Swim with dolphins in Riviera Maya is one of the most demanded activities and at the same time more controversial due to working with dolphins in captivity. A cruel practice for the dolphin that excites thousands of tourists every day in the Riviera Maya.

I was born in Barcelona and my first contact with dolphins It was in the city zoo, where in a small open aquarium they made a show: you saw them jumping on the hoop, flapping their backs, giving kisses to the caretaker-tamer, I liked to see the dolphins, a lot, it's a beautiful animal and the fact of being able to see it is great.

I never woke up or I was awakened by an awareness beyond the naturalness of growing up in an environment where normal living with animals locked, fed the idea with dozens of movies where they show us zoos and aquariums with trainers-tamers with splendid smiles that have a bond of strong love with the animal in captivity. Caregivers love animals, it is difficult to think of them as abused animals. You grow up with that culture without more, at least that happened to me.


Swim with dolphins in Riviera Maya

Swimming with dolphins in Riviera Maya It is one of the most popular activities for the visitor. Thousands of happy faces, including the dolphins and their loving caregivers, is a difficult experience to resist. You want to do it, without thinking!


And so I did, without thinking, as surely many do. For years I have not been aware of the suffering caused by living in captivity, do not forget that dolphins are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. In Riviera Maya is Swim business with dolphins started in the 90 years with the Xcaret Group, which boasts of being an ecological enterprise, another deception in the form of input into our poor thinking brain system. N Any company that is dedicated to this business of animals in captivity is an ecologist, period.


Why not swim with dolphins?

We see dolphins well in captivity, if they even applaud and smile at us, they seem to adapt well to captivity ... but the truth is that dolphins are not as happy as they seem in the shows. I dare to say that its adaptability is by no means synonymous with being a good animal for to tame, without forgetting that the confinement is for and for the simple recreation of the human being. There is a whole history behind that captivity, from how they hunt them, their movements, the dismemberment of dolphin families, their short life expectancy in captivity. Knowing a little more makes us aware, although it is not easy before all that marketing machinery of happy faces in dolphinariums that makes it difficult to think of them, simply in the one you have in front, the dolphin, without smiles.

My conscience woke up reading articles about dolphins that at some point came to me. Maybe if I had read something like that before I would not have done the dolphin swim in closed waters. I have been able to see dolphins in the wild, and I keep far better experience in freedom than in captivity. Swim with dolphins It is an activity that could have been totally done, and I have done it with three of the people I love most in this life, and I have unforgettable memories in that sense. But swimming with dolphins is not worth it, really. Of course you enjoy it, but I have enjoyed seeing them in freedom or with other types of experiences that bring you much more. Comparing it with another controversial activity in Quintana Roo, the swim with the whale shark, this is an experience so as not to forget that it is done in open waters with the animal in freedom.


As regards the swimming activity with dolphins there is not much talk about attacks in dolphinariumsHow are these tender animals going to attack? Without going any further, my mother broke a phalanx of the toe of a dolphin when it hit her, a fracture left by her crooked little finger, of what she boasted tenderly. If you think the dolphin is an animal piece, and you get in a pool with it, you approach it and trust in its tender face, that even with a cow you think more about it in the middle of the field, go. The videos I link are not to scare you, how many times attacks happen, I do not know, but maybe never thinking about the possibility of it happening, something that is not even mentioned.

There are many open debates about the activity of the swimming with dolphins, while in Riviera Maya It seems to be a business covered by the law of money, which governs the world.

I just smiled, no conscience towards the dolphin

The best way to position yourself to stop this activity is to do not go to dolphinariums no spaces where animals are taken out of their natural habitat for our recreation. There are a thousand better things to do in this life.

Good way,

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