A tour of Mayan experiences with the final icing on a delicious refreshing bath in the cenote chichikán It is the interesting proposal of the Parador Turístico Chichikán. Cenote Chichikán joins the magnificent offer of cenotes in the surroundings of beautiful Valladolid.

The surroundings of Valladolid grow over the years in services for tourists. He Chichikán tourist hostel expands the offer in the surroundings of the beautiful city of Valladolid with a different offer from the other cenotes in the area. Chichikán cenote and experiences It goes one step further and offers a product that until now did not exist in Valladolid. This only makes the tourist offer for visitors in Yucatan grow.

El cenote chichikán is within the Chichikán Tourist Parador, where they offer a circuit full of experiences that takes you to travel through ancient Mayan times to a bath in the underworld.

Chichikan cenote tourist parador
Tourist Parador Experiences & cenote Chichikan


The Tourist Parador of cenote chichikán It is located just 7 kilometers from the beautiful city of Valladolid. Take the north exit towards Tizimín-Ek Balam-Río Lagartos and just crossing the toll road you will see the signs.

Our recommendation for travelers is to stay a few days in Valladolid. The same city and surroundings are endless good reasons to fall in love with Yucatan. We leave you a guide to Valladolid to encourage you to get to know it calmly.

Get to known Valladolid and its surroundings


El Parador Turístico Experiences and cenote Chichikán They offer a different product in Yucatan. A tour of different Mayan themes takes you on a journey through cultural history from the ancient times of the Mayans to the end of the journey, which is none other than bathing in the cenote chichikán.

Each group walks the parador in a personalized way with the help of a guide who narrates and introduces you to history and culture. From the reception at the entrance to the underworld you go with your group. Same in the cenote chichikán where you have time to recreate privately. This allows you to have a personalized experience only with your people, something that can be very attractive to visitors.

We are going to discover part of the experiences that await you in the Chichikán Tourist Parador. There are several points but we are going to discover the most significant ones. Each of them is a taste of a cultural theme.


After passing through a large Mayan arch where we are received, we reached the corner of the paintings. Here they offer us if we want to decorate our skin to put ourselves in a situation with the experiences that await us. A tunnel and the sound of shells accompany us to the next point, the Mayan village.

5 Mayan experiences in the Parador Turístico and cenote Chichikán 1
Chichikan cenote
The gardens are a very beautiful walk
5 Mayan experiences in the Parador Turístico and cenote Chichikán 2


In the Mayan village you will enjoy various experiences. A representation of a Mayan village with the traditional house and different instruments will place you in an environment where you will learn about different traditions such as corn, cocoa, honey, weaving hammocks, chicle and xtabentun, an alcoholic drink made since ancient times. .

You can participate by grinding cocoa or corn, weaving hammocks, tasting the chiclé or the xtabentun drink. People speak to you in Mayan and your guide translates the explanations. It is a way to delight yourself with this precious language, in addition to learning the odd word. Ask and participate what you want, the guides and staff serve you in a divine way.

Chichikan cenote
You can practice warping hammocks
Chichikan Tourist Parador, Yucatan
Taste and grind cocoa
5 Mayan experiences in the Parador Turístico and cenote Chichikán 3
Know the process of chiclé, originating in the Mayan area


Never felt like trying the ball game on your own? After a short demonstration you will be able to enter the court and test your skills. The ball is made of rubber and weighs 3 kilos, so the feeling is completely similar to that of ancient Mayan.

You will rarely have the opportunity to play ball as they offer in the Chichikán cenote. Don't let her pass 😊

Mayan ball game
Ball Game Player
ball rubber ball game
Ball made of rubber in the original way
5 Mayan experiences in the Parador Turístico and cenote Chichikán 4
Dare to try playing the ball game 😁 (Photo courtesy of Mauricio Alcocer)


A small theater awaits you to enjoy a captivating dance, good show. Here you are transported back in time seeing dancers dressed in ancient Mayan costumes. Music, copal and clothing in accordance with the assumptions of ancient times lead you to some very cool moments.

The closeness and intimacy that the place offers makes it more interesting.

Chichikan cenote
Mayan dancers
Chichikan cenote
The owl
Chichikan cenote


At the end of the tour, the Mayan underworld, the Chichikán cenote, awaits you metaphorically. 90 steps descend to this beautiful open-air cenote where you have time to bathe and enjoy.

