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Many travelers take base Mérida to know Yucatan, from the quiet and beautiful capital you have several visits around Merida that you will love. What are the best visits around, what to do in Merida?

For me they are a chulada medium-sized cities where one operates comfortably in a few hours, as is the case of Merida, which offers all services and facilities and also an interesting range of Places you visit around Merida. These places are easy to go by free or with tourist agency, you will see that you have no problem to get there.

The proposed places are less than 120 kilometers around Mérida, maximum 2 hours by car.


Within the city of Mérida we propose different activities, read the article to know what to do in the city of Merida, you will see that there many proposals that are free.

You may be interested in this Two-hour tour of the city of Mérida to learn its history.

The 9 best visits around Merida, I'm sure you'll enjoy these places a lot. We give you all the information for your way: choose whether to go by free or on tour, what are your interests, what archaeological zones to choose.

Remember we do consultancies to plan your trip.


Without hesitation, I would visit the Ría de Celestún, a natural place, where an arm of sea water weaves its way into the interior between mangroves. Here pink flamingos live, that you can visit all the year. Boat trips are made, or you can go kayaking. The coastal town of Celestún offers accommodation and restaurant services. I recommend eating at one of the restaurants on the beach. Local atmosphere in fishing village.

How to go to the Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve?

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 1


From Merida, two of the most interesting routes leave in Yucatan, They will lead you to know the prehispanic and colonial history of this region. One is the route puuc, where you can visit the ancient Mayan cities most relevant puuc architectural style, the most elaborate of the Mayans. Uxmal It is the jewel of all, a place you can not miss. The other route that you can intertwine with the puuc is the route of the convents, a tour of the different towns that arose with the colonization, a footprint that changed the landscape of this area.

How to travel the puuc route?How to travel the route of the convents?

You may also be interested in light and sound show in Uxmal from Mérida.

Archeological site Uxmal, Yucatán, Mexico
Uxmal, Temple of the Fortuneteller
Maní, Ruta de los Conventos, Yucatán
Open chapel Convent of San Miguel Arcángel de Mani


X'cambó is the perfect excuse to get to know the north coast, where a lot of meridanos go out to vacation, Progress. An archaeological zone that catches, small, easy to visit, with good views and an interesting stop on the road: the salt mines of Dzemul. On the same road to Progreso you can stop to visit the interesting archaeological zone of Dzibilchaltun, where you can bathe in its cenote.

How to get to X'cambó?

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 2


Another must in your way is Izamal, known as the yellow city, for its streets of this color. A beautiful town with a quiet environment to enjoy strolling and visiting the most important places, from archaeological sites to the convent with the largest atrium in the Yucatan Peninsula. I recommend you to sleep in Izamal if you have the opportunity, so you live the town in a more local way.

How to go and what to do in to Izamal?

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 3


The surroundings of Merida have many cenotes to visit, and we will make an entrance on the best of them. To put one of the many, I recommend Homún, a town with more than a dozen to visit. You can go for free or in tricitaxi in the tour of the cenotes. You can spend all day touring cenotes. There are restaurants and accommodations in Homún, it is a good idea to sleep here, in addition to the cenotes you can visit caves and the Yalahau lagoon.

How to go to Homun and what to visit there?

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 4


For me to visit a hacienda and to know this important part of the history is something essential in a good trip. Merida has many interesting haciendas in its surroundings, I'm going to name some of them so that you can choose which one to go according to your tastes. Hacienda Yaxcopoil retains the charm being half rebuilt decorated with antique furniture. It has two rooms to stay if you want. Hacienda Sotuta de Peón, where you can also stay and have an interesting touristic tour of his hacienda, where you go in carts pulled by horses. The Hacienda Aké It is another one that offers a tour of the henequen, besides being able to visit the archaeological zone of Aké. Hacienda and cenotes Mucuyché where you have the opportunity to visit a crumbling hacienda and take a swim tour through two cenotes.

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 5


Another archeological gem in the area that will enchant you, its great resemblance to Chichén Itzá surprises greatly. It is not very visited, it has very nice views, it is small and preserves frescoes of the time. This allows to observe the complete city from the temple, and is a great plus to get a better idea of ​​the places.

How to go, schedules and prices of Mayapán.

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 6


There are many interesting caves in Yucatán, but those in Loltún have an advantage: access and level is simple, something that allows to go with the whole family. A route with schedules for more than an hour will take you through different impressive galleries. At the entrance of Loltún one of the oldest Mayan glyphs of the Peninsula was found, Loltún has a lot of history.

Schedules, prices and how to go to the caves of Loltún

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 7


Another archaeological gems is Oxkintok, who has been gaining followers over the years: glyphs, temples, statues and a labyrinth, which although it remains closed to the general public, you can know the history it contains. Near Oxkintok are the caves of Calcehtok, in case some adventurer wants to get dirty.

How to go, schedules and Oxkintok price.

I have not found a tour that takes you to this archaeological zone, I hope one comes out because it is very beautiful

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 8


I leave the offer of the other agency with whom we have affiliation, Civitatis, if you see something that interests you or want to compare prices. The excursions leave daily from Merida and you can still cancel 24 hours before leaving.

Enjoy these visits around Merida, an absolute enjoyment of the area.

Good way,

What to do in Merida? The best 9 visits in the surroundings 9
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