In the south of Mexico, in the amazing region of Chiapas, we find the first protected area of ​​this region, the Lagunas de Montebello. Lagoons of attractive colors in forests of enzymes and pines.

This karstic earth easy to dissolve awards us with another natural phenomenon that made old cenotes were transformed into these lagoons of turquoise waters, blue, emeralds ... a show more of the nature of our Planet.

Lagoons of Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico.

Map of the lagoons of Montebello

Our Lagunas de Montebello form a set of more than fifty lagoons that emerge between pines and oaks, lagoons of beautiful colors, what a beautiful place. This natural area is not prepared to go hiking on your own towards the innermost lagoons, so many of us are not within reach. You can go with a guide to venture to more distant ones.

Our easy access gaps they have signposted detours on the 307 road. From from Comitan, address to Clouds, there are several detours towards different groups of lagoons. You can do this road by public transport or in your own car.

Source Mame de Tziscao ecotourism center.
Laguna Pojoj - Lagoons of Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico.

Interesting points of the Lagunas de Montebello

CHINKULTIC ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA: the first interesting detour on this 307 road coming from Comitán, you have it towards the ancient Mayan city of Chinkultic, where you will get some beautiful views from the Mirador. Once past this detour is one of the largest lagoons, the Montebello.

Lagoons of Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico.
View of the lagoons from Chinkultic

LAGUNAS DE MONTEBELLO: the second detour leads you to the two large groups of lagoons of the National Park The Lagoons of Montebello.

These groups have a service area, restaurants, canteens and street vendors, and the possibility of excursions by boat, on foot or on horseback. If you are a cyclist, it is a place to enjoy two wheels.

  • one near the collection booth of the National Park Lagunas de Montebello. This first group It takes you to the lagoons Esmeralda, Encantada, 5 Lagos, Agua Tinta.
  • the other that leads you to the Popoj lagoon: it is one of the most beautiful and where a well-known beer commercial was filmed. Here you have the opportunity to take an excursion in a rustic boat through these blue waters that inevitably entangle. On its inner island you will see orchids kept as treasures.
Laguna Pojoj - Lagoons of Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico.
Pojoj Lagoon and its inner island
En route to Comitan. Chiapas, Mexico

TZISCAO: further on is the town of Tziscao, where the lagoon of the same name is 1 kilometer from the road. Here you find cabins where to stay, a luxury place in the middle of nature. If you follow the road to the Guatemalan border, you will find the International, the lagoon that distributes its waters between Mexico and Guatemala.

Tziscao Lagoon - Montebello Lagoons, Chiapas, Mexico.
Laguna Tziscao

Where to sleep in Lagunas Montebello 

I recommend you to sleep in Lagunas Montebello. Most travelers visit from San Cristóbal de las Casas, for me the area is an amazing place of nature, rest and mountaineering relaxation.

IN LAGUNA TZISCAO: There are several cabins in the town of Tziscao, if you want to book before arriving I recommend the Ecolodge & Villas Tziscao, which offers bungalows and cottages. The cabins have a fan and private bathroom, they are comfortable. Some have a fireplace or terrace with views. Guests can kayak and go mountain biking.

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IN LAGUNA FIVE LAGOS: In this lagoon there is another rustic and interesting accommodation where to stay for the night. Is about Five Lakes Cabins, which offers cabins overlooking the foot of the lagoon 5 lakes, with fan, private bathroom and flat screen TV. They offer free guide, kayak and bicycles for guests. You will be in a privileged place, it is a luxury.

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Montebello Lagoon, Chiapas, Mexico.

The silenced problem of Lagunas Montebello

Some lagoons, and I say this with deep sorrow, are changing their colors due to the contamination that is killing these waters. The locals have stopped fishing, it is not worth the fish of some lagoons, there is no worse evidence. The titles of protection of the places sometimes are just that, words and already. A shame

Montebello Lagoons, Chiapas, Mexico.

Our Lagunas de Montebello It is one of those places that the quiet people of nature, the countrymen, love. For me the best option to enjoy the place is to stay on the shores of the Tziscao lagoon, you will enjoy it.

The colorful Lagoons of Montebello 1

Lagoons of Montebello, nature

LOCATION: Lagunas de Montebello It is located 55 km from Comitán. It opens from 7 to 16 hours, there are tourist services in the Park. If you go in your own car you can visit them on your own.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Buses leave from Comitán to the Lagunas de Montebello National Park. You have 1h 30 minutes of travel. They also stop in Tziscao, where there is accommodation. The buses leave you at the different detours from where you can walk through some lagoons on your own. If you go on a quiet walk, you can walk a few lagoons at your leisure.
PRICE INPUT and SERVICES: 30 mxn in each of the entrances. Local guides and excursions in the area are offered in the service areas.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, closed shoes. And do not forget the swimsuit. You can practice diving in the area.

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