Pisté is one of the populations that acquire presence in the traveler's map because of its proximity to the jewel in the crown of the Yucatan Peninsula, the wonderful Chichen Itza. A strategic stop on the road.

You can't talk about Pisté without doing it about Chichén Itzá. The Wonder of the Modern World places Pisté on the traveling map, but it would probably be a population along the road between Mérida and Cancun.

Pisté has developed tourist reception services, from hotels to restaurants. Many local businesses alike have been favored by the constant flow of visitors. It is not a beautiful place but it is a practical place Pisté.

Store. Pisté, Yucatan Mexico.

Why sleep in Pisté?

The scarce 2 kilometers that separate Pisté from the main entrance to Chichen Itza, makes it an appealing destination for those travelers who want to sleep near the ruins.

Chichén Itzá, like most archeological payment areas, opens to the 8 in the morning. It is an excellent time to access Chichén for several reasons: one is that you will get rid of Yucatecan heat, with maximums from April to August, and another is that you will avoid the floods of groups of tourists from the Riviera Maya and Merida.

It is also a good opportunity to see the light and sound show of the nights of Kukulcán, in winter time at 19 hours and in summer at 20 hours.

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To Chichen we go all types of travelers, it is difficult to say no to the jewel of the Peninsula. Within the wide range of wildlife, are those of tourist circuits and independent travelers those who they stay in Pisté. This allows you, without waking up at odd hours, to be at the 8 entering Chichén Itzá.

Chichen Itza archeological zone. Ball game. Yucatan, Mexico
The great Ball Game of Chichén Itzá almost desert

Where to stay in Pisté?

In the surroundings of Pisté you will see several hotels to stay. Most of these hotels far from the urban center are designed to receive circuit tourists and travelers by car, offering all kinds of facilities at the hotel: swimming pool, restaurant service, small souvenir shop.

The The most privileged hotels in the area are the two that have direct access to Chichen Itza, the The Lodge at Chichen Itza and Hotel & Bungalows Mayaland. Staying in them means you do not line up at the main entrance; from the hotel you get your ticket and access is through an alternative entrance.

Pisté offers several alternatives in the mere town, ideal for travelers who move by public transport. It was hard for me to find a place that would convince me to sleep, until I knew the inn Casa de las Lunas. This place goes unnoticed hidden behind a sign on the main street. A surprising and beautiful garden welcomes comfortable rooms, with excellent value for money and fantastic attention.

My recommendation goes with thanks included: 2015 Christmas was traveling alone in Yucatan, and 24 slept in the House of Moons. That afternoon they came to look for me in my room to invite me to their table, they had put one more chair for me the owners. Those details of the heart make way, the beautiful gestures humanize making us better.

Posada Las Lunas in Piste, Yucatan, Mexico.

What to do in Pisté?

In addition to visit Chichen ItzaThere is not much more remarkable to do in Pisté. You will find restaurants and street food stalls where you can eat without problems, and you can walk through the town, there are craft stores in the main street.

Personally, I am very entertained by wandering around without doing anything concrete, and Pisté has that authentic charm to peek into everyday life in Yucatan.

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Barbacue, Mexico
Frutería Pisté, Yucatan Mexico.
Piste Chichen Itza
Yucatetan piste

Around of Pisté you have interesting visits, where I would highlight the town and ruins of Yaxunah. This was one of the relevant cities of the road that linked Chichen Itza with Coba, a place where one can see how nature devours the passage of our history with great ease.

In the village of Yaxunah is the beautiful cenote Lol Ha, visit both places, you will like them.

Yaxunah jungle.

Traveling friend, Pisté It can be an interesting place to make way. If you know any recommended accommodation, write if you want your comment to help with more options.

Good way,

LOCATION: Pisté It is located 116 km from Mérida, 194 from Cancun, 179 km from Playa del Carmen and 50 km from Valladolid.

HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Public transportation arrives from Pisté from Cancún, Valladolid and Mérida, is well communicated with smaller populations. Official Web of the main bus company that operates in the area.

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