Placencia is one of those natural paradises where you arrive and know that you would like to stay longer. Many travelers come here to enjoy one of the best fringes of the Belizean coast.

Placencia It is the favorite destination of the traveler on the coast of Belize. This town combines many of the qualities you like: good beach, excursions to interesting places, bars and restaurants on the beach where you can relax and party. In Placencia you find your corner within the wide range of tourist possibilities that have been developed, without losing your Garífuna and Creole identity.


The traveler likes to know other cultures, and the Garífuna it has a lot of appeal. The Garífunas are descendants of Africans, the Caribbean and the Arawaks, a culture that is very slow in their life. If they go with little, why run? They love the way they are, and their Belizean Garifuna language further highlights this distinction. They all speak English, also personalized with their particular accent. If they want you to understand them, you will, if not.


Placencia It was a fishing village, and it still is, although the presence of tourism has modified the entry of money. The old town has stretched along the coast, with private homes and guests on the beach. It is one of the preferred destinations of the foreigner who stays to live or spends long periods in Belize. On the beautiful coast road there are beautiful houses, and of course, golf courses.


From the port there are excursions to the small keys near the coast, you can sail on a catamaran, dive some reef, practice kayaking .... here who does not entertain, badly goes. Life of salt and sun, that's what you live in Placencia. And at night, a bit of relaxation in some of the venues with music, or simply improvises the music .... Do not worry that Placencia is going to offer you fun.


If you like this type of place, here you will want to stay hanging in a hammock to the rhythm of drums. The Garifuna coast hooks.

LOCATION: Placencia is located at 76 kilometers south of Dandriga.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Public transport departs from Dandriga, Belize city, Belmopan and Hopkins.
WHAT TO BRING? Hat, insect repellent and sunscreen. Do not forget the swimsuit.

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