On your trip to Mayan lands you can enjoy very diverse natural landscapes, starting with the low jungle in the Yucatan Peninsula that grows as we travel south, where we find tall vegetation that covers Belize, Chiapas and Guatemala in a jungle of rich ecosystems.

Several are waiting for you Biosphere reserves where to enjoy labyrinths mangrove landscapes but also rainforests, forests that conserve big cats of America, the puma and the jaguar. The contrasts between idyllic Caribbean beaches at pink salt coasts from the north of the Peninsula, to the turquoise waters crossing the green high jungles of Chiapas and Guatemala, caves and grottos throughout the Mayan territory, its underworld. Volcanoes, emerald lagoons, rivers to navigate the ancient Mayan routes ... nature festival.

Another great attraction is the varied wildlife that you can enjoy in its natural habitat, living so close to nature is priceless for many travelers. From strolling with monkeys in archaeological zones, to see felines crossing your path, beaches where you can swim with turtles, throw yourself into the sea to swim with the whale shark and stingrays, see birds as beautiful as flamingos, toucans or hummingbirds. It's amazing how close you can live with wildlife in this corner of the world.

Enjoy this great playground and all the activities you can do to discover and get into nature.



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