The waterfall of Misol-ha has become one of the images of Chiapas. His jump of 30 meters on a pool of water makes it a great stop on your way to rest and take a bath.

A Misol-há, waterfall in maya cho'l, it happens to him as Blue water: part of its fame is due to its convenient location. If you travel to Chiapas the safest thing is that you take the tortuous road that links Palenque y San Cristóbal de las Casas, a trip of about 4 hours that unites the two strongest destinations in Chiapas.

Misol-ha Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.

Services in Misol-há

These two natural sites are close to this road, they are easily accessible and beautiful. They are two great stops on the way. The place is administered Mayan Choles, they offer cabins to sleep, they have services, restaurant and stores of souvenirs and crafts.

The parking lot is next to the waterfall, you only have to walk a few meters to see the famous waterfall of Misol-há.

Misol-Ha, Chiapas, Mexico.
Misol-ha water fall, Chiapas, Mexico.

Walk by waterfall Misol-há

The interesting thing you can do here are two ways. One takes you behind the waterfall, the road leads you to a grotto. It is impressive to go behind the curtain of water, especially in the rainy season. The other way goes up more than 700 meters to the viewpoint that will give you another view of the place. I never did it, and I think it must be a good walk.

Misol-Ha Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.
Misol-Há Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.

Accelerated excursions You usually leave 45 minutes in the place. I think it is not the best way to enjoy it, but enough to know the place, take the path that goes behind the waterfall and take a quick bath.

A good option in Misol-há is to stay in the cabins that the Maya Chols run. Having the waterfall for you alone in the morning is priceless.

Misol-Ha, the most famous chiapaneca waterfall 1

Misol-ha, nature

LOCATION: Misol-há It is located 20 kilometers from Palenque, highway 199 towards San Cristóbal.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Palenque combis leave to the intersection of Misol-ha. From here it is 1.5 km to the enclosure. Another option is to go by taxi from Palenque, they await you for the return. Most visit it on a tourist tour.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: open from 8 to 18 hours for the visitor. There are services at the entrance and restaurants. ACCOMMODATION: There are 14 cabins. Official Web of the place. They offer excursions.
PRICE ENTRY: 20 mxn.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, closed shoes and swimsuit. There are times when the ground slides a lot.

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