to do in Playa del Carmen, move as a local 1

Playa del Carmen, towns

LOCATION: Playa del Carmen It is located northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula, on the Mexican Caribbean coast. A 68 kilometers of Cancún, 32 of Puerto Morelos and 37 of Overall. They are linked by the federal highway 307.

HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Playa del Carmen public transport arrives from Cancun (1h 20 "), Puerto Morelos (30") and from the airport of Cancun (1 hour). The bus terminal ADO is the 5th Avenue with Benito Juárez, at the beginning of the 5th.

HOW DO YOU MOVE IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?  By the federal 307 an easy way to move is in collective, vans that make journeys with constant stops. In Playa del Carmen They leave Cancún direction and Tulum direction of 2 street between 15 and 20, there are two companies. Beach trip by taxi from 30 pesos.

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