Among the things that most captivated me on arrival was knowing of a beach where we could bathe with turtles. Is there that in Riviera Maya? I could'nt believe it.

Akumal Bay It is a magnificent half moon beach, with coconut trees, crystal clear turquoise waters and a very close reef that lasts it, the Caribbean postcard. And this must be the worst kept secret of all Mexican Caribbean, because when something is incredible, it is difficult that it does not reach the travelers. And being able to swim with turtles in the middle of nature at 100 meters from the coast is something undeniably freaky, that few would want to miss.


Marine wildlife in Akumal

In its waters there is a lot of marine life with stingrays, corals and coral fish, the indisputable protagonists being the sea ​​turtles.

It is a great plan to enjoy this spectacular beach and go out with your mask to swim among turtles and other animals. Swim with turtles In this environment it is simply amazing, those who enjoy the safe nature will be one of the beautiful experiences to treasure. Time flies by these reptiles, it is easy to get out of the water like a wrinkled raisin without finding out.

Swim with turtles in Akumal Bay 1
Swim with turtles in Akumal Bay 2


On the beach of Akumal you will observe a area bounded by buoys, before the buoys you can enjoy the beach quietly, sunbathe and swim. The turtles are usually there, and to observe these beautiful sea turtles you must comply with regulations.

Since April of 2017 swim with sea turtles inside these buoys, it is mandatory to enter with a authorized instructor by the SEMARNAT, in groups of no more than 6 persons and only in the Time of 9: 00 am to 5: 00 pm Passing the buoys were demarcated two authorized circuits for swimming, which are the only zones allowed by Mexican law to swim with sea turtles, this in order not to affect the ecosystems of this beautiful beach; in the 1 circuit it will not be possible to stay more than 55 minutes and in the 2 circuit no more than 65 minutes.

If you want to go with an agency, you can hire this excursion to Akumal

In this area of ​​buoys and circuits you must enter with the necessary snorkel equipment: life jacket, goggles, tube and short fins. The rules are: each group with its instructor must be at a distance of 10 meters within the circuits; Once sea turtles are observed, tourists must keep a distance of at least 3 meters and can not observe the turtles for more than 5 minutes.

These instructor tours cost 300 pesos per person

Akumal Bay It has the unique charm of being able to do it entirely on your own, you do not need any excursions, as long as you are out of the buoys area. Personally, before seeing that area of ​​buoys, I had seen turtles swimming in the bay. It is a real gift to everyone, irresistible.

Of course, in the area of ​​buoys you will see them SAFE, swimming for free is very likely. It is clear that the payment is made more for taking out money than for the real protection of the animals, but I do not doubt that this economic protection goes well.

Swim with turtles in Akumal Bay 3
Swim with turtles in Akumal Bay 4
Swim with turtles in Akumal Bay 5

Well, you know the secret of Riviera Maya, when you want this corner of the Caribbean awaits you, a real candy at the door of a school.

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Swim with turtles, nature

LOCATION: Akumal Bay is located at 24 kilometers from Tulum and 40 from Playa del Carmen. The entrance is well indicated from the federal 307.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Tulum depart collectives on the main street. If you go from Cancun the buses leave near the terminal ADO) you must get off at the last stop in Playa del Carmen and from there take another bus to Akumal (2 street between 15 and 20). Public transport leaves you on the federal highway 307, on the bridge at the entrance of the town (warns the driver, he knows). From here you walk 1 km to the beach. The ADO (big bus) does not stop in Akumal, you must go in combi.
DO I HAVE SNÓRKEL'S TEAM? They rent snorkeling gear on the beach and in the entrance parking lot (usually cheaper). On the beach they sell excursions.
TIPS: One of the animals that inhabit the Caribbean are small rays, it is best to enter the water shuffling to avoid stepping on them, which is when they bite us.
SEASON DESOVE TURTLES: from mid-May to mid-September, they tend to see themselves more at night (they have red light, never white). Where and when to see turtles in Riviera Maya

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