Maya has historically been linked to cocoa. It was a product within the reach of a select few, it was sacred. At the Uxmal Cacao Museum you can learn about the history of cocoa in the Yucatan Peninsula.

In few places is there a cocoa museum as complete as the one offered by Uxmal's Choco Story. Surely you will be surprised about cocoa, you can also taste this delicious food in the museum.

Uxmal cocoa museum, the Choco Story

Next to Uxmal we find this museum dedicated to the cocoa story. It is an interesting stop if you make the puuc circuit, probably the best of Yucatan spaces where you can learn about the history of cocoa. Too bad the museum Choco Story have caged animals, a big reason NOT to visit this place.

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The importance of cocoa for the ancient Mayans

Cocoa was a highly valued product in Mesoamerican cultures, both Mayans, Olmecs, Zapotecs and Aztecs grew cacao. Within the beliefs Maya It is considered a sacred foodIt was a very precious drink in the Mayan culture, it was part of its daily customs and rituals. It was the drink of the rulers and priests, present in events and ceremonies.

Someone once explained to me that with the arrival of the colonizers and Catholicism, the Mayan settlers came to mass with their cocoa drink.

Mayan burial with food such as cocoa in the grave

Tour in the cacao museum of Uxmal


La cocoa story we see it collected in its oral heritage, in painted vessels, engraved in jade and obsidian, in the codices ... the Mayan script has a glyph to represent cocoa. It was also barter currency, of the most precious.

The tour of the museum It is done by a walk where there are traditional houses with explanations about the history of cocoa and the Mayan world, the cultivation and its elaboration. Since ancient times, chocolate was mixed with other products such as chili, honey, corn, achiote, peanut butter, vanilla ... what a wonder of flavors.

During the tour you will see a cocoa plantation and different animals such as deer, macaws, snakes, monkeys, even jaguars. What an ugly human mania to enclose living beings. There are information signs that say it is not a zoo, that they are rescued animals. Without doubting your information, I do not believe that it is the way to have the animals, not even far away. 

The caged animals are a great reason to NOT VISIT this place, If I had known it, I would not enter.

Sacrificed by cocoa
Sacrificed by cocoa

There is a variety of native flora and a collection of precious orchids.

To finish this interesting walk through the history of cocoa you will see a demonstration of the elaboration and try the Yucatan cacao, a delight! And of course, before departure there is a well-stocked shop chocolate treats difficult to dodge. How not to bring some delicious cocoa home?

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LOCATION: el Choco Story It is located next to Uxmal, next to the hotel of the Hacienda Uxmal. By the way, this hotel is an excellent option as a base to discover the puuc route and the convents route. The Choco Story have offices in Valladolid and Chichén Itzá.
HOURS, PRICE AND SERVICES: from 9 to 18 daily. It closes the 24, 25 and 31 days of December and the 1ro of January. There are services for the visitor at the entrance, parking lot and gift shop. General admission are 140 mxn with ISNEN, 118 pesos, children from 6 to 12 years 75 pesos and children under 6 years are free.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From the Union bus terminal on 69 street between the 68 and 70, Colonia Centro, buses leave for Uxmal.
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