I highly recommend the bath after the tour because it changes the experience. You come out of the cenotes as new, regenerated with energy. And also cool, something important in our hot Yucatan.

Chichikan cenote
Chichikan cenote
Chichikan cenote


Chichikan Tourist Parador It is managed from the love and motivation of offering something different that tourism likes and that take a beautiful memory of this land. The facilities and services are on par with those of the Xcaret Group for putting it on one level. The paths that lead you through the route, gardens, the non-intrusive empowerment with the nature of the cenote and the good work of all the staff of Chichikán is excellent.

The place is presented in a remarkable way both in facilities and staff. It should be noted that they have all the security measures and protocols for the covid-19 issue. They have made an effort to fully adapt to caring for visitors, and they follow the rules of sound practice to perfection.

5 Mayan experiences in the Parador Turístico and cenote Chichikán 5
They comply with all sanitation measures and protocols, you will feel cared for


They offer 3 packages of services for the visitor.

  1. MAYAN TOUR: you will be able to enjoy all the activities of the tour that we have discussed. From the experiences of cocoa, corn, honey, Mayan liquor, chewing gum, ball game, show. All accompanied by a guide and his explanations. DURATION: 1 hour PRICE: 360 pesos
  2. MAYAN TOUR + CENOTE: the experiences of the Mayan route plus the bath in the cenote and the explanation of the place. The vest is included. PRICE: 420 pesos
  3. MAYAN TRAVEL + CENOTE + FOOD: this package is added for a little more regional food with the drink of the day. DURATION: about 1 hour 45 minutes PRICE: 480 pesos


They open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Contact phone: 999 351 3524 For reservations call 985 105 0332 Make sure you have an hour to do the tour with your group 😉

mayan pumpkin bowl
Pumpkin bowl to keep the water cool


The visit to the Parador Turístico was mainly due to our unlimited curiosity about cenotes, a love that has no end. Cenote Chichikán is a beautiful open sky cenote that captivates just peek out. Its enormous diameter of straight walls and the flora that dress it are an incredible natural spectacle.

The best moment of the tour for us who love these natural spaces, was being under the domes of the trees that close the opening to the open sky. Letting yourself float under those trees is a mandatory prescription treatment, we loved it.

Before entering the cenote it is mandatory to go through the shower. The showers are for saving water, another detail that we liked.

Chichikan cenote

If you are a follower of the blog you will know that personally we are not very fond of parks, we each have different tastes. Just as others do not like rustic cenotes due to a lack of services and facilities, each tourist looks for their style of fun and the place is very popular, just like Xcaret, Xenotes or other parks. They are places that are designed for tourism to have a good time, have fun and leave with a notion of Mayan culture. It is not a place to lecture on Mayan culture, it is a place to have a good time, enjoy nature and get a taste of the Mayan world.

From the blog we report the wide range of tourism. And in this sense, what we can say about the Parador Turístico Experiences and Chichikán cenote is that from the cleaning staff to the manager and owner of the place they make you feel at home. My most sincere congratulations on this project.

5 Mayan experiences in the Parador Turístico and cenote Chichikán 6

Cenote XCanché, cenotes

CENOTE CHICHIKÁN LOCATION: el cenote chichikánIt is located 7,5 from the center of Valladolid. From Valladolid you must go north towards Tizimín-Río Lagartos, once you cross the toll road you will see the signs on the left. Located 186 kms from Mérida and 193 kms from Cancún.
SCHEDULES AND SERVICES: open from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. daily. There are restaurant services, bathrooms, changing rooms and showers(showers). The shortest route lasts 1 hour and the longest 1 hour 45 minutes approximately.
PRICE ENTRY: Mayan tour 360 pesos / Mayan tour + cenote 420 pesos / Mayan tour + cenote + food 480 pesos
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? The easiest thing is to go by taxi from Valladolid, because the buses to Tizimin or Ek Balam that pass by leave you on the road and you must walk almost 2 kilometers to the entrance to the cenote.
CONTACT: Chichikan cenote and experience official website Reservations phone: for reservations call 985 105 0332 Make sure you have an hour to do the tour with your group
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use it after bathing), closed shoes to protect you from insect bites. The swimsuit and a towel or pareo to dry yourself after the bath. It is a good option to wear a diving mask to better appreciate the place.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTERO: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Do not hang from the roots of the trees or touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place.

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