For me to talk about the Camino, it is to do it from a trip that marked me pleasantly, to him I return mentally in many occasions. This good way I try to always accompany me in my walk.

I walked alone from Roncesvalles with my camera and backpack towards Santiago de Compostela, with no other pretense than that, to face Santiago to see what happened, and it was a path full of experiences, of cultivating friendships, anecdotes, companionship, laughter, thoughts, shouts to heaven, songs, talks, feelings, silences, an authentic intimate journey that led me for the first time to remember to be deeply grateful for being here, for living ... feeling that filled me with a great inner smile that I try to always accompany me.

I walked the French way, that travels through such beautiful and spectacular regions as Navarra, the vast Castilla y León, the Rioja, the Bierzo, Galicia, passing through fantastic cities and towns, incredible landscapes that I was thrilled to visit them .. a pleasure to be able to walk around so many places and beautiful people. What a great trip awaits you!

Resuming forces in Zubiri, I would say ...
Taking up strength in Zubiri, I would say ...
Touring Navarre
Touring Navarre
Hostel for pilgrims in Pamplona
Enjoying Rioja
Fields and more fields
Fields and more fields
The little hours of the afternoon
The little hours of the afternoon
The channel
Strict arrival order
Strict arrival order
Castilian fields
How you learn from sores
Leon lands
Leon lands
Walking gives you many good times to head
Walking gives you many good times to head
Galicia, the land of my mom
Own spaces
Own spaces

My Way was of pure life and feeling, next to people who have been very deep in the heart of my memory. People who since then are friends, to some, without remembering their names, I remember them with an enormous affection, from others I remember a gesture, an anecdote, a favor, an afternoon of wineries, a talk, a cure made with love, a share ... the moments of the road that fill one's walk, those are.

People of the Way:


MªCarmen walked with Isabel from Saint Jean Pied de Port. MªCarmen is a piece of person, like the bread she always carried, she has a nice walk. In Burgos she was joined by Estibaliz, another stupendous Basque, who found many unexpected smiles, and it didn't take her long to show hers, what a great beauty of person. Great luck on my way, a friend, the kind you want to have forever.


The funny man on the left came and went doing the Camino from his house in Holland, how calm he was. And the Belgian boy came from his seminary in Belgium. His eyes were burned from the sun because he had lost his glasses, he was short of money. I gave him mine, I liked being able to do it.


He was Brazilian, there are many making the way through the book that Paulo Coelho wrote. A horny, was testing wine and living the way very close. Of course, always following the yellow arrow ... a charm.


At the entrance to Logroño you found this magnificent woman who counted the pilgrims who passed accumulating pebbles. You sat in his shadow, you talked, he sold shells and other things. A love of person, of those who made Camino, without a doubt.


This great French character left his house in Paris, it was his third Way. I was drinking wine from the boot, we barely spoke a common language but we understood each other perfectly. His wife joined him in Navarre to tour the rest.


Two days later I was crying of grief for having to leave the Camino by a black nail from the foot of a blow that occurred. Almost 70 years and an enviable energy.


In León, Javi returned, it was with the first one I spoke in Roncesvalles, a person whom it is impossible not to love. I think he found some light again on his way, he gave us a lot of his. One Love. And I rode to Santiago with the wonderful Miren and Jaione, what good to share with them!

One of those great afternoons after walking. I wove for his grandson.

Of those hospitable volunteers from the shelters that made you feel the place differently, like your real house. I also did the set-up!


Nuria, the magnificent Galician who offered us all a pearl to think about, of the people who love you, special. She left Roncesvalles, we made the path together without pretending it, pure chemistry. And Miguel is that, pure spark of friendship from the first laughs. Thanks to him my Camino was something bigger. He also left Roncesvalles the same day, good luck!

Camino Santiago

Each path is unique and unrepeatable, so better to look at your own footprints to see what they are talking about and what they are saying. Those of my way keep whispering to me, it was one of those trips so complete that they are part of you.

Good way,

